Open Europe test firmwares available for Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) and Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)

Last night our insider surprised us with two new firmwares for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) and Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) – I9300XXUGMK6 and N7100XXUEMK9. Galaxy S III’s firmware is actually officially available by Samsung itself but it’s only available via OTA, so users are unable to manually update their device via Samsung KIES or by using Odin. However, Galaxy Note II’s firmware is fresh out of Samsung’s test labs, for now it’s labeled as a test firmware but Samsung might actually make it official if they feel it’s stable enough.

SamMobile’s advice is to wait until Samsung officially releases the firmware and update your device via OTA or via Samsung KIES. However, if you are tired of all the waiting then keep on reading…

- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- Samsung KNOX [Only in Galaxy Note II]
- Samsung Wallet (Pre-loaded) [Only in Galaxy Note II]
- Better RAM management
- Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
- New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
- New screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
- Daydream
- Driving mode
- Actionable notifications
- Move-to-SD-card feature
- New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
- New Additions in Notification Centre
- Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
- Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
- New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
- Full screen Samsung apps
- New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)
- Found more? Tell us about them in the comments below!

- These test firmwares will NOT increase your binary counter NOR void your warranty.
- These test firmwares are PRE-RELEASE builds and not official from Samsung.
- These test firmwares might WIPE your device, so perform a BACKUP before flashing!

Model: GT-I9300
Country: Open Europe
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 2168382
Build date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 21:02:26 +0000
Product Code: OXA

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add AP_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to AP
- Add BL_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to BL
- Add MODEM_I9300XXUGMK6_REV02_REV04_CL1413323.tar.md5 to CP
- Add CSC_OXA_I9300OXAGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!

Model: GT-N7100
Country: Open Europe
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 2138564
Build date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 19:16:05 +0000
Product Code: OXX

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add AP_N7100XXUEMK9_2138564_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to AP
- Add BL_N7100XXUEMK9_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to BL
- Add CP_N7100XXUEMJ9_REV08_CL1423182.tar.md5 to CP
- Add CSC_OXX_N7100OXXEMK4_2174777_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!


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  1. hmm…both links for GS3 -_-

    • No!!!
      Link 1: Samsung Galaxy S 3 (GT-I9300)
      Link 2: Samsung Note II (GT-N7100)

      • the n2 link was wrong , but its fixed :D

    • alguma alma boa faz o upload em outro servidor?

      • Allan, qual a versão do teu android instalado. Estou em dúvida se posso instalar esta versão no meu, que é UBDMA1, UBDMA2 e UBDMA3. Saberia me dizer? Obrigado.

        Allan, what version are you running? I’m using UBDMA1 / UBDMA2 / UBDMA3. Could I flash my device whit this version? Thank you.

    • thx my s3 i9300 updated with no issues

    • parabéns a samsung..agora o s3 ficou muito bom,sem bugs..esta otimo

      • Vc não teve problema com rede da operadora? por ser uma ROM da Europa?

        • Isso não tem nada a ver, eu mesmo uso a do Reino Unido e nunca tive problemas.

          • Pois é, baixei a de Taiwan e está funcionando perfeitamente. Obrigado.

  2. downloading right now

  3. Just a question, the NII already got its rollout started… is this test firmware for other regions?

  4. Nice 1 ;-)

    Same Build, kernel and Baseband as the BTU UK version after the update fix,Have that one currently running and without any issues.
    Battery life even longer as on 4.1.2.

    WayToGo ;-)

    • Hi Again,
      Uninstalled the UTB UK version and installed the OXA open ….etc.
      All went easy and well, and device running fast and smooth battery even better as before.
      Great job @ Samsung and thx for sharing SamMobile ;-)

      @ Samsung, Maybe offer all S3 users a free Kitkat bar…lol.
      For we all know what!

      Anyway, Thx great job.

  5. Any one test this Firmware S3 i mean .. and is this version support Arabic language.. wait ur feedback.. thanks in advance. ;)

  6. sucks!!!

    Website is offline The server may be down for maintenance, there may be a network problem, or the site may be experiencing excessive load.

  7. Can’t download because server offline. Why you don’t upload it on Hotfile or something like that!

    • keep trying! It displayed the same for me. I clicked some option like: live link or something and it started the download!

      • Thanks man!

        • hotfile shuted down completly no more hotfile uploader everywhere

  8. Any one test this Firmware S3 i mean .. and is this version support Arabic language.. wait ur feedback.. thanks in advance. ;)

  9. fucking shit server

    • my download is already finished. It should work for you also!

      • mano vc poderia fazer o upload em outro servidor e me passar o link?

  10. Finally after 2910937083209 tries i can download it. Wait for feedbacks! :)

  11. I’ll wait for the OTA version :)

  12. i dont know why odin keep crashing :(

  13. had to get back to 4.2.2 and will never flash the phone with tested firm :( :(

    • what happened?

      • odin always crash i dont know why ?

        • download the latest odin 3.09, written in the instruction above.

          • i did but its not work i even downgrade to 4.2.2 using odin 3.9 the same one

          • Try ‘solve compatibility problems first’ after that start Odin as administrator… worked for me!

  14. Can anyone please give us a feedback about this rom??

    • my experience i download it and then wipe my phone and did all the instruction and odin crash :( so it doesnt work for me and my s3 is the international version i9300 – am waiting for another feedback

      • i’ve it flashed my note2 with odin 3.09 and really big changes are not there, because its just opentestfirmware so i toke the philz touch 5.15.0 for note2 (also available for s3) and maked some changes on it and flashed it. after that i flashed dittos rom, now i’ve all features of note3 and s4 on my note2 works great ;)

  15. that the difference between (open europe) and (Spain phe)? is equally viable?
    I jazztel. spain.

    • i’m like you (PHE) !!, verifying it everyday !

  16. can any one tell me i need all of the files or just PDA?

    • yes, download odin 3.09 and read the instructions above.

    • actually the zip contain all of the files

      • guys you need to add all the files not just one, please read the instructions above.

        • I have downloadedthe files but there’s only one tar!where do I get the rest?

  17. Can any one confirm that this file (for s3) is working on your devices? Or all of you have problems like “q8peace”?

    • everything works fine

    • seems my phone have problem i will try again maybe it will work

    • works fine…..duration of the battery is the same as in 4.1.2
      no lags and no crashes (up to now)

    • works fine :-)

  18. I flashed with this and work fine solved all issues thanks sammobile mmhhuuaaaa after one month my device taking fresh breath thanks again

    • hey do you have light effect for unlock screen?

      • no light effect

        • Dude, change your screen security to SWIPE, then change the unlock effect to LIGHT EFFECT

          Simple as that!

          • Mine is set to swipe and there is no light effect as an opcion.

          • do u really have light effect? i havent got it :S

          • Nope Dude, no light effect on my S3 ;-)

            So wasnt that simple!

      • Yes

        • Hey is the light effect working on both of the devices or just any one. .
          Plz. Clarify

  19. works for me only noticed a little wait when turning it on after sleep but 1-2 seconds nothing big

  20. el servidor esta dañado no me crea el enlace de descarga habrá un espejo donde se pueda descargar por favor

    • Cuando te mande el msj de error hay un botón verde en la parte de arriba de la derecha, no recuerdo como dice es algo de “live” click en ese botón hasta que te baje el archivo, yo tuve ese problemas y hasta como la quinta vez que traté funcionó, actualmente se está bajando :)

      • nada cumpa no descarga prefiero otro servidor q este ojala lo pongan gracias de todas manera por tu respuesta =)

