Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000) getting KitKat update in Germany

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is taking a giant leap forward today in terms of the software – Samsung has started pushing out the KitKat update to the 10.1-inch Note in Germany. The update should be available over the air and via Kies at the moment, and will bump up the firmware version of the device to N8000XXUDNE4. The update should include all the features and changes that were a part of the KitKat update for other Samsung devices. Highlights include faster performance, white status bar icons, improved battery life, full-screen album art on the lock screen, and wireless printing support.

Since the update is rolling out in Germany, it shouldn’t be long before it arrives in other countries as well. We’ll be sure to let you known when that happens, though impatient folks can always head to our firmware section and download the firmware files to update manually

Firmware details
Model: GT-N8000
Model name: GALAXY Note 10.1
Country: Germany
Version: Android 4.4.2
Changelist: 1678704
Build date: Sun, 18 May 2014 05:38:21 +0000
Product Code: DBT

You can download the firmware here

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  1. When is this going to be available for the N8013 variant?

  2. whoa FINALLY !! a glimmer of hope. hopefully this goes to other model n8010,n8013,n8020 variants.

    • Kitkat 4.4.2 update available for Galaxy Note LTE GT-N8020 in Sammoble, Check under firmware section

  3. Wann kommt das update für das n8010?

  4. Would the update also work on a Dutch GT-N8000?

    • Well it does work now but unstable wifi connection :-(

  5. Hopefully, it will work properly with my Note 10.1 labeled as GT-8010. It became labeled as GT-8013 when I installed CM 10.2.

  6. i hope samsung update the n8020 too. :(

    • Kitkat 4.4.2 update available for Galaxy Note LTE GT-N8020 in Sammoble, Check under firmware section

  7. yaaaaaaah :D

  8. Can anyone updated his N8000 tell us pros and cons of this firmware ?

    • Pro :
      - faster and smoother performances
      - widget on lock screen is now available (like in s4)
      - personally, I like new ui of the writing recognitions. It’s easier to correct mistakes
      - multiple users setting

      cons :
      - shortcut to screen shoot is missing. The only way I found to do this now is using s-pen (push s-pen button and tap in the screen for few seconds)

      The overall experience is good. However it feels awkward at the moment (doesn’t mean bad) because the position of notification and back-home-task menu is different.

      • Yeah, the separated notification and navigation bars are not as useful as they were on 4.1 Jellybean. I haven’t updated my N8000 yet, are you experiencing any problems with this official ROM ?? I read here and on another site comments from users complaining about wifi issues, have you faced such a problem ??

        Thnx in advance.

        • I have been using ROM for the past 3 days and I have not experienced any problems with it including wifi. My tab is now faster than before and the experience is much better than when it was 4.1.2. Another addition is muiltiuser functionality including a restricted account where you can set which applications you want to be accessed. In the restricted account you can also disable data connection.

          • On my updated N8000 with the added muiltisuer functionality, I was able to set up a restricted account where I enabled access to applications for kids and restricted access to data. Now my son can use my tablet to access educational applications for children without me worrying about other websites he might accidentally log on to.

        • All fuctioning normally. Just noticed the cascade mode on multi tasking is lost. But I’ve never used it anyway. Always use the splitted view even on jelly bean.

        • What you are talking about is the official update or not the official

          • It’s official update from samsung. Updated through kies in Germany.

          • Do you know when this update be available in egypt , qatar and this countries

          • I don’t know, so sorry. But why don’t you flash German rom instead? It’s practically not so different. Typically, we in germany is the first to receive updates (based on my experience with my S4). We already received 2 updates of 4.4.2 in S4 meanwhile some other countries haven’t received the second.

        • Wifi stopped turning on and bluetooth wont connect… this update has ruined the connectivity of my tablet… I have tried factory reset to no avail…

        • yes, i have and issue with the WIFI and couldn’t find a fix, can you help with that?

      • -The multi-window function in 4.4.2 is very poor. We cannot open many windows like we were doing in 4.1.2
        -Photo Editor is missing from update. When I tried to download it from Samsung Apps it always shows “Network not available” error although I can access anything from internet at the same time

        • It’s a matter of preference I think. I always used splitted view because the cascade view is uncomfortable to me. I like it now better than before

          • Hi eliezerjk,

            Can you please explain how to get the split view. I tried but could not figure out. Whatever app I open take the full screen.


        • I have the same problem, the photo gallery photo editor is missing. Have you found a way to solve this error? I think you have to download the apk for this. Can i please have the link? Thanks.

