Samsung VC hints at premium line of smartphones, while CEO denies premium Galaxy S5

Many have been hopeful of a more premium and high-quality version of the Galaxy S5, one that would include all the latest tech, including a 2K/QHD (2560×1440) display, but till now, there has been little evidence that the device exists. Now, a report published in the Korean media and the words of Samsung’s Vice Chairman suggest that while there isn’t a premium Galaxy S5 (or Galaxy F, as it has been called) in the pipeline, the company is working on a premium line of smartphones that would help it address the weak performance the company’s profits have had lately.

The report suggests that Samsung CEO J K Shin has denied the existence of a premium Galaxy S5. On the other hand, Samsung Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun, speaking at Samsung Electronics’ annual shareholders meeting, has said that the company will be looking at maintaining its dominance “in key businesses, such as mobile phones, TVs and memory chips, by rolling out premium lineups.” This basically suggests that the premium line of phones will be entirely different and the first phone of the series (Galaxy F?) will not be based on the Galaxy S5 – so it’s possible it will have a completely new design, top-of-the-line specs, high-quality construction, and other such features that will put the premium series a couple of notches above Samsung’s standard flagship devices.

It’s all speculation at the moment, but Kwon Oh-hyun’s words do indicate that some interesting things are on the horizon when it comes to the Korean manufacturer’s smartphones. Of course, if a premium line does exist, it will likely be priced considerably higher than Samsung’s current devices – however, like we recently said, a premium line of devices makes a lot of sense for Samsung even if it only targets a very small section of consumers, so we’ll certainly be looking forward to more details on this.

What do you think? Are you already getting excited about Samsung’s “premium” phones or do you think it’s too early to put much stock on the matter?

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  1. Save it up for the Galaxy Note 4 or next years Galaxy S6.

    • Amen to that. My note 3 is awesome so far.

    • There are advantages to having multiple tiers of devices. You have the true cutting edge stuff with ALL the premium stuff, then you have your different types of devices, from Galaxy Note, to the Mega(mid-range), to the Galaxy S, and then to the different mid-range devices with standard sized displays. Advances in one area can benefit others down the line, without needing to have EVERY device being a top end.

  2. On the surface the S5 seems more of a minor refinement of last year’s model and leaves me underwhelmed. Might feel different after some one on one time with the device, but I will probably skip this and wait for their next true flagship.

    • I feel the same way. I was definitely gonna get it but after the unveil im 50/50. I wanna check it out myself and compare it to other flagships before I buy it. Its still a worthy successor to the S3 and coming from that its a major jump.

      • True, it is a pretty decent bump from the S3, but it’s still a disappointing bump from the S4. If they aren’t going to do a premium version of the S5, I do hope they have something else lined up that fits between the Note and Galaxy S series, whatever it’s called. Otherwise I will start looking elsewhere for my next device.

        I do like the Note 3, but I find it rather awkward to use in the one handed fashion I did with the S3 and S4.

      • “Its still a worthy successor to the S3 and coming from that its a major jump”.

        That’s true! Since I still have my 1+ year old Galaxy S3, I will consider myself upgrading to the Galaxy S5.:)

        • I gotta say the S5 is growing on me and my S3 has treated me very well since June 2012. Because of that my next phone will be definately be a Samsung.

      • Well, I do have my S3… I skipped the S4 because I thought the S5 would be something awesome but since the lauch, there is nothing I see so much different from the phone that I have. Besides that, the S3 will get the Kitkat update next month. I will be considering my self upgrading to the S5. If there is a S5 premium Version, might change my mind.

  3. samsung understand that s series become disappointing since s4 doesn’t sell like s3 did – that’s why they say they wont produce premium phone of s5 – but maybe something else – but the problem with s series is they are so much popular that samsung going to regret that they stop producing it – and trust me still samsung going to sell millions of it so why stop it since they can gain bucks from it – i think we have to wait for the answer in April or may it should be something wow us again :)

    • If the S4 didn’t sell as well as the S3, Samsung should spend the time to analyze and understand the reasons why. The S4 was a half-ass update from the S3, while the S5 appears to be the same incremental bump from the S4.

      Part of the problem with the S series is that it no longer says flagship. How many variants of the S3 and S4 are there? It’s confusing to consumers. Same is true of the Galaxy brand itself. It USED to suggest flagship, but now pretty much everything Samsung ships has that moniker attached.

      The S3, S4 were nice devices, and I’m sure the S5 will be the same. I just think Samsung is capable of so much more, and it’s a shame that they aren’t willing or able to push the boundaries more.

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