  21. I have flashed this firmware and everything works fine and fluid!

  22. I give feedbacks now!

    - Samsung keyboard is same. Only Continuous input added.
    - Daydream feature is good but options are shit. Only colours or photo frames accepted. Not a clock like stock android.
    - Actionable Notifications? Available. As Stock Android. (I tried missed call only)
    - Multiple widgets? Only available text and clock widget. I was think we can use music player widget or social widgets like stock android.
    - In auto mode of brigtness is really low for me. Too dark to see.
    - New camera modes found. Sound & Shot and HDR.
    - Notification Centre (if this means Notification Panel) nothing changed there.
    - Setting UI changed & tabbed it look good.
    - Voice controls working bad for me. (I don’t know but it’s not give feedback when i’m on music player and incoming calls. Answer/Reject and only Previous/Next/Pause isn’t working. Next is rare working. Volume Up/Down working fine. In 4.1.2 i haven’t have problems like this.
    - New samsung apps looks really good. And i haven’t got any problem on openin contacts. I have 115 contacts and it loads much faster than 4.1.2
    - Some of samsung apps can work in fullscreen. Not all apps work same!
    - 690 – 700 mb RAM use when first use (after flash withouth any other apps)
    - Group Play app shown on app drawer.
    - Driving Mode is also works good.
    - And OpenGL ES 3.0 support not included. Still OpenGL ES 2.0
    - 307 PPi display (306 previous)
    - New sensors added!
    Gravity Sensor
    Linear Acceleration Sensor
    Rotation Vector Sensor
    Pressure Sensor
    Auto Rotation Sensor
    Game Rotation Vendor Sensor
    Uncalibrated Gyroscope Sensor
    Orientation Sensor
    Corrected Gyroscope Sensor
    Light Sensor
    Magnetic Fiel Sensor
    (these are not included on 4.1.2)
    - Usable memory updated to 850 mb (Previous 832 mb)
    - And for geeks tests are here
    Quadrant (Pro): 6046 Points (CPU: 13181/MEM:4113/I/O: 9475/2D:1000/3D:2462)

    Antutu :
    Normal Test: 18665 points! (Impressive! because on 4.1.2 it was about 9000)
    Stability Test: At Least %71 Max %75
    Open GL ES 2.0 Test : 2712
    Passmark :
    System : 2670
    CPU : 9982
    Disk : 14154
    Memory : 1345
    2D : 2783
    3D : 947
    Total : 31,881
    Note: Ripple effect doesn’t improved. Same as 4.1.2. I was thinking we get new effects for lockscreen as like 4.2.2.

    • thanks man! <3

      • btw. this version support Arabic language ?

        • yes support arabic both keyboard and menus

    • Sorry, it’s feedbacks for GT-N7100 or S3! and whether the ROM stable? Thank you!

      • NationGuettaTR on 14 December 2013 at 00:04 said:
        I give feedbacks now!

        Sorry, it’s feedbacks for GT-N7100 or S3! and whether the ROM stable? Thank you!

        • S3.. he say Ram management is 800 mb or some think Like that.. Note2 have 2 G OF Ram

          • Yes, For International Galaxy S3! I using it for three days i’ve played Asphalt 8: Airborne and don’t find any lag in game or main menu. Ram management really amazed me, because lags gone. I would admit it i don’t suppose to samsung solve lags but they did. Test firmware working good for me :)

    • Great Review! Thanks!

      one question: does all apps that you installed on 4.1.2 works fine also on 4.3?

    • Thanks for the info, I think sensors are hardware so they can’t add new sensors, just new use or activation, exemp. Note 2 own barometer but you can use it only with the app. ‘baro’ from Samsung Apps Market.

    • Did You Get The Light Effect? Are There Any Bugs In The Lock Screen Now?

      • Nope. Same effect as 4.0.4 and 4.1.2. LockScreen bug solved it works normal now (sometimes it waking up in 1-2 sec)

        • Dude, change your screen security to SWIPE, then change the unlock effect to LIGHT EFFECT

          Simple as that!

          • como mudo isso?

    • have language in spanish?

    • Keyboard: Continues Input is not newly added fuction.
      Daydream : You will have more option if you install 3rd party apps like flipboard, google+ and etc.
      Multiple Widget : Many option available, like Gmail, Google Keep, Messaging, S Planner, Music.
      Voice Control: You need to activate the S Voice, before you use any voice command.
      OpenGL ES 3.0 support : Note II hardware does not support.

    • Thank you for your overwhelming analysis. I am still concerned about 2 issues, You ma have the answers:

      1. This version should include Knox. Will installing it enable the un-resetable Knox flag?
      2. Could I use local SIM Cards abroad (as before)?

  23. We have already test ROMs for samsung involuntary I9300XXUGMJ9
    thx sammobile for your work. i’ll test this. i’m in GT-I9300XXUGMK6_BTU

  24. For once I completely disagree with this website.
    Not upgrading is bad advise.

    1. I got the upgrade for the S3 ota so it is officially released

    2. Those who got the previous upgrade know it made the phone barely usable. Took up to minutes to wake up from sleep, even if you wanted to just hang up a phone call. Gps got so buggy your phone became unusable for navigation. Etc.

    3. So whatever bugs this upgrade brings… Things can’t get much worse. And in the few days since I got it OTA, things are way less buggy so far.

  25. excellent on note 2, just finished playing with it!!!!

    • Hy, what region are you from? No problema with IMEI change ou loss of signal? Thank you.

  26. okay i re downloading and i flash my s3 now its working thanks its my fault :( not the firmware now my phone is 4.3 :d

  27. Descargado, flasheado y funcionando en S3. Todo funciona exelente. Gracias Sammobile !!!!

  28. Hey is the light effect there on the lockscreen of both these devices? ??

    • I don’t know if it have on N7100 but in I9300 still same effect as 4.1.2 and 4.0.4. Just added remove ripple effect option.

  29. i am from Brunei, and i got the mk6 update ota yesterday, the only thing i did was only change the csc to BTU, and wiped my phone, then the update notification just popped up

    • Bro..mcmana mau ubah csc? So mcmana BTU punya firmwarwe? Smooth kah? Sya nak try yg pre release ni tp tgk komen mcm byk yg tak kena..hehehe..

  30. İs these firmware wipe all data or not ?

  31. about instalaro and apparently runs perfect

  32. what kind of upgrade is this , nothing new only the tabed seting, transparent bar and support for galaxy gear, why the galaxy s2 plus got better,samsung f…. u, thank sammobile.

  33. Is the firmware for note 2 working good?

  34. Flashed I9300 firmware and it works like a charm! Everything runs fluid and smooth… what a difference compared to the earlier firmware!

    • and battry Usage ?

      • At this moment the battery usage is reasonable good. Usually it takes a few cycles of decharging and charging to get the best results.

        • In first charge (after flashing) it tooks a bit longer but second time it’s works really excellent! In 1 hour my battery up to 95% from %5.

          • So. Ur getting full battery charge in one hour? After 4.3 update? What is ur charger output current 1amp or 2amp. If its a 1amp charger. It won’t charge that much faster. That’s why asking.reply pls

  35. root not found !!!!!!!!! note 2)

  36. Battery problem solved but slight delay on lock screen still exist. overall much better than previous update. In GT-I9300.

  37. my question is to sammobile I hv updateted this test firmware but I stay in kuwait so should I wll recieve Ota in future from my mobile pls answer sammobike or any body who knows well abt this

    • No , You should again odin update for kuwait firmware than you will ota update again.

  38. this firmware for S3 will not void my guarantee? it sure?

    • Yes NOT void your warranty! It’s test firmware but published by Samsung. If you flash CyanogenMod or something like that then your warranty is going void.

  39. Will I get the offical OTA’s if I flash my S3 with the ROM provided above.

  40. Guys and feedback plz. will i have to update Or not ? and if i change my CSC my mobile service will keep ON work 0R Not thanks in advance..

  41. It is the first time odin gives me error.
    will wait for ota

  42. I updated my S3 with this room, Everything seems to work fine, I checked for OTA update and I received: The latest updates have already been installed.

  43. no light effect.too bad and super su dont work well

  44. i have flashed my device s3 and everything is working very well ..

    for those who are asking about arabic language .. yes it is available .

    • khalid where are u from ?

      • khalid.. when i flash this rom CSC must be change or NOt and bl files answer plz ..

        • Nope. Not needed to change CSC code, it reads your country code automatically! In my phone it reads automatically my country (TUR)

          • Just one question can I downgrade to 4.1.2 normally or ia there a trick I should do .. cause the 4.1.2 firmware on sammobile contains only the PDA unlike the 4.3!!!

  45. I’m getting (slow) download. Some suggestion about free server supporting more then 1 GB upload for sharing a good link?

  46. Guys..i recomend to install on your devices the s4 revoltuion rom..its a brutal rom..with all the features of scroll and smart stay and have to air gesture but this working well. This rom have all aplications of note 3. Test it..You need a rooted rom.