      • You can press on the power button + volume down button

      • You can press on the power button + volume down button , to take a screen shot

      • I experinced there is a small problm in battery…when it comes to 2,3% suddenly device switche off..and device getting slow…

        • I aslo have this problem on my android 4.1.2 I just want let you know this is a problem is from the software and u have to reformat your device after any upgrade to remove the old files

    • Some Automateit app triggers get disabled in the new update. Further I cannot get my automateit rules to work on the new 4.4.2. Also miss cascade mode and hate the new huge notification window. The small notification window on 4.1.2 was apt for a tablet. Regretting the upgrade. Further I understand that there is no way to downgrade, if you installed official OTA.

  9. Why Samsung does not support tablets like they do for phones! After all this time today we have the KitKat update! Dear Samsung do your best to support all tablets starting from old

  10. Thank you Samsung for reviving my faithful Note8000. I have upgraded my device and its just amazing. 2 year old device alive and kicking and even faster than ever, with support for more users, which I have been mostly waiting for.

    Thank you and keep it up…

    • Have you updated to kitkat via ota I mean is this the official software

  11. Cons for me in this update……………………

    -Multi window. With 4.1.2 we can resize the app size in cascade view Opening many windows at a time. But in this only two apps can be opened. Its very bad……

    Sammobile please check this… We need that view back from 4.1.2 again. Please

  12. And Spen – has the same features as Note 3?

    What are the prospects of availability in other countries?


  13. Yeah, is downloading via ota

  14. I have called samsung ae and samsung germany and all of them they said there is no planning for updating this device

    • I can’t understand who I can trust samsung or sammobile

      • I was using the Germany 4.1.2 ROM on my note N8000 (which I flashed via odin) and I live in South Africa. My tablet got updated to kitkat 3 days ago whilst others whose ROMS were South African haven’t received the update.

        • But this it is not the official software update

          • You mean that that it is not the official please answer

          • It is the official kitkat update. I got it over the air

          • The update is always based on the rom installed in your device. I bought my tablet in Indonesia but flashed it with odin when I moved to Germany. Now it always looking update for Germany region even if I used kies or OTA.

  15. Hi,

    My N8000 is bought from KSA and I use it in Tunisia. It is possible to flash this firmware ?

    Thank you,

    • Yups

      • Hi,

        I installed it on my N8000, bought from Saoudia and I use it in Tunisia. Untill now, the new firmware works normally without any issues. It connect to wifi and mobile network.. All functions work normally.

        thank you Samsung :)

  16. Hi, how long the battery?
    it have problems like the s4?

    • it has*

    • Which problem do you mean? I use s4 and n8000 and can’t found anything wrong with both kitkat update.

  17. Thanks nathi4ever very much for your help

  18. I want to know when will this update be in south Africa and qatar and all this countries the realize date

  19. Hi everybody

    I live in egypt and i flashed my note n8000 with odin the update make my note alive again its very stable and is working proberly dont hesitate to upgrade yours

    • I also live in egypt but there is no updates

    • you update it using odin

  20. I want to know the realize date of the software update in qatar , egypt , and this countries

  21. Who have this update is the notification is like the phones like s4 , s3 , note 2, i mean i get it by swipping from to down

    • Why there is no answer here

    • Yes it’s like on phone which is a bit weird. I like the old notification better

      • Could I know why you like the old I think it is now more better

        • I think it’s a matter of personal preferences. I feel like the new notification is too spacy. The old one is more compact and enough to show the glance of new message etc.

  22. Hi, can I use this on the N8010 model?

    • Is this the wifi model

    • If this is a wifi model will can’t because this software has the 3g settings and its signal and it may install but it may will have some bugs and problems

      • Hi farisakram,

        Yes this is the standard wifi model.

        • It will work but may have some bugs and problems don’t do this of your device is not GT-N8000 for better because you will be sad if you try this with this software as you may can’t return it back to its official software , you can wait the official software update will come to you

          • Sorry I write very quickly so there some mistakes

  23. Very high battery consumption. Barely lasts a day. And really missing the option of multi windows

    • The batery consumption may be because you may have a lot of apps that take sapce of battery and the cpu and the ram and of course you will also fell the device is slow try to unistall unused apps

    • Iam sure that this device will have another software update for this small things to be fixed

    • I do not have the application installed, only the factory and social networks. = /

      • Try to restore your device to the factory reset and I will also call samsung on this problem if I could

        • Ok, I’ll try this again. I found strange for a tablet interface, rs.
          Thank you very much. =D

          • You are welcome but kepp carefully on this for not doing something wrong and don’t back up anything except the music , photos, videos for better

          • Ok, I’ll be careful. Thanks again

  24. Does anyone know when will this software update available for the other countries like egypt , qatar and this countries

  25. We need to get alot of comments on this page to let sammobile knows that this is an important device and to get all about its news quickly

