Samsung UNPACKED 2014 Episode 1 Livestream

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! Today, Samsung will announce its next flagship device, the Galaxy S5, a few accessories and maybe a few more products. The Samsung Unpacked event is being held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Most of you probably won’t be attending the event, but don’t worry Samsung has your back. Samsung will be live streaming its Unpacked 2014 event on YouTube. The event will preciously kick-off at 20:00 CET (Click here to know exact time according to your timezone). So, bookmark this page as we will be embedding the live stream of the event as soon as it goes live on Samsung’s YouTube account. We will be live tweeting the exciting things happening at the event, so make sure to bookmark our live tweet page, as well.

In the mean time, checkout Samsung’s teaser video for the Unpacked 2014 Episode 1 event.

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  1. who needs unpacked, we already know everything now, its a minor incremental upgrade and a massive disappointment to Galaxy S3 owners who have waited two years hoping for something special – what do we get, an S4s

    • Who says the leaked phone is the only device Samsung is announcing today? Even if it is the only one today, they will probably release the higher spec’ed one later. There is proof that they were working on it so there is a high probability that it will come out.

    • +1

    • totally agree im on s3 has a replacement yet its on 4.1.2 im definitely not ever getting samsung again

  2. I dont want to pay premium money for something that should have been the standard model, given the choice i’ll take neither.

  3. Samsung better had others. If that leak is S5, congratulate big R.I.P

    • +1

    • The pics are leaked the full omes5, just search S5 leak. The phone is basically exactly the same.

  4. Ouuuhhhh, which payed pal will be the next to flee from the stage being disgusted by Samsung’s marketing slime?

  5. totally agree im on s3 has a replacement yet its on 4.1.2 im definitely not ever getting samsung again

    • Galaxy S3 has already received Android 4.3 officially from Samsung.

  6. Time to see if Samsung really listened to us!

  7. Looks awful.

  8. You guys are enjoying the musical treatment aren’t you?
    Enjoy your stay.

    • Samsung is delaying the launch because of that. :P

  9. I’m looking forward to the announcement of the S5. And I’m ready to buy as soon as it is available, thanks samsung.

  10. bye bye Samsung :))
    Hello Dear Apple :))

  11. Just an incremental upgrade from the GALAXY S4 really. I need to see it in rea life first before I decide to upgrade from my GS3.

  12. Ugly phone, same as S4. Only the speaker changes his position on every galaxy, always an even weirder position than on the device before. No innovation, Apple and the others will be very happy tonight.
    I am so happy that I switched to the Samsung Note series, this is the real flagship of the company, imo.
    Only interesting thing is the super duper mega hyper power saving mode.
    Even the “new” interface is ugly.

  13. what a joke.
    that’s not a flagship that’s a sinking ship.

  14. Give it a chance guys, it might be good and go in when its out. I still feel the Knox feature should be optional.

  15. Unless premium is being made im done with samsung… unless a note 4 is something actualy worth getting

  16. Why is it Episode 1…?
    Is there Episode 2 from samsung at MWC 2014?

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