Sprint Galaxy S4 getting MK2 update, fixes sleep mode issues

There are major upgrades, like the Android 4.3 update that everyone waited so long for, and there are minor ones, like the one Sprint is pushing out to the Galaxy S4 right now. Like, extremely minor – the MK2 update resolves sleep mode issues that some users were apparently facing, but doesn’t do anything other than that. However, considering poor battery life was one of the issues for many folks with the Android 4.3 update that rolled out a couple of weeks back, it’s perhaps an important update despite the rather short changelog.

The MK2 update has been rolling out since November 30th, so you should already have received a notification for it, though you can do a manual check in the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu if you haven’t. Do let us know if you notice anything new or different once you’ve updated your S4.

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  1. Tell me when it will be updated for the region sek?

  2. And sleep problems of SIII is for St. glin-glin

  3. Would be the wakelock media server (*overflow*)?
    This update would be similar to the MK1 for the i9500?

  4. What about gt-i9305T ??? Any news guys plzzz it seems that samsung forgot about i9305 users !!!

  5. What about gt-i9300 XEO. SAMSUNG do something – take to work!!!.
    “There are major upgrades, like the Android 4.3 update that everyone waited so long for…” You know how long waiting GALAXY SIII users?, this