    • Give me link plz

    • i have this room (v11)its very good

    • I install v10 tube and three days to remove it because the battery discharge was disproportionate.
      as the battery goes in v11?

      • I install v10 and three days because I had to remove the battery discharge was disproportionate.
        as the battery goes in v11?

        • do you make full wipe data i have v 10 i dont have yor problem !v 11 its good no problem whit bateri

  47. Just installed the new 4.3 onto my S3, witch had the crappy 4.3 installed. The installation wiped the phone, but it works like a dream now! THANK GOD!!! I was jut about to throw the S3 into a wall because of the shitty 4.3.

  48. hey ..
    can you please tell me how to root my s3 after flashing with this firmware ..

  49. iam install 4.3 from uk every thing is ok but when iam playing music after 15 second screen is off and my music player stuck and mobile hang now iam remove 4.3 install again 4.2 everything is normal now any idea for 4.3 for install my mobile

    • with what firmware version did you root ???

  50. Hi, For N2 Rom, unfortunately the French language is still not available on this ROm. Otherwise everything works perfectly

  51. I did everything sammobile said to flash my GS3 and odin failed, did not do anything :( help

    • try to download it again and try with different computer or laptop

    • - Add AP_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to AP
      - Add BL_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to BL
      - Add MODEM_I9300XXUGMK6_REV02_REV04_CL1413323.tar.md5 to CP
      - Add CSC_OXA_I9300OXAGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC
      - Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked

      Did you do EVERYTHING above? And use Odin 3.09?

      • Yes its okay now , sammobile did not say anything about usb debugging option… i turneded it on , flashed like baby ,working very smooth :)

  52. I have the old leaked 4.3 for gs3 (the first one) can I install this one with 0din? Please help me I will thank you

    • Yes you can. Remember to follow the instructions above. Work’s fine!

    • Yes you can! And it working fine no problems were found.

  53. 3/4 of RAM is occupied. I have this ROM for 1h and is smooth, but it needs to be polished a lil bit!

    • Yeah it drives me crazy when i see when i don’t open’d any apps but phone uses 700 mb RAM.

      • Just freeze all the non-critical Samsung crap with Titanium Backup. I have 400-500Mb used when nothing is opened. Sometimes even 390.
        But like I said, I froze every app and process that had Samsung in its name and was not critical.

        • Is there a root available for 4.3 s3 ?

  54. Hi Guys im new here i would like to know if u are having issues on this update because i updated to 4.3 my S3 a week ago from sammobile official and it works not good,to much lag and LOCK SCREEn DoESN’T open sometimes with 1st time i have to pres and pres to many times the HOME BUTTOn to awake Screen does this new update have that issue too . plz tell me anyone thank u!

    Regards : From KOSOVO

    • This update working really fine! In lockscreen sometimes it took 1-2 seconds to wake up! Other bugs fixed and phone is really getting faster and scores 75% stability test.

  55. Is this firmware work with Croatian Networks?

    • I can confirm that firmware work with VIP and T-mobile on Croatian network.
      Also there is Croatian laguage packed in it.

  56. Have language in spanish?

    • All the languages, damn, is just that hard to flash and see what you want?

  57. will i get final official version on this test version when that will release.

    • no

    • It resumed on 5th November but seems like nobody received official update. They said it’ll arrive within 2-3 days. but now 10 days past but no one received update. Samsung must change their update policy.

  58. hey guys i just updated and it is awesome working like a S4 very faster than i imagined the old 4.3 that was realeased 1 week ago its crap but this one is awesome works perfect on my S3 and i didn’t see any issue on this one so i suggest u update it nOw no lag no screen lock Issue..simply perfect and THANX SAMSUNG

    • Has anyone noticed that the screen resolution is also much better after this update? Everything is brighter and much more crisp. Although I wish they would’ve updated the launcher and weather widget, Samsung did a good job with this update. Hopefully they’ll update the launcher and weather widget in a patch in the near future.

  59. What happens, if I don’t press wipe data? Because I don’t want to clear anything from my mobile….

    • You’ll stuck on bootloop and your phone can’t start itself. You must wipe your phone. but i suggest you backup your important files on your pc or cloud storage.

      • Haha I did not wipe my phone before flashing and I had NO bootloops lol..

        • bootloops is one of problems. You have may face withWi-Fi, cellular, FC’s etc problems for don’t wiping. And not every phones do bootloops.

  60. Where is the keyboard and weather widget with SGSIV

  61. Guys i installed this rom to my GS3.
    There is no lags, bugs all off them fixed.
    Light efect still none and weather is old 4.1.2 widget
    Music player is now excellent

    • No light effect?? :(

      • Yes. Not light effect included. I want it when i first flashed 4.2.2.

    • hi everybody.

      please let me know one thing – is that necessory to wide/reset data/phone after GT-I9300XXUGMK6 installation ?


      will be open device normally with all data same ?

      please let me know. if need wipe data then i am not gonna install this one becouse i don’t wanna lose my data.


      • It will automatically wipe your data!!!

        “CAUTION !
        - These test firmwares might WIPE your device, so perform a BACKUP before flashing!”

        • then m not gonna install this.i will wait for official one.thanks for responce

    • hi everybody.

      please let me know one thing – is that necessory to wipe/reset data/phone after GT-I9300XXUGMK6 installation ?


      will be open device normally with all data same ?

      please let me know. if need wipe data then i am not gonna install this one becouse i don’t wanna lose my data.


      • Yes wipes are necessary. No light efects but really stabile rom…

        • 4.1.2 stabilite test : 57%
          4.3 stabilite test : 71% at least, 75% max

          According to AnTuTu benchmark program. ROM is working fine for me.

        • then m not gonna install this.i will wait for official one.thanks for responce

  62. Is it in norwegian language for the note 2? Will I still be able to update to the official android 4.3 OTA or via KIES when it is avalible

    • no , if you flash this rom , then u won´t get any further updates OTA . The only possibility is to flash all new Updates manually

  63. does this wipe ur phone

    • When you flashing this on your phone you must wipe your phone or your phone can be stuck in a bootloop. I suggest you backup your important files on your computer(photos videos musics/on Phone Memory SD card doesn’t wiping)

  64. Looks like it’s working in Poland. Successfully logged in to T-Mobile net. Will see how the firmware performs.

    • The same here, also for the T-mobile network. Although I held my thumbs the wipe wont be necesarry after flashing on the earlier build of official 4.3 it wiped all data, but it works like a charm compelling to the earlier release. Anyway, Its a real shame they hvnt added anything superior if U compare it to the 4.2.2 leak – I would love to have that extra row of numbers as in the s4 keyboard..
      If U ask me – the battery life is far superior than before, the wakeup lag is now something ab 0.5-1 secs top, and it hvnt restarted for a day by far. Thets why i will keep it, despite i though of returning to 4.2.2

  65. Just Installed on my S3 (from chile) and it’s working though I missed the light effect to unlock…

    • the light effect isn´t available in this Update…

  66. CSC_OXX_N7100OXXEMK4_2174777_REV04

    This file have a pit.file -> T03G_EUR_OPEN_8G.pit
    Is for what this pit.file?

    Odin flash… cache->hidden-> FAIL because this pit.

    • .pit files includes your NAND Memory infos. I faced this problem with my previous phone (Galaxy S2) when i update 4.1.2 my memory has downed 5 gb from 11 gb. I searched and i found solution. You put your .pit file on the right side! but you must do re-partition. It worked for me. If you know what you doing try it!

      • Thanks
        I know for pit.file. But why this is on CSC pack?
        I have a pit.file from N7100 4.1.2 and analyzed both whit PIT Magic. Compared the two analyzes 4.3 vs 4.1.2 and are the same, no differences.
        Not need to flash the pit.file 4.3. This only to confuse me and fail the flash by Odin after flash cache->hidden->pit –> FAIL.

        • Extracted the CSC pack and deleted the pit.file, made a new csc.tar.md5 flash okay now.

