Samsung sells more smartphones than all major manufacturers combined in Q1

Samsung may be worried about the decline in the sales of its handsets, but if the latest IDC numbers are any indication, the South Korean manufacturer is going great. In Q1 2014, Samsung managed to sell more smartphones than all other major handset manufacturers combined. The manufacturer controlled 30.2 percent of the global smartphone market share and sold 85 million handsets in the first three months of 2014. Four other major manufacturers that included Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, and LG accounted for a combined market share of 29.4 percent, which is less than Samsung’s market share over the same period. IDC mentioned that all other manufacturers combined accounted for 40.5 percent of the market share, but these include all local as well as smaller handset vendors that do not pose a threat to Samsung.

During the same time last year, Samsung controlled a 31.9 percent market share and sold 69.7 million handsets. The South Korean manufacturer shared concerns over the slight decline in its market share, but in terms of overall handsets sold, Samsung is still doing better than all other vendors. With the Galaxy S5 estimated to beat the sales numbers of last year’s Galaxy S4, Samsung is poised to continue the momentum into the second quarter.


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  1. Because they sell junk

    • Sooooo let me get this straight. If something sells well it means it’s crap. Like 85 milion people are wrong and only you are right? You should give your phone number so I can call you. Maybe you can advise me what to buy from now on. Cause it seems like you know best.

      • That was brilliant, Thank you.

      • @Danistop Awesome Reply bro ;)

      • So u r one of those who can wait for slow updates

        • Slow updates? Samsung is one of the fastest when it comes to updating skinned Android phones. You should know how the other OEMs are!

      • they sell cheap stuff, I have to admit it the quality of the galaxy series is pretty bad, very cheap materials and the tablet note 10.1 2014 lags like crazy its sitting on my desk waiting on my desk waiting for kitkat update to see if i call get the horrible lag to disapear or i will have to sell to a junk lover.

    • Let me guess. You have an iPhone? You are buying junk.

  2. Go buy an HTC or Xperia

  3. Samsung is updating Galaxy S3 with Android Kit Kat. I don’t think of any HTC or Xperia model that was launched at the same time S3 was launched, getting updated to Android Kit Kat.

    • Well, i9300 will not get updated.
      Samsungs update politic has actually gotten worse.

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