Android 4.4 KitKat might be available for the Galaxy S3, Note 2 and Grand 2 Duos after all

Samsung announced its Android 4.4 KitKat update list last month, and several users were infuriated at the fact that the Galaxy S3 was not included. However, it looks like an official Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Galaxy S3 is still on the cards as a leaked document indicates that KitKat will roll out to the international version of the Galaxy S3 next month. The document, obtained from an unnamed insider, details the Android 4.4 KitKat roll out for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Grand 2.

The release date for the KitKat roll out is mentioned as April – May. It is likely that Samsung will roll out KitKat to the aforementioned devices a few weeks after the Galaxy S5 becomes available. However, there is no way of confirming the legitimacy of the document. There is a likelihood that the document is a cleverly executed fake, but if this is the real deal, it is great to see Samsung including additional devices to its Android 4.4 roll out list. As always, we will inform you the moment we get any official confirmation as to when KitKat will be available on these devices.

Update: As some of our readers pointed out, the Galaxy Note 2′s model number is wrongly listed in the image (SM-N7100 instead of GT-N7100), so it’s possible the image could be fake, unless someone at Samsung made an unintentional mistake.

KitKat S3


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  1. Excelent!!!! Pls no more bugs in this version.

  2. s3 and note 2 this should be last update really goodbye very will welcome galaxy note 4 in September my next phone :) cant wait seriously :(

    • who cares about your feelings, just get your new toy and enjoy it, as long as S3 is none of your business so don’t get involved!will ya!!

  3. tanks Samsung (s3)

  4. And when tab note 2014 edition will get it ?

  5. Hope it will be better than the Update to 4.3 (S3). It will be the last one for the S3

    • i use the uae xsg 4.3 its not buggy and 100% stable

  6. seems not fake >>>> there is already leaked/test KK for n7100 (N7100XXUFNB4 ) from a week !!!

    • do u have any idea if that test firmware had air command and other smart features of s4, for note 2?

      • air commands are hardware options.. noway to get them, however you can get smart scroll & smart pause

    • Galaxy note 2 has 2GB of RAM so it will be updated…

  7. when kit kat s3-i9305 LTE version roll out..

  8. i want this update for 9100g samsung galaxy s2.

    • The Galaxy SII is a two year old phone. Samsung will not release any official KitKat update for the Galaxy SII. Despite all the Galaxy S2 works very well with Android 4.1.2. If you want KitKat you may use a Custom Rom, like Cyanogen…

      • Cyanogen is the best for old phones. My mother’s Galaxy S+ with cyanogenmod 4.4.2 kitkat it’s really fast :)

  9. Niiiiiiceee

  10. only yesss!!!!

  11. Release A kitkat update for Tab 2 also.

  12. Please update Kitkat S3mini i8190 too..!!

  13. I hope to be wrong but should be a fake (unfortunately): Note 2 is GT-N7100, not SM-N7100!!!

    • And still ppl are selling parts for sm n7100 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    • Hmmm it could be fake but as mentioned above the Note 2 had a leaked Kitkat build

  14. esperemos que sea cierto, por que si así es seria genial, y alguien sabe si va a haber actualización a 4.3 para galaxy s3 mini?

  15. its a clear fake, the updates received by S4 and Note3 are KOT49H (kitkat 4.4.2) in Jan-Feb, then how come Samsung will release an older version KRT16 (kitkat 4.4)in April ???.. lol

  16. when kit kat note 2 LTE n7105 version roll out.. in France?

  17. What about the USA versions of the SGS3 (for example the SGH-i747)?

  18. what about not 3 4G SM-N9005 :)

  19. whay galaxy s4 active in ksa i witing update 4.4

  20. The source updated the reason for Note 2 listed as SM-N7100 instead of GT-N7100

  21. Im using a kitkat leak for note 2 n7100 for a week now…and its great!. ;)

  22. Big update in Thailand today for the S3. I hoped it was Kitkat, but just a 4.3 update of some sought.

  23. when ready sm-n9000q 4.4.2 ?

  24. hello sammobile … for s4 i9505 France SFR when it’s 4.4.2 update?