  67. For those who one have problems with Odin! READ THIS!

    If your pc freezes when you choose files on odin just wait for it and DON’T close the Odin. Just wait and it’s working again. As an computer technician i would recommend you to at least dual-core 1,80 or 2,00 GHz processor and at least 2 gb RAM for smooth working! Have a nice day :)

  68. Hello guys … I can’t find developer options on my phone updated to this firmware … is it gone in this version ????

    • I searched it for you and yes you right i think it’s gone nobody can find it inc. me

      • Developer option are hidden by default on 4.3

        To enable go to: settings –> More –> About Phone –> tap “Build number” 7 times. After that in the previous menu Ull have the dev options available. Cheers!

        • Thanks, that is astonishing and really helpful. I spent ages trying to find this in connection with a post-firmware update rendering the phone unrecognisable by Windows/Kies. To others, do not be daunted by the Build Number being ‘greyed-out’. It works just fine.

  69. do my phone have to be rooted first before installing this firmware??

    • NO! And you don’t get rooted after installing this firmware, you also don’t lose your warranty after installing this firmware

  70. My feedback:

    1- Good performamce, but still high ram usage after using some apps.
    2- Battery life still testing.
    3- voice commands not working properly.
    4- No new weather widget.
    5- No new keyboard.
    6- No lock screen light effect.

    Overall, it’s a descent firmware but not the best.

    • Dude, change your screen security to SWIPE, then change the unlock effect to LIGHT EFFECT

      You need to activate the S Voice before using the voice command.

      Simple as that!

      • Dude, how the hell? I have just Ripple effect and None!

      • THERE IS NO LIGHT EFFECT! Only RIPPLE EFFECT in this firmware…maybe in future… :-(

      • Doesn’t have light effect and multi windows. Doesn’t have KNOX also this 4.3 is crap

  71. Also discovered that the brightness option disappears and have to restart phone to use it.

  72. Has anyone installed the new test ROM on Note 2, and if everything works ok or a problem and where. Thanks

  73. Fixed all bugs from the latest test version with laggy unlock effect and others!
    Works like charm! ;-)
    This can be the official update!

  74. do any of you guys experiences a wifi issue? because my phone (gt-i9300) is always connected to the wifi, but i just realised that sometime there is internet connection and sometime not although the phone is connected to the wifi, i faced this issue after updating to the latest MK6 firmware. you also did factory reset and the problem is still there. it can be really annoying sometimes since i mostly depends on the wifi to receive and send text

  75. asia region can update this firmware?

  76. el reproductor de mejorar a mejorado ya no lagea pero aun sigue poniendoce negro el fondo del widget en vez de trasparente pero bueno ojala cuando salga la oficial cambien widget del clima y del touchwiz y sea el del s4 que esta mejor siguen comiendo espacio en la parte superior se nota q solo an sacado el fondo de notificaciones pero sige la distancia q esta de mas entre notificacion y el widget

    • Hola, hablas del S3 o Note 2? si es del Note 2 cuentame algo mas, gracias!

  77. Upgrade 4.2.2..heating, battery drain and bugs issue.. Had to downgrade back to 4.1.2 seems fine.. Now 4.3..seems a little change only.. Samsung should bring lots of s4 features in these firmware.. Arghh!

    • Ive been very impressed with the 4.3 update on my S3. The core ui features are just like the S4. Its faster and the screen resolution is much better. A lot of the S4 features rely on additional hardware but they could have ported most of the S4′s features that dont require additional hardware like S health, S translate and story album. The very LEAST they could’ve done was to update the launcher and weather widget. I may be wrong but I think that the 4.3 update is a 2 part update. First, they were gonna get a working version out with the core features to add gear support, although they failed at the first attempt. The second update is to add additional features and stability improvements. I am VERY pleased eith the update but it needs a lit polishing. We can suggest, but not complain to Samsung to add additional features in the VERY near future. Trust me I already have, but if more people suggest to them, they’ll listen

    • dont forget the s3 got 1gb of ram s4 got 2 gigs of course 2 giga more features can take more than 1 do

      • Yeah..but they should make one for s3..hahahaha..well this firmware works fine with gt-i9300 international?

  78. downloaded the link above & updated my s3. so far no bugs, battery performance seems to improved & no screen unlock lag issue. For those planning to update, be sure to backup your files as this installation will wipe your data. I was on 4.1.2 before the update :)

  79. can i install this Firmware in India ???

  80. if i update this firmware,it possible i lose my imei number??

    • It is possible. It is also possible to drop your phone in blender and cut it in peases. Everything is possible! Expect the unexpected!!! :-D

  81. I didn’t my phone when the bugged 4.3 version was released. So my question is when this new firmware is released, will I be able to receive it via OTA with a full build one I mean not the patch to fix the bug? Or get stucked in 4.1.2?

    • Im sure you will. It might take a few days to get it. Keep manually checking on your device,
      or through kies or check the firmware section on this site.

  82. Hi,

    Before I upgrade my Note 2 N7100, I have a few questions:
    1. This version should include Knox. Will installing it enable the un-resetable Knox flag? will installing this version via Odin void warranty? will I be able to flash the official version for my region (Israel) and get OTA updates later?
    2. WB-AMR (HD-voice)- will I be able to change CSC to have HD-voice with the new version?
    3. will “more locale2″ work on this version (I need Hebrew support).



  83. this 4.3 should as least contain features from s4

  84. Hi everybody is there french language in the ROM of GN 2 and almost is there any features of GN 3 inside ???

    thanks in advance

  85. Hi guys there is the italian language?

  86. hi,
    1. yes this OS include languages from whole Europe.
    2. on my phone (S3) after instalation everything is perfecr, no lags, didnt see a bugs, batery is also ok, 2 days but still internet connection, music etc

  87. Has anyone tried this on indian galaxy s3????

    • yaa its working very smoothly on the indian version. but it will wipe all ur phone data . so pls take suitable back up

      • What about the csc???? Does the network signal work????

  88. Do you have Turkish language ?

  89. if i upgrade to 4.3 would it wipe all my data and apps ? iam using s3.

    • It MAY. Not for everyone. But even if it won’t wipe your data,you might get stuck on bootloop,so you will have to do it yourself.

  90. xfavor alguien que pueda decirme si puedo actualizar a esta version… soy de Bolivia pero mi S3 es de españa… y aqui funciona bien.. si actualizo tendre problemas de señal o algo asi???? xfavor ayúda

    • yo vivo en el caribe y lo he flasheado sin problemas :) . si tu S3 es i9300 no tendras problemas.

      • gracias bro… lo hare entonces.. B-)

        • gracias =) … lo hare entonces.. B-)

    • Hola, pues no tendrás ninguno, porque yo tenía en Tigo, y me sigue funcionando, soy de Guatemala, solo te recomiendo hacer backup de tus datos en el telefono a la compu, porque al flashearlo te deja el cel de fabrica o sea te hace un HARD RESET. y antes de este, tenia el firmware de United Kingdom, y pues mejoró un poco, pero no excelente.

      • gracias por aclarar mis dudas..! :) un saludo hasta alla..!!

  91. I have flashed this firmware so far everything is working ok

  92. I hv installed 4.1.2 minor update cm to INDIA via FOTA recently…bt after that it shows device status MODIFIED …hw to get it back to normal?

  93. What new Keyboard?

  94. Before I upgrade my Galaxy S3 (International), I would be happy if somebody has the answer for:

    1. This version should include Knox. Will installing it enable the un-resetable Knox flag?
    2. Could I use local SIM Cards abroad (as before)?

    • Working perfect for me :)

      • But saving power didnt work mobile battry is not good like 4.2.1 but no problem for this..

  95. I have only one question and need an answer… now that I’ve flashed my s3 with this 4.3 firmware can I downgrade back to 4.1.2 without bricking my device?! …

  96. hi, someone has upgrade this 4.3 firmware from 4.2.2 on S3 I9300? everything is fine? Wipe/Factory Reset needed? Thanks

    Hola, alguien a realizado una actualización a su S3 I9300 desde 4.2.2 con este 4.3? Todo anda bien? Se necesita Wipe/Factory? Muchas Gracias

    • Yo lo flashee anoche, y el wipeo que dices, la misma rom se encarga de hacerlo, porque cuando la instales te restaura todo el celu, y es considerable que hagas un backup de tus datos. Y el firmware es aceptable a pesar de que es una previa. Saludos

  97. I updated my GS3 today and everything is great. I can see a big difference in the speed but can’t tell for now with the battery time though it seems to be better the my old version. I’m in Poland and I’m with T-mobile. I can’t find the air gesture options…. anyone knows where they are?

