Galaxy S5′s Heart Rate Sensor can check Stress Level

Now your Galaxy S5 can tell you when to take your next vacation. Okay, not really but it does check your stress level to let you know when to cool your heels off. The latest S Health update for the Galaxy S5 takes advantage of the built-in heart rate sensor for users to check their stress level. Samsung cautiously warns that the measurement is not meant for clinical or medical use but if your levels are weighing to the extreme right, you better do something about it.

Check the Samsung Apps or open the S Health to update to the latest version.



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  1. My S Health Not Showing Stress Level on G900-H
    And My S Health Version is

    • Please click on three lines “≡” on the top left side of S-Health to find “Stress” option.

      • I try it and pres “≡” this
        but just showing me : 1- Main Screen
        2- Pedometer
        4-Heart Rate
        8- More apps

        just showing theire things

        what can I do now ?

  2. My S Health updated last Saturday (Version is SM-G900F (ITV) don’t show Stress Level

    • Please click on three lines “≡” on the top left side of S-Health to find “Stress” option.

      • Good news !! after restarted the SM-900F the Stress Level function is present in “≡” on the top left menu

  3. In samsung Galaxy S5 G900-H i have last update but i cant see this option in three lines “≡”,,, or maybe still has not yet reached for this G900-H i try to clear default in app-manager but still is same screen without Stress Level..

  4. any thing yet. maybe this news is fake……

  5. I want a new ‘GEAR’ device to check my blood pressure!!

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