  25. I guess sammobile doesnt wanna report the Note 2 4.4.2 leak which has surfaced since more than a week ago.

  26. Please someone confirm that Galaxy Note 8.0 GT N5110 will get the kitkat android update.

  27. Finally,some good news, I’m user of i9300, and was already getting sad for this question hanging in the air. Now I’m happy.
    Thank’s Samsung.

    • its a clear fake, the updates received by S4 and Note3 are KOT49H (kitkat 4.4.2) in Jan-Feb, then how come Samsung will release an older version KRT16 (kitkat 4.4)in April ???.. lol

  28. I still have 4.1.2 jellybean on my GT-I9300 lol. I desperately need the update or else I upgrade to the GS5!

  29. I’ll assume this as fake until I see concrete proof like a leaked test firmware for S3. Until then, this is seriously fake. The document can be easily achieved with basic Word knowledge. I could even make it for myself.

  30. Galaxy Note 3 got KitKat in February? It’s been a month, almost two, how come my Note 3 hasn’t received this update yet?


  32. Thanks samsung for android 4.4.2 kitkat for galaxy s3 GT-I9300

  33. What about model i9190 , samsung galaxy s4mini???
    This brand is latest and still at 4.2.2 without any single update for a long time.
    Samsung come on, put more people on the updates to work.

  34. If i9300 gets an 4.4 update, i9305 probably will get it too right? Hope that happens, 4.3 still drains too much battery sometimes

  35. Shortly: N80xx? (still A4.1.x in N8000 since january 2013)

  36. turkey exactly when the next KitKat ??

  37. What about Note 10.1 (not the 2014 Edition)?
    Samsung should list the devices elegible to receive the upgrade.
    I have S4 (already KK) and Note 10.1 (no information about KK), my wife has the SIII mini (no information about KK) and my daughter a Note 3 (already KK).

    • s3 mini is not a flagship, so probably will die with 4.3

  38. s3 uodate listed for april-may… so it will be relased in june-july for international version and august-september for carriers….

    next time will buy a nexus phone

  39. The android 4.3 update for the galaxy s3 is very good battery life.i don’t know why a lot of people keep calling it buggy.Maybe it due to some other problem.Nothing wrong with update released for india.

  40. I could not install 4.3 on gt-i9300! Knowing that it is available in my country (Algeria)

  41. ojala sea cierto ya que la actualización del 4.3 así la hayan solucionado sigue con algunos errores mínimo pero hay =) por lo demás pues si se pudiera actualizar asta donde pueda soportar el mobil seria chevere para los clientes y usuarios q compran los productos de esta marca por que confían en la calidad que brindan bueno esperar esa confirmación abril-mayo

  42. una consulta y para los que tenemos el i9305 (S3 LTE) no hay actualizacion…???

  43. What is about galaxy grand gt i9082 it has just a year but note 2 is much older

  44. Hope so or at the very least have a final 4.3 release to iron out the bugs, having said that my S3 isnt too bad after installing the patch, I just have the occasional issue with the wifi and I find the gallery slower than what it was on 4.1.2 (which was a great firmware)I over came this by installing a 3rd party gallery app which is miles better than the stock app (Quickpic)

  45. thnx very much SAMSUNG that S III will be included

  46. ¿habrá actualizaciones para el samsung S3 mini a android 4.4 Kitkat? :(

  47. S3 I9300 should get 4.4 kitkat updateeeeeeeee

  48. Cant wait for s3 update!!!1!!!!111!!

  49. Is s3 i9305 receive the 4.4 kitkat update?

  50. good

  51. we are waiting for samsung galaxy grand 2 its already may please be quick

  52. I Love Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102 please upgrade to Kitkat

  53. no ay actualizacion para s3 atyt sgh-I747

  54. Where update form Grand 2

  55. Grand duos 2 we are waiting

  56. Hello I did not get the updated Kit Kat so far please update Latest firmware info

    PDA: N7100XXUENA1
    CSC: N7100OJVENA1
    Added: 2014-02-27

  57. Iam waiting for my grand 2 duos SM-G7102. After update 4.4.2 my battery charge is very longer. Dual sim not working. Please fix it.
    XSE indonesia. Waiting update 4.4.4

    Thank you

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