    • Haven’t been inlcuaded in this firmware. S4 airgestures works with InfraRed which isn’t added to S3.

      • Airgestures works with the frontal caméra, InfraRed is required only for the remote control options ;)

  98. ficou ótima essa… tudo funcioando perfeito e rápido até agora!

  99. if i install this firmware when in italy there are a official firmare can change this with the official with kies or OTA?

  100. it keeps restarting when i try to download something from google play!
    i reinstalled three times with wipe data. its so ANNOYNG!!!~!!1

  101. it keeps restarting when i try to download something from google play!
    i reinstalled three times with wipe data. its so ANNOYNG!!!~!!1

  102. it keeps restarting when i try to download something from google play!
    i reinstalled three times with wipe data. its so ANNOYNG!!!~!!1

  103. Any one know how to root acces now with this firmware?

  104. Hello. I updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 using this firmware. I am from Serbia, so, if anyone is from Serbia too, pitaj šta te interesuje slobodno :-) Note: This is my first Android 4.3 upgrade, I haven’t used first 4.3 that was full of bugs so, I can’t say if any part of this is better or worse that it was, but I can compare 4.1.2 that I used until now, and this one. Now, I am going to post my review of this update:
    - NO SAMSUNG KNOX as it says in original post.
    - Serbian language included as before
    - Faster device, yes, but don’t expect a miracle, it is just a little bit faster, and a little bit smoother
    - Voice controls work very good, but I must say that this feature is nothing new, we had it on 4.1.2 also, I know cause I used it before. You must firstly activate S-voice in order to use those features.
    - There is multiple widget lockscreen but it is not as useful as I thought it would be.
    - There is Group Play in App Drawer
    - Serbian language included as before
    - Flipboard pre-loaded
    - LIGHT EFFECT ISN’T THERE (only ripple that is as same as on 4.1.2)
    - Settings tabbed, I don’t like it so much, it is now harder then before to find what you need, but time will tell if this is good or not
    - There is now Cloud option, and now you can connect your DropBox and show photos from DropBox instantly on Gallery App that is also changed
    - This update didn’t delete my stuff but I did that by myself cause this is big update, it should come clean (it is my opinion) so my advice to everyone is to HARD RESET your phone when you upgrade to 4.3
    - There is Sound and Shot mode in Camera (I expected more modes from S4, drama shot for example) and it is interesting.
    - Battery Life is in testing phase, I will return tommorow here and update this review with that information
    - So far, no bugs, maybe a little waking time is longer than it should be but it is ok.
    - Contacts app is different. Contacts are smaller or space between them is smaller. I think that they are smaller :-)
    - Notification bar is semi-transparent on homescreens, but it isn’t on app drawer or on any of the apps
    - Widgets are changed, but Weather Widget stayed as it was

    If I forgot something, I will return and add it, if you want to know something that I didn’t say, feel free to ask. So far, it is good release, upgrade proccess is 100% safe and fast (it was in my case even though I haven’t got such a good and fast PC, just opposite (1.4 single core proccessor, 768Mb of RAM)), it last about 5min.
    I hope this helps someone. Bye

    • Bower saving mode is not working.. battery is not good as 4.1.2 ..

      • Power i mean :D

      • I charged my phone all night long, and now, I started to test battery life. I also think that it is not impressive, but not bad eather. Maybe it will get better in final release :-) lets hope so :-)

        • I found one bug!

          I don’t know if I can explain it :-(
          I updated my pre-loaded apps, and then installed some apps from google play store, and it created a new homescreen, and placed a shortcuts of newly installed apps, which is annoying and I don’t like it, but when I scrolled left or right through my homescreens a dark oval shadow on left side of the screen appeared and it disappeared when I moved away finger from a screen. It appeared again when I again tried to scroll. I had to restart my phone and then everything is again normal…

    • cao druze ja sam iz srbije tacnije iz sremske mitrovice.interesuje me hocu li moci da dobijam novi abdejt preko kies-a ako ubacim ovaj oficijelni 4.3 android jer je telefon uzet u mts-u i da li cu izgubiti garanciju.

  105. Salam, I have updated my GS3 to this new 4.3 version of firmware and I can confirm now that its actually better than 4.1.2 in performance, did’nt notice any bugs and battery life is also as good as previous version. There is a very minor lag in wakeing up device that is just good. No complains. Everything is working fine.

  106. guys just check contact to display option in ur contact menu u will find a bug hahahahahaha

  107. Mis calificaciones en Español.
    (flasheado apenas anoche)
    -Sin efectos luz en el bloqueo.
    -Todavia por ratos se titubea la musica en el reproductor de Samsung al igual que en la de otro reproductor(pero no como estaba antes)
    -Vida de la batería un poco mejorada, pero aun con fuga.
    -El Firmware te borra todos los datos (restauracion de fabrica, considerable que hagas backup antes de flashearlo).
    -Un poco de lag (trabas).

    P.S. “En resumen, el firmware es bueno pero no excelente, tenia la rom de UK, pero ésta está un poco mejor que ella, por cierto terrfile apesta”
    -La pantalla de bloqueo responde en 1-2 segundos.

  108. The Europe test firmwares works to your Galaxy S3 fluently and speed … It also supports full Arabic language.
    It does not have a problems so far.

    البرنامج الثابتة الاروبي (نسخة اختبار) يعمل بجهاز جالكسي اس ٣ بطلاقة و سرعة ولا يوجد به اية مشاكل الى الان…
    كما انه يدعم اللغة العربية كاملة مع القوائيم

    • في اي بلد انت؟ انا من الامارات هل يعمل في الخليج؟

      • انا اسكن في المملكة العربيةالسعودية وطالماً اشتغل في السعودية اكيد راح يعمل في الامارات

        I live in Saudi Arabia

        وانا نزلت الفريموير وهو يعمل بشكل جيد ومافي اية مشاكل الى الان
        ملحوظة : اتبع طريقة التنزيل المذكورة بالشرح ادناه
        الفريموير عبارة عن اربعة ملفات كل ملف يوضع حسب مكانه في برنامج Odin3 v3.0الاودين ….

        - Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
        - Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin

        1- Add AP_N7100XXUEMK9_2138564_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to AP
        2- Add BL_N7100XXUEMK9_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to BL
        3- Add CP_N7100XXUEMJ9_REV08_CL1423182.tar.md5 to CP
        4- Add CSC_OXX_N7100OXXEMK4_2174777_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC

        - Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
        - Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
        - If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
        - Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
        - Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!

    • I am from UAE, dose it work in the middle east or it only work for Europe counties?

  109. Is there any difference between this firmware and official I9300XXUGMK6_BTU ?

  110. Finally

  111. Can I install this firmware in my Galaxy s3 I9300? because I live in Ecuador and I’m afraid that this cause problems with the imei

  112. I think it will be release in January 2014 and available for all countries someone in march 2014. :-)

  113. For Galaxy S3 gt-i9300 :-)

  114. Still waiting for 4.3 in Slovakia.

  115. En galaxy se no funciona el adobe flash player

  116. Correct the download link of the ROM Galaxy S3, please!!!

  117. I can CONFIRM this firmware fixed the lock screen problem so no more lag in screen lock

  118. Hello
    Un point sur le nouveau firmware.
    Tout fonctionne très bien, la batterie tient bien et l’écran de vérouillage marche à peut prêt normalement. Autrement rien de nouveau par apport à la version du 3 novembre.
    1 mois pour corriger ça ! et ben dit dont ils sont fort chez Samsung…!

  119. I have installed the firmware yesterday and till no any issues seen, everything seems to be fixed now. Battery life in standby mode better than 4.1.2. Texts with adapt display more clear and bright everywhere, also on call screen in night call buttons are very bright and bold. Calculator app, music player & gallery app is overhauled and better now.
    One Thing needs to be fixed if Samsung reading it, with pattern or pin lock enabled lock screen multiple widgets are not accessible. I want multiple widget option to allow NILS notification but using pattern it is not possible. I have to used widget locker to access NILS widget in CM custom ROM this is possible.

  120. Tüm arkadaşlara öneriyorum tüm diller mevcut kurdum hiç bir sıkıntı yok.

  121. This is a great rom for the international s3 GT I9300, its fast, better battery life than 4.1.2, could use a little polish before a general release but I love it.

  122. Is there any difference between this firmware and official I9300XXUGMK6_BTU ?

  123. i go wait for kitkat

  124. Funciona para Colombia? Con operador Tigo?

  125. Why S3 I9300 doesn’t have a KNOX? HELOOO SAMSUNG this phone was the most sealed phone ever. Do you know that!!!

    • Doesn’t have light effect and multi windows. Doesn’t have KNOX also this 4.3 is crap

  126. Hi All,

    There are differnces with the UTB UK version and the OXA open Europe version,
    See below…..I think its pure the modem and radio and for the rest its the same, both run very good on i9300 International.

    Model: GT-I9300
    Country: United Kingdom (Vodafone)
    Version: Android 4.3
    Changelist: 2168382
    PDA: I9300XXUGMK6
    CSC: I9300VFGGMK4
    MODEM: as what i know same as above (csc).
    Model: GT-I9300
    Country: Open Europe
    Version: Android 4.3
    Changelist: 2168382
    Build date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 21:02:26 +0000
    Product Code: OXA
    PDA: I9300XXUGMK6
    CSC: I9300OXAGMK6

    • Hey, erm I’m from Nigeria, if idownload this rom will i still receive the OTA for Nigeria?

      • Dont think so but not sure, KIES wont work thats for sure.
        Its a TEST Firmware not a Official, so no OTA i guess aswel.
        Just use Odin again when Official come out ;-)

  127. BTW

    KNOX is only on the N2 and not on S3


    - Samsung KNOX [Only in Galaxy Note II]

    ur welcome ;-)

  128. Ouch that hurts…..

    From SamMobile’s facebook page.

    We can confirm that the rollout of the Android 4.3 update for the GALAXY S III and Note II will be completed before February, meaning it will continue to trickle out to devices this month and throughout January.

    • Oke thats it, this is my first and last mobile from Samsung. This is just fucking ridiculous, first they cancel 4.2 and now they stretch the 4.3 rollout for 2/3 months while somewhere in march/april 2014 kitkat should be released (my guess is that it will be somewhere in the summer of 2014). This is not the way to treat you’re customers Samsung :(, no statements (or vaguely) what so ever.

  129. Is there any difference between this test firmware I9300XXUGMK6_OXA and the official I9300XXUGMK6_BTU which is available now for download in firmware section ?

    Model: GT-I9300
    Country: Open Europe
    Version: Android 4.3
    Changelist: 2168382
    Build date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 21:02:26 +0000
    Product Code: OXA
    PDA: I9300XXUGMK6
    CSC: I9300OXAGMK6
    Model: GT-I9300
    Country: United Kingdom
    Version: Android 4.3
    Changelist: 2168382
    Build date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 12:07:41 +0000
    Product Code: BTU
    PDA: I9300XXUGMK6
    CSC: I9300OXAGMK6

  130. There is a lots of postes I dont have time to read, sorry, can anyone tel me one thing:
    Can I get this firmware on my note 2 gt-n7100 o2 UK network?
    now i have 4.1.2 jz054k.n7100xxdmc3

  131. hello…

    I am not from Europe i am from middle east. can i download this with no network lock issues?

  132. Hey, erm I’m from Nigeria, if i download the ROM will i still get the OTA for Nigeria? Thanks.

  133. I updated my GT-I9300 today. I saw no difference with the previous 4.3 firmware. Battery leak and lags continue. I recommend no to try this.

    • i installed this firmware,…it still has lots of bugs…
      1. it consumes lots of battery when connected to wifi
      2. roaming is not shown
      3. ram usage is high
      4. page buddy is not working properly
      5. wifi network problem.
      6. keyboard has lots of bugs.
      7. problem connecting with wifi
      8. heating problem

      went back to 4.1.2

  134. I updated and works great on mine.
    I will check battery usage…

  135. how to pair galaxy gear with this

  136. my question to sammobile or any who knows . if I change csc for my country then I can recieve future ota or vai kies is it possible or not pls ans..

  137. Anybody know how to get root acces in this firmware, have try it with
    CF-Auto-Root, but not working

  138. Well, its nothing really new in this firmware, the same problems as with first 4.3.

    - my phone telling me that my wi-fi have too unstable signal and disable my network(i cant connect with wi-fi…)
    - mobile data is sometimes turning off and on again
    - lags when i’m ending programs by holding home button
    - very poor network signal (on 4.1.2 i didnt have any problems)

    Thats all from my tests, because i need wi-fi, unfortunatelly i need to go back to 4.1.2.

    If someone want to know i’m on UK three network.

  139. Pessoal, usem a ROM de Tawian 4.3 (disponível aqui no forum). É oficial e multiliguagem.

    Guys, get the Tawian 4.3 ROM (avaliable here in the forum). It’s official and multilingual.

  140. Anyone can tell me if there’s PT-BR language compatibility on the Open Europe for N-7100?

    • yes, all languages
      sim, todos os idiomas

  141. La Verdad mejoraron esta ROM para el Galaxy S3, de momento todo muy Fluido aunque ya instalados Juegos Grandes (NFS Most Wanted, Injustice, FIFA 14, Assassins Creed) el dispositivo tarda al Reiniciar, la solución que encontré para esto es: Pasar los Archivos de la SD a la Computadora y luego Formatear la SD desde el Teléfono para que este aplique su Configuración, luego de esto pasan los Archivos de Nuevo a su Tarjeta y Listo, Teléfono Fluido (Sin los Bugs que anteriormente nos Atormentaban), con Batería más Duradera, y con los Beneficios del Android 4.3.
    (Por cierto, si van a instalar esta ROM les comento que al Instalarla por Odin borra todos los datos anteriormente Almacenados en el Teléfono, por lo que es muy Recomendable hacer Copia de Seguridad)

  142. entonces en que quedamos está bien o no,es mejor que la anterior 4.1.2 o no,por que si hay que ir se va pero ir pa na es tontería

  143. Trabaja muy bien con la versión i9300 Telcel Mexico.

  144. Amigos de Samsung saludos desde aqui de Honduras y solo queria preguntarles como cuando va a salir la actualizacion 4.3 para estos paises latinos porque tambien tenemos celulares S3 y en lo personal me gustaria actualizar mi celular, de antemano a su respuesta muchas gracias…

  145. Samsung greetings from friends here in Honduras and just wanted to ask how it will come out when the 4.3 upgrade for these Latin countries because we also have cell S3 and personally I would like to upgrade my phone, in advance thank you very much for your answer …

    • Hola, yo pienso que tambien llegara a Honduras via OTA o Kies, pero no te impacientes porque parece que Samsung nos toma el pelo a todos, y esta web no es oficial, solo dan noticias sobre rumores o filtraciones y creo que se precipitan y nos hacen impacientar aun mas. Yo personalmente no voy a probar ningun firmware en mi Note 2, solo espero que llegue pronto de forma oficial para no correr riesgos de estropear mi terminal.

  146. Anybody reply me. I bought my S3 gt-i9300 unlocked unbranded version from united Arab Emirates but I living in india. So I can do software update via ota in india? It’s not possible to change csc code. Pls help me.

  147. Where is my update Samsung & Sammobile? Still waiting in Bulgaria….

  148. why 4.3 not supported on Kies update and what is ‘factory test’ process in running applications.

  149. This firmware is great but ram management is poor, it took 700mb+ once I startup my phone and also in some way music player stuck when device is in lock mode but not like other build

  150. Updated my i9300 yesterday and it seems to work fine. Using Nova Launcher as loader and it works more fluently in 4.3 according to me. So far I have run in to three problems:

    - Phone totally crashed when trying to dial a number connected to bt headset. A hard reboot and everything was working again and it hasn’t reoccurred.

    - Secondly I am utilizing a QI-charger and during the night (approx 7 hrs) it only charged the phone from 6% to 9%. Means that I woke up with an empty phone this morning, really hope this doesn’t happen again. Restarted the phone and now it seems to be working..

    - Third, took a backup with Kies2 before updating the firmware. After updating to 4.3 and having to install Kies3, I can’t seem to load the local backup from Kies2 in to Kies3. The Samsung cloud backup worked though but wasn’t as fresh for me..

    All in all, so far so good with some minor hickups..

  151. Bem, gente.

    Fiz o teste com as duas roms, esta de teste e a rom oficial que saiu com data de do dia 14/12 e pude observar que o tempo de resposta de uma para outra é muito grande… a rom de teste ela é mais rápida que a rom oficial.
    sem contar que pode observar nenhum bug de uma para outra…

  152. no lo recomiendo actualize mi s3 y quedo con fuga de bateria y el wifi es inestable no es recomendable mejor es probar la oficial de samsung.!!!! por lo momento mejor la 4.1.2 .!! saludos.!!!

  153. Does it have dual shot ?

  154. Samsung please explain like I was stupid like you, why you don’t update the kernel to improve the performance of the phone, battery responsiveness make the S3 a better phone.

    That why a bot a cheap phone from LG ( Optimus F5 ) whit the same software version 4.1.2 but whit kernel 3.4 and the phone runs must more smooth and fluid than my S3.

    Must be very difficult for a S3 run this kernel, why the user’s need a better phone???? if they need a better phone they are suppose to by S4 or the Note3 or go to HTC or LG at least this last two care about the persons that bot there equipments.

  155. 1)Hace unos tres días salio la actualización oficial de 4.3 en reino unido.
    todo aquel de europa que quiera actualizar el S3 que descargue la actualización oficial que esta en el apartado firmware de esta pagina.

    2)Es de suponer que si una persona flasea una rom es porque tiene conocimientos suficientes para hacerlo; lo normal es que al flasear, una vez que se inicia el telefono y entra en el sistema, antes de configurar se entre en el recovery; se hagan sus wipes (todos) y se vuelva a reiniciar el telefono y ya se puede empezar a configurar.

    3)La rom oficial funciona perfectamente si el que flasea lo hace correctamente.


    I’VE DOWNLOADED the official uk rom (non vodaphone)


    I’ve original s3 with 4.1.2

    If i use odin to flash the rom above
    1. Do i loose datas ? (do i have to reinstall apps ??)
    2. When an ITA version (i’m from ITALY) will come out, Shall I upgrade with my country version using OTA or KIES ?

    • cuando se utiliza odin siempre se pierde (al menos en mi caso)las aplicaciones y datos; y la recomendacion cuando se utiliza odin es hacer un wipe de todo por tanto los datos los pierdes forzosamente.

      cuando te salga la version de italia puedes volver a flasear la rom con tu oficial de italia o dejarte la de reino unido. Eso ya a gusto del consumidor. xD
      yo de (españa)he probado esta del reino unido por curiosidad… pero supongo que cuando me salga la oficial libre de españa seguramente me instale esa.
      pero viendo a la velocidad que ahora estan actualizando a 4.3 no se si te compensa flasear la del reino unido.

    • Using Odin will always wipe your internal data, not your SD, but take it out to be sure.

  157. I found this firmware to be truly amazing. The only thing I found was there were a lot of silly bugs. I did a full wipe through recovery and everything works fine. Guys the battery life on this firmware is excellent. Believe me when I say I got 4h 30min screen on time today with a total 10h cycle. Thats just excellent. The phone is very smooth after the reset

  158. I don’t understand
    the zip file contains only 1 file in tar.md5 (normal) but the instructions shows 4 files …

    I try to search for a guide, but i don’t find one :(

  159. It’s FINALLY there! Today, I was able to update my Note II (GT-N7100) to Android 4.3 through OTA here in Germany. The download was a huuuuggggeee one (682 megs), but everything seems to work fine until now. The device info says Kernel is 3.0.31-2138564 and build number JSS15J.N7100XXUEMK9 now. One unmentioned change is by the way that the phones display is now automatically switched off when connecting the Note II to an external display/monitor via the EDD-S20E multimedia dock.

    • Hi, thanks we can plug a mouse and keyboard to the dock, maybe you can set it on by accessory settings.
      Hopefully the update comes soon to Spain.

  160. it seems the offical roms are available … I have this test rom … do you recommend to flash the uk rom or there isn’t any differnces ????? I mean … are they similar ??? BTW sry for poor ENG …

  161. After downloading the BTU version today I cannot get Google Play or the Internet app to work using wifi keeps coming up with “No connection”. Samsung apps etc works. Any ideas on how to get it working?

  162. This version still not that fluent, after restart widgets are deleted, gpu perfirmance not that good.

  163. The Official firmware finally availble

    Visit firmware section and search for I9300 and you will find it :)

    • What official firmware? and the operator? firmware for international version is a test

  164. can i update this firmware by odin..??? cz in instruction they said that we r unable to update by odin.. plz help

  165. after updating to 4.3 ,can i downgrade to 4.2 again..??

  166. hello guys, I have installed this rom, there are differences between this and the official one? I can do the next update with this rom? thanks

    • same question here … is the offical one better ?? if you’ve tested both please give me an advance …tnx

  167. can anyone shere n7100 link other than terafile….

  168. When I click on the download links, I come to a page of whit internal error What do I need to do pleas ?

  169. finally works fine !!!

  170. Hi israeli users,
    I upgraded my S3 to that ROM (and not to the BTU one) because it doesn’t contain Knocks. May be the British is the same, but I am not sure.
    So far the rom does everything very well, it seems to be quicker.
    But: no Hebrew. So I rooted my phoneץ
    After rooting it is a piece of cake to get Hebrew, by MoreLocale2.
    Have a nice day, and please let me know if it helped.

  171. Just hit the grey regular button under the counter who says 00:10. Then you see the counter go to zero!!

  172. Hola a todos, descargando la actualizacion oficial via OTA en España, 722,17mb SI!!!!!

    Hi everybody, downloading the update via OTA in Spain, 722,17mb
    the clouds opened and displayed the all-seeing eye, heavenly singing, a big ‘S’ shining in the sky. THEY DID! SAMSUNG DROP THE CRAP FINALLY!!!!!!

  173. After 4 days of operation, I have the screen freezes at conversation , the apps closes, nothing else to report.For I9300XAGMK6_OXA

    • After update with ODIN, god to use WIPE from Recovery mode. You lose your data, finally phone work fine.

  174. Add AP_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to AP
    - Add BL_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to BL
    - Add MODEM_I9300XXUGMK6_REV02_REV04_CL1413323.tar.md5 to CP
    - Add CSC_OXA_I9300OXAGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC

    Please someone tell me whats an AP, BL, and CP.

    Don’t know how to add the files

    • I’m getting this error: AP_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5: Invalid compressed data to extract.

      Help please

      PS: Using IDM to download the file

    • Use Odin 3.09 there u see AP – BL – CP – CSC buttons ;-)

    • Download and unpack newest ODIN, then run odin.exe. In ODIN main screen, in lower right side you see four buttons. Click BL button to load BL_I9300XXUGMK6_2168382_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 file etc.

  175. Update ran smoothly and works good on Galaxy Note 2. Thanks

  176. any download link for
    i start downloading at 10am and up t0 8:15pm, 95% downloading 5 more percent almost done and then its happened, the download link crash……. WTF :-(

    • I recommend you download it with Jdownloader

  177. Noticing some delay’s and hikhops here and there, aint so stable this version, needs some polishing.
    For the rest works great.

  178. hi to all, i am new to sammobile and i want to ask 2 question.. 1 i am from greece and the official update has come to my coutry but today i leerne that my phone is from portugal, what can ai do for that? 2 can i use this method to upadte mt phone is the officila one? is it going to work on greece? thanx anyway!!

  179. does the rom work in algeria with operator djezzy or mobilis

  180. mk6 new installation errors:
    share via the gallery
    screen lock delay seconds
    battery not lasting long enough

  181. Hi …
    I updated my GT-I9300 (version 4.1.2) on a 4.3 …
    Everything works as it should … I have the impression that the Wi-Fi and mobile data exhausts the battery quickly as version 4.1.2, so it has to be, or something wrong with Soft 4.3?

  182. I just read that SFR will update some terminals 4.4 in January! and Samsung is not yet able to get us a stable 4.3 …!! farewell 4.4 KitKat for S3, and farewell Samsung to my next mobile …!

  183. This firm wont support kies.. Have to install kies 3..what the.?! .. All my data has been restore on kies 2..arghhhh..

    • this firmware DOES support kies (it doesn’t support FW-Update at the moment)
      so you can use kies3 to restore your data prev. backed up with kies2 without any problems!!

  184. It is the last time I buy a galaxy, the updates are slow and take too many errors. Just updated to 4.3 when google already released the 4.4 is a shame as the S3 is not the phone as samsung updates should not kick being. Sorry for my english.

  185. Когда же обновление будет доступно в россии

  186. Когда же обновление будет доступно в россии

    When the update will be available in Russia

  187. flashed about a week now…so far so good

  188. I think alarm not working because I can’t hear my phone in the morning but if I set ten minute alarm works well but in hours alarm not working

  189. When will be able to Kazakhstan?

  190. Wifi does not turn off automatically

    • why should it turn off automatically ??

      • On standby you can set to disconnect from wifi and not scan. In batt usage on 4.3 wifi newer shuts down.
        My phone last only 24 hwrs. After installing 3rd party soft for wifi, after 24hwrs still 60% of battery remains.
        So in my prediction wifi scanning and connection always is on on this firmware.

  191. Well after testing the open europe 4.3 on my s3 I can say that the battery life is almost double on my device. I went from 24 to 30 hours, to 42 to 60 hours before charging it again. nice one and on this update I can turn of the data and it stays of not like the 4.1.2. Great work samsung but I think it took to much time for them to start bring it out. If i ever get a samsung again it will by a google edition.

  192. IMEI problem (solved):

    Just flashed my phone with this firmware and everything worked smoother and finer but for some reason i planned to downgrade with my stock firmware and that’s it ended up with no signal and changed IMEI, searched and searched on google and nothing made me happy, on some forum they said “just flash ur phone with XXEMG4 firmware it’ll restore your IMEI and everything like factory made”, yes indeed it did. now i’m happy with this step and some said try flashing the phone by using XXDME4 and DDEMG2 (follw the same sequence as I mentioned) after rooting the stock firmware. These two ways helped me out. SO if you had the same problem try the above mentioned two steps.

  193. galaxy s3 will be still hang/lags until you don’t factory if you wanna keep your data don’t flash this sh*t firmware.i really disapointed with samsung this time.really oopppsss

    • if you want to keep your data, there’s something called a back up. Your google account has all your apps, and if you sync your contacts with google those are all saved as well. Also, factory reset does not delete your external sd card data. If that’s too much, then why not wait until the official comes to your country? No need for factory reset then…

  194. What s wrong with download Link ??????????? it says file not found :(


  196. This is a bad joke,25.12.2013 and still waiting,WAKE UP SAMSUNG,When it will be available in all countris?!
    I think in sometime in July 2014….

  197. i installed this firmware,…it still has lots of bugs…
    1. it consumes lots of battery when connected to wifi
    2. roaming is not shown
    3. ram usage is high
    4. page buddy is not working properly
    5. wifi network problem.
    6. keyboard has lots of bugs.
    7. problem connecting with wifi
    8. heating problem

    went back to 4.1.2

    • I am very surprised of what You write.
      My Phone is a little bit better in all meanings. No problems at all.
      Moreover – the new OS solved the Bluetooth connection problem I had in my VW Golf.
      (Original Bluetooth of VW).

  198. They’re all European countries, and not in France – XEF for GT-I9300 I’ve been waiting since October and I’m already tired of waiting so long and it looks like it will leave for next year.

  199. Im in Finland (NORDIC/NEE) and i got my update “I9300XXUGMK6″ aka 4.3 yesterday morning via KIES. So far its problems at all..battery life is a sliiight bit better. Able to connect wifi with no problems, make calls ,use bluetooth im my girlfriends car. The only thing i do hate..on 4.1.2, i was able to have my swipe effect lockscreen and pin (after swipe of course). Now in order to finally use the lockscreen widgets, you have to use swipe (no pin lock, password, face unlock, pattern involved)..meaning if you lose your device..its just wide open. I dont care about just having the ripple effect and no lens flare effect because ive been using “galaxy locker”APK file i got off of XDA a couple months ago. The problem now is that i love the transparent status bar..and using “side lockscreens” show the “normal status bar”..although most have an option to support transparent status bars. Hopefully Sammy can return to the “swipe” with the security of having a pin, pattern, etc in the next update. And for now..ima run stock touch wiz for a root etc. Previously before this update i was using the G.E.L APK..(basically waiting for 4.3)

  200. por que cojones se tarda tanto para mexico con telcel la actualizacion a 4.3 pregunta puedo instalar la version de prueba de europa sin que pace algo malo? respondan por favor

  201. So far europe has recieved all os there any different from this test firm?such like lights effect or knox?

    • No knox and no light effect. If you want to use the swipe with the lockscreen widgets..your phone wont be secure ..because you cant use the pin,pattern,etc with swipe(which has the lockscreen widgets. I tapped numerous times on the “BUILD NUMBER” to turn on developer mode..changed the “window animation scale” and “transition animation scale” to 0.5 like always and its even more smooth and faster than it was with 4.3 as far as opening widgets. you can move certain apps to the sd card in application manager…the most odd thing ever is that my phone said system storage 11.92gb it says was 16gb when i bought it ..i guess. Good upgrade and worth waiting for instead of using odin. waiting for 4.4 spring/summer 2014. with sammy though..more like this time next year. Planning on getting the s5 under contract next xmas when the price goes no worries for me.

  202. Have forgotten free phone france France – XEF for my samsung GT-I9300, Samsung fooled me three times the version 4.2.2 did not come then promised in October and 4.3 in November after failed and finally looked like it came out in December and not arrived. samsung for me to finish, I want more samsung.

  203. Samsung galaxy s3 update 4.3 in india pls pls pls

  204. Art I expected the update 4.3 for S3 and I buy a sony xsperia that come with kitkat. samsung do not want more. Bye samsung

  205. Hi all, i’m from malaysia can i flash my GT-I9300 with this rom. does this 4.3 will fix my bluetooth media streaming problem.. anyone can tell please

    • i already flash my s3. thank god it work and bluetooth function work great.

  206. Can I update ny phone from another country firmware

  207. i like to update my galaxy note 2 N7100 here in ksa but there’s no 4.3 jelly bean only 4.1.2…any body have an info to update my mobile to 4.3 jelly bean tnk you….

  208. hi, I have faced a terrible problem after i tried this 4.3 firmware to my GT-I9300 device. i followed all the steps mentioned in the instructions. installation was fine and all the things working perfectly. no errors occurred. but the BIG & HUGE problem is after i updated my device to 4.3, i cannot take any calls or sms. when i try to take a call it says “NOT REGISTERED IN NETWORK”. I’m totally down. Anyone have an idea about what should i do……?

    • forgot to tell, the IMEI number is not changed after upgrade to this 4.3 version.

  209. i have a problem with this version i dont have any coverage after root my mobile. Does this shit happen to somebody(?)

  210. dear samee

    that’s very bad thing my next phone definitely not be the samsung phone because you are unable to update your handset properly as after updating my s3 GT-I9300 to 4.3 android which you gave after a looong time when all other companies already provided the same on there sets. then after also it’s the garbage update that u give of 4.3 which have lots of trouble like battery drainage, lots of errors of operating system apps and application errors due to same bug update, if you can not updated touchwiz of your’s so why u imposingly sold this garbage to us as we are not the software engineer dear and sudden u stop the update of this set with the excuse i don’t know.

    But i would like to inform you that i was purchase this set on July 2013 from Bansal telecom located in rohini sector-8 and you gave excuse it’s 18 month old that’s why u r not updating ?????? today is 22/5/14 it’s only 10 month old as per my calculation dear.. stop breaching the innocent indian customers dear.

    So i want to suggest you that first of all you need to stop selling these products in the market before the timeframe you excuses then only these crap is acceptable.

    my next phone definately will be either HTC, nexus & iPhone but not samsung they are crooks ….

    very bad response is going in indian market about you by your this decision and you will have to pay for this like the nokia..

  211. Olá , eu instalei no meu s3 e agora não tenho rede, como resolver? :(

  212. GALAXY S3 GT I9300 AR FR EN TUR 4.3.1

  213. N7100 need 4.4.2 kitkat Firmware help me pls

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