Posted by Abhijeet M. 7 months ago

KitKat update rolling out to AT&T and Canadian variants of Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II


Multiple Galaxy S III variants are on track to be updated to KitKat starting today. The update will begin rolling out to AT&T’s variant of the Galaxy S III in the US later today, and should also be available from carriers Bell, Rogers and TELUS over in Canada. The update will bring the software version up to I747UCUFNE4 and I747MVLUFNE6 on the AT&T and Canadian models respectively, and as usual, will be available over the air and via Samsung’s Kies program (owners of the Canadian model can download the firmware from our firmware section as well by searching for SGH-I747M.)

The update brings over the traditional KitKat features and changes, including better performance, white status bar icons, full-screen album art and a camera shortcut on the lockscreen, wireless printing support, expanded emojis, closed captions, ability to select the default messaging and launcher apps, and updated versions of a few Samsung apps. Also included are improvements to Bluetooth, copy and paste, and the keyboard app, and the Beats Music app now comes pre-loaded, at least on the AT&T model.

As a reminder, KitKat is still not expected to be made available to the international variant of the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), but it will roll out to the LTE-enabled variant (GT-I9305) and to all the variants in the US in the coming weeks (Sprint already released the update for its Galaxy S III early last month.)

Update: The KitKat update is also available for the Galaxy Note II (SGH-i317) in Canada on all major carriers.


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28 comments on “KitKat update rolling out to AT&T and Canadian variants of Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II

  1. wahabgour 7 months ago said:

    Please please please please please roll out kitkat update for gt-i9300. Samsung galaxy s3

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    • swordzman214 7 months ago said:

      If you had read an earlier post, you wouldn’t be asking. The 1 GB/int’l models have been capped at 4.3 JB due to stability issues

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      • datamancomputers 7 months ago said:

        In’t it possible that samssung can upgrade s4′s keyboard with top number row for s3 and s2, we badly need it

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  2. KjellZweers 7 months ago said:

    My next smartphone is definetly not a Samsung.
    Stopping update Galaxy S3 (GT-19300) was the limit for me.

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    • ev0lut1on 7 months ago said:

      Same here. I’ll never buy Samsung again. Fuck them and their policy.. 2 new devices out and no updates for those who can support the update? ok, gg, wp, no ty anymore.

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    • Abhijeet M. 7 months ago said:

      So you’re going to buy another company’s phone, even though they won’t get any more updates than the S III did (4.0 -> 4.3)? The S III has RAM limitation, it’s not like Samsung didn’t want to update (granted, the RAM limitation comes from their own bloat), it’s why the US variants are getting it.

      Believe me, unless you get a Nexus, two major updates are all you’re getting from any manufacturer.

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      • Klejdi90 7 months ago said:

        4.3 has done nothing but cause some issues lockscreen wake lag, random lag, ram management is a bit crappy. As soon as a update comes to address lag on android (or at least reduce it) sammy doesnt roll it out to all variants. What bothers me is they produce low quality expensive phones that will not get updates. I will have to get a HTC next as they at least have quality and if they dont update it i can use custom roms. Also having variants of the same model with different specs is stupid…

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      • gtone339 7 months ago said:

        Ha ha!How come the budget smartpphone, GALAXY ACE STYLE, has only 512bm ram and it uses Android 4.4.2 KITKAT????

        Why can’t the GSIII (GT-I9300) international model with 1gb ram can’t receive the update?

        Can you elaborate?

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    • stavrosd2006 7 months ago said:

      same here, i moved to wp8,and lumia 1520. i am fed up waiting for an update from sammy,wondering my phone will get it or not. Samsung see what other os/manufacturers update for all out there,512mb of ram or not you get the update.

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  3. josco75 7 months ago said:

    Still no Kitkat update for GT-I9305????????????/

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  4. igy 7 months ago said:

    Kit kat for Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T310 (France) is here!

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  5. miamibrad 7 months ago said:

    Well it seems that the culprits are the carriers for not getting the 4.4.2 update. My phone shows 1.56 gig ram available, so I don’t think that the problem. Now since ATT, US Cellular and Sprint have updated the S3 we will have to wait to see how long it takes for T_MOBILE (my carrier) to pass the update to it customers. All I have to say is that they will lose a customer if it does not come soon ….. as well as the purchase of a new phone.


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  6. regissmallville 7 months ago said:

    Link download? time?

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  7. konayuki1510 7 months ago said:

    SGH-I747M had been released the Kitkat Firmware!!

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  8. nakhoda 7 months ago said:

    When kitkat update for GALAXY NOTE II ( IRAN ) will recive?!

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  9. Alecsto 7 months ago said:

    As a reminder, KitKat is still not expected to be made available to the international variant of the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)

    Samsung fuck you :D I change my Iphone 4s for a S3 GT-I9300 and I no have kitkat? you are denying update at his best seller are you serious?

    my english is bad e.e

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  10. Jhay0103 7 months ago said:

    I’m still waiting for the update of my SGH-I317 Note 2 AT&T coz I installed leaked firmware of Samsung update ,4.3 JB and it’s fine so far. I’m excited to try 4.4.2, but this is so irritating. :( When it will be? N7100, Lte(N7105) has it already. I plan to switch in IPhone but I prefer to wait until I have 4.4.2 kitkat update. Haisst. Samsung….Please exert more efforts on fast releasing updates in a satisfying way.

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  11. thenegro60 7 months ago said:

    porfavor suban android 4.4.2 la del modelo 1747 AT&T

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  12. thenegro60 7 months ago said:

    please upload the android 4.4.2 Model 1747 AT&T

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  13. GARIAS 7 months ago said:

    The s3 i747m of mexico telcel be upgraded to kitkat?

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  14. djfearless 7 months ago said:

    i have the samsung i747 at&t 2gb ram……when will i receive the update?

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  15. meshrif 7 months ago said:

    how long will samsung s3 lte gt-i9305 get kitkat rom

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  16. tictactoe42 7 months ago said:


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