Posted by Harish J 11 months ago

Samsung now mass-producing 4 Gb DDR3 memory modules


Samsung has announced that it is now mass producing 4 Gb DDR3 memory modules. The memory sticks are manufactured using a 20 nm manufacturing process at Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer has announced that it was able to utilise currently available immersion ArF lithography techniques in order to achieve production using a 20 nm process. The manufacturing productivity for the 20 nm modules is 30 percent more than that of the older 25 nm modules. Samsung also mentioned that the 20 nm modules are 25 percent more efficient to older 25 nm DDR3 modules.

With the DRAM market set to grow to a value of $37.9 billion in 2014, Samsung is ideally placed to consolidate its foothold in this segment with the 20 nm modules. Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales and marketing at Samsung, said that the main objective is to increase market base. “Samsung’s new energy-efficient 20-nanometer DDR3 DRAM will rapidly expand its market base throughout the IT industry including the PC and mobile markets, quickly moving to mainstream status. Samsung will continue to deliver next-generation DRAM and green memory solutions ahead of the competition, while contributing to the growth of the global IT market in close cooperation with our major customers.”




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7 comments on “Samsung now mass-producing 4 Gb DDR3 memory modules

  1. q8peace 11 months ago said:

    welcome note 4 = 4 gigs ram :D

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  2. gtone339 11 months ago said:

    Dang! Maybe a variant of the Galaxy S5 may include it?

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  3. Aquaboyz 11 months ago said:

    hang on, the article is saying 4Gb of DDR3 memory modules, and i’m pretty sure it’s not 4GB. 4Gb = 512MB right?

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  4. hogar 11 months ago said:

    The Twitter feed says 4GB but the article has 4Gb(512MB) written, please clarify it

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