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Samsung considering an octa-core version of the Galaxy S5

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Prior to the Galaxy S5 announcement, a number of leaks indicated that Samsung would launch a version with its in-house Exynos processer and one that featured Qualcomm’s hardware. However, Samsung failed to mention the existence of an octa-core version of the Galaxy S5 at its announcement, and instead revealed just the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 variant of the device.

An infographic posted on Samsung’s blog  alludes to an octa-core version of the Galaxy S5. It is possible that Samsung is looking to launch an Exynos-based Galaxy S5 variant at a later date. The octa-core CPU will likely be clocked at 2.1 GHz. The infographic detailing different Galaxy S handsets is based on variants offered in South Korea, so it is likely that the Exynos octa-core variant will initially be offered in the country. Samsung is said to be working on an Exynos Infinity processer that was teased last week. The processor was initially set to debut at the MWC, but Samsung made no mention of it at its press conference. It is feasible that the processor will be announced sometime later.

S5 octa


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12 comments on “Samsung considering an octa-core version of the Galaxy S5

  1. Ard-sam 11 months ago said:

    I love it how they always give preference to their home country for new and exciting products. Well, I hate it that I do not live there :-(.
    I like the new Galaxy S5 on the build. They went with quality plastic instead of cheap metal. And they have the edged bezel back near the screen, which gives extra protection to the screen. I love how that always protected the screen of my Galaxy S2.
    On the S5 it seems quality grade plastic. On my S2 it’s metal, and that shows, because it is pretty dented, and I occasionally have to file off pieces of dented metal.
    The lack of exynos in the S5 was a dissappointment :-(.

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  2. b0g 11 months ago said:


    maybe this is correct title : “Samsung considering a new version of the Galaxy S5 “, this is disaster:
    same old designer; unnecessary sensors; old hardware; only good is camera;
    iphone will smash this samsung s5

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  3. grv007 11 months ago said:

    I will wait for note 4 !

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  4. xhustler 11 months ago said:

    Glad to say I now have a successor for my aging S2. Be realistic guys, save for the 8GB ROM, the S5 is a kickass device. Samsung even tonned down the S-crap.

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  5. catalin19 11 months ago said:

    OMG, this picture is bullshit !!!!

    S4 have 1.9 quad core processor !!!! Note 3 have 2.3 quadcore !!!
    S3 have 4,7 ” screen not 4,8″
    S4 have 4,99″ screen not 4,8″

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  6. gourav92 11 months ago said:

    am diasspointed worst design :(

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  7. MonaVieDiament 11 months ago said:

    hmm ?? a nie miało być 2K

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