  26. When will this update arrive in middle east ?

  27. Morocco yes I updated 5 days ago

  28. I also called samsung ae today and they also said nothing I don’t why

    • May be this software update don’t come to us

  29. I wish this software come to another countries quickly because it seems they are very slow and may not come

  30. I wish this software come to another countries quickly because it seems they are very slow and may not come

  31. Please I want anyone give me a screen shot of the home of the new software please because I can’t wait I wNt to see it so please any take a screen shot of the home screen and when notification is open and send it to my email please , faris akram 74 @ yahoo . Com , remove the space because there a problem when I write it as whole

  32. hello i updated my note 10.1 i tell you now dont update n8000 to 4.4.2
    kitkat the samsung doesnt see what he does …
    if you upgade it all of your games force close and you cant play
    lots of games like real racing most wanted fifa ….i told you do not update your note 10.1
    to android kitkat many options added like move to sd but games
    have force close and its very bad

    • Could you send me a screen shot on this email but remove the spaces , faris akram 74 @ yahoo . com , and if the games force close you have to try to format your device

    • What is your country you have updated your device from it

  33. Please answer al the questions I have asked and also to increase the comments but I really nead the answers not for only to increase the questions

  34. hello i come back im in middele east and i update my n8000
    by odin faris i send you pictures soon about force close i
    reset factory my n8000 and real racing and trials frontier force closing yet
    and my problem doesnt solved … the country of rom i flashed
    is germany my country is IRAN but one day my n8000 notification bar
    does not working and it was very bad and for that i reset factory and this problem solved
    for transparenting the soft keys you must install google launcher

    • What imcan say is to try to send me the screen shots and contact samsung in your country there is a live chat

    • Why younhave updated it by odin it will be better if you have stayed

  35. Where are the friends pleawe answer me when will this update arrive south Africa

    • Stay calm. The upgrade is gradual for each country. If your N8000 is unlocked, with no vínvulo operator can use the above ROM (I do not know if applications will be in German). Otherwise, wait to arrive in your country. If version 4.1.2 arrived there, surely the 4.4.2 also arrive.

    • Stay calm. The upgrade is gradual for each country. If your N8000 is unlocked, no blocking operator can use the above ROM (I do not know if applications will be in German). Otherwise, wait to arrive in your country. If version 4.1.2 arrived there, surely the 4.4.2 also arrive.

  36. It is lying I haven’t received anything till now

  37. N8020?

    • Thanks for firmware update, but there is no news on the firmware news section.

      Kitkat 4.4.2 update available for Galaxy Note LTE GT-N8020 in SamMoble, Check under firmware section.

  38. It is a question will it arrive or not in South Africa

    • I am using it now, and i am also from good old SA. Having no problem since switch over.

      • How you have updated it by odin or ota ( kies ) I want to know is this official software update or not please answer me

        • I downloaded the firmware and installed via odin. It is official, but the german edition, but everything works fine for me. My Tab also shows Vodacom SA as the network it is on.I even installed the Google camera app, where as i could not previously as it is only for KIt Kat phones.My firmware also says official, as well as the binary count shows official.This was my first root and not to clued up on all the names and numbers but for me it is official.And don’t worry you don’t need to learn german, everything is is english.

          • please could you check if in the germany firmware if arabic language is supported ?

  39. i just now installed the new update of around 800mb..and my tablet has become extremely slow!
    it’s irritating to use..any suggestions?
    please help!

    • In this case I recommend you to try reformat your device

  40. My Note 10.1 contract is expiring in 2 months and i decided to root it(first time ever) and now am using the German Kit Kat update. On my third day now and so far no issues, not even with wi fi as others report.Some functions how ever is missing but i suspect that has more to do with what Samsung has put on.

  41. My previous post, i omitted to say i am in South Africa.

  42. THANK YOU SAMSUNG :) Many peoples thought that Samsung will not upgrade N8000 to sell more and more Note 2014 and new devices.

    • Have u received it via ota I mean is it official or u have did this by odin not official

  43. already got mine! unlocked version gt-n8000

  44. swap memory please!!!

  45. i have Galaxy Note GT-N8000 version N8000XWALI4 with android ice cream can update it to kitkat …. if can how?

  46. my n8000 runs with jb 4.1.2 and can’t update it OTA or via kies..
    AP: N8000XXCMF1
    CP: N8000XXCLL1
    CSC: N8000OJVCMF1

    can i use this firmware?
    pls help..thanks

  47. sudamerica cuando ?

  48. I cant load the file in ODIN
    anyone face the same issue?

  49. is there an kitkat firmware for n-8010 that support arabic ? please see the languages and tell me if your current 4.4.2 version include arabic language or not ?

  50. Wird es 4.4.2 auch für die Schweiz geben?

  51. Help help galaxy note 10.1 n8000 after a factory reset lockscreen widgets were gone
    I havent a camera shortvut in my lockscreen what should I do?..

  52. ขอบคุณครับ

  53. when it will arrive in USA ?? the unlocked version .

  54. It’s been months since the announcement, when will the update for N8000 be available in south africa

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