Samsung offers official statement on third-party accessory incompatibility on Galaxy Note 3 and KitKat

The arrival of the Android 4.4 KitKat update on the Galaxy Note 3 brought with it incompatibility of the device with a few third-party cases that were previously working as intended. Well, Samsung has now offered an official statement on the matter to AllAboutSamsung - according to Samsung, the company does want its consumers to use official accessories to maintain a “pleasant and smooth user experience,” but it also rejected that there’s any correlation between Android 4.4 and the incompatibility that now exists among some of the third-party cases as reported by users.

Here’s the statement (translated):

To ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience with Samsung products for our customers, we recommend that only original accessories from Samsung to use. Of course, customers can continue to rely on third-party accessories. The full functionality of our devices and accessories, however, can only be ensured with genuine Samsung components, since only in this way it is ensured that equipment and accessories are perfectly matched. A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist.

Well, that’s commendable Samsung, but what about those who now have non-working accessories sitting around just because they wanted to get the latest and greatest version of Android? While there are a few workarounds available for the issue, they are far from perfect for normal consumers. It’s possible Samsung made a few changes that unintentionally resulted in incompatibility with accessories like Spigen’s S-View flip cover, but again, it’s one that is affecting consumers who spent a lot of cash on Samsung’s latest phablet, so here’s hoping the company itself looks at a solution and implements it soon.

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2 years 10 months ago

Everyone should calm down, the release is not even a worldwide release yet, only Poland and Serbia have it officially released. This is one of the reasons I like how Samsung release updates, in a gradual way instead of just dumping it worldwide. It usually catches any missed bugs that may appear.

Also from reports the Kitkat release is a mirror of the Google Play branded versions, so that could be the problem right there.

It is obvious that Samsung would prefer people to buy their accessories, rather than buying third-party ones. But it is not only the accessories that are breaking, it is also apps, I have a few that are not working as intended since upgrading to Kitkat. So to accuse Samsung of doing something in the upgrade to break 3rd-party accessories is not 100% accurate.

2 years 10 months ago

“To ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience with Samsung products for our customers, we recommend that only original accessories from Samsung to use.”

FAILED! Android was supposed to be flexible and not like apple that only apple-cerficated acc. will work. If Samsung is moving to this direction, it will sink fast!

nicky mohit
2 years 10 months ago

can anyone tell me that when will indian note 3 will get kitkat 4.2.2 update model number sm 900

2 years 10 months ago

But if you are asking for 4.4.2, what you think you can do with 4.4.2 than you can´t do in 4.3 ?

2 years 10 months ago

Shoot in RAW format.

2 years 10 months ago

OK, good reason, but is this already implemented in Note 3 KitKat Camera ? I didn´t read about it in any place.

2 years 10 months ago

Has anyone bothered to realize that installing the Polish version of the firmware might not have been such a brilliant idea?

Everyone KNOWS Poland is Samsung’s test-center. There’s a good chance the problem will be fixed in the firmware for the western countries.