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Leaked Galaxy F images hint at a premium body, powerful specs


The premium Galaxy F line has been rumoured for quite some time and the new images leaked by PhoneArena lend some credence. We cannot confirm if the ongoing Galaxy S5 Prime rumours and the ones about the Galaxy F lead to the same device but it’s an interesting leak nonetheless. The images were published over the weekend and though they aren’t that good in quality, they are good enough for us to know that it will have a metal casing. According to PhoneArena’s tipster, the Galaxy F will be equipped with the Snapdragon 805 processor and will have the same IP67 certification as the Galaxy S5 for water- and dust-resistance.

Hardware specs of the Galaxy F are said to be similar to the Galaxy S5 Prime, including a QHD (2560×1440) display and a 16-megapixel camera. The Galaxy F is rumoured to be announced in September to combat the launch of Apple’s new iPhone.

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14 comments on “Leaked Galaxy F images hint at a premium body, powerful specs

  1. b0g 7 months ago said:

    sorry about this:
    the design is so ugly … wtf

    the best design is Samsung galaxy J

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  2. pepooh696 7 months ago said:

    ahahaha i own a galaxy but for there is no best design on samsung. it feels all the same.

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  3. gtone339 7 months ago said:

    Seems legit?

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  4. LobsterMagnet 7 months ago said:

    Samsung why do you insist in a physical home button still? I love my Note 3 but I hate physical home buttons. On screen buttons are far better for customization and if you ever wanted to use your phone in landscape mode its miserable to have buttons that don’t rotate. It’s a sad day when now your falling behind everyone in terms of innovation and you are ignoring what android customers want. This I why I’m buying a G3 and saying goodbye to my note.

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    • Tondern 7 months ago said:

      I agree totally. Note 3 is a lovely device but when I play games in landscape mode I keep hitting that back button with my right thumb. Ugh.

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    • Joe Mitri 7 months ago said:

      I think they left the home button cause I like it !

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      • q8peace 7 months ago said:

        how can you hard reset your phone without home button ? i wonder

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        • LobsterMagnet 7 months ago said:

          If you’re asking this question then clearly you have never owned a non samsung device. Why don’t you google it…. I’m not even surprised anymore at some people’s comments.

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    • oversight 7 months ago said:

      Agreed, it’s time to get rid of the physical home key and go with the onscreen controls like the rest of the Android world. That would allow them to do larger screen devices in a smaller, more usable form factor.

      Ah, maybe some day.

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      • LobsterMagnet 7 months ago said:

        And it would allow you to customize your buttons if you root and use zip themer or ‘softkeyz’ I changed the buttons in my g pad and nexus 7. This is one reason I’m getting a G3 and because it can be easily rooted from what I’ve seen which is a plus.

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  5. xbranex 7 months ago said:

    AND AGAIN ITS FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. q8peace 7 months ago said:

    maybe the galaxy f released in September like the s3 4g version who knows – well take my advice if you dont wanted to be disappointed with Samsung phones dont buy samsung phone until September cause they do something to compete with apple and you know who is apple so they released an note devices and some people hate the big screen then a good version of s5 to solve the big screen haters .

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