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Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (SM-T320) passes through FCC

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We gave you the first piece of information about Samsung’s upcoming tablets and giving credence to our report is the FCC certification of one of the tablets – SM-T320. As with any other certification, FCC only confirms the model number but we have a good reason to believe it is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

While the FCC certification does not reveal much, we expect the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 to feature an 8.4-inch display, Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity, 16GB storage.

Our insider pins for a release in week 6 of 2014, which if correct, we can see an announcement from Samsung soon at the CES next month.


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4 comments on “Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (SM-T320) passes through FCC

  1. AquilaSol 1 year ago said:

    It only took 5 years, but perhaps we are finally able to buy a 7-9″ tablet with decent specs, Full-HD AND MicroSD support? Great, i can finaly buy my dad the 4 year delayed tablet he was supposed to get for his birthday in 2010.

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  2. sguyx 1 year ago said:

    6 weeks? better to wait 7 weeks because I bet, they will announce pro 2 tab 8.2″ a week after the latest one.

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    • sguyx 1 year ago said:

      oh wait! wait another week, they will have multiple choices then, day by day new tablets: 8,4; 8,3; 8,2; 8,1; 8,5; 8,6; 8,7; 8,8; 8,9 and that’s not all! there will be so many variants like mega pro, super pro, megahyper pro and all will have older android than the newest one and never get an update, and of course 16gb internal memory!

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