Posted by Abhijeet M. 12 months ago

Samsung SM-G900P appears on Sprint’s website, could be its Galaxy S5 variant


We recently got hold of the complete list of model numbers for the Samsung SM-G900, which is more or less expected to be the Galaxy S5. The SM-G900P was said to be the variant of the device for Sprint, and now a listing of the same model number on the carrier’s website pretty much confirms that fact. However, we should tell you that at the moment we are unsure if the SM-G900 is the Galaxy S5, especially since its many variants have continued to show up online with a Full HD (1080p) resolution instead of QHD (2k), which is the case this time as well.

However, it’s also possible that Samsung is keeping the QHD display variant of the Galaxy S5 under heavy security and testing the device with a Full HD screen for the time being (or making some changes in software so that benchmarks report a 1080p screen resolution), in order to control the amount of leaks. Either way, the SM-G900P is surely a smartphone for Sprint, and we’re just days away from finding out whether it’s the Galaxy S5 or some other not-so-interesting handset.



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6 comments on “Samsung SM-G900P appears on Sprint’s website, could be its Galaxy S5 variant

  1. Paps Duke 12 months ago said:
  2. DrPixel 12 months ago said:
  3. YvesLuca 12 months ago said:

    I will say so…^^

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  4. sorg 12 months ago said:

    I still think SM-G900 is a budget model, not Galaxy S5.
    Probably it will appear right after SGS5 announcement and will have similar to SGS4 specs.

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  5. infinitylook 12 months ago said:

    let the spamming of Samsung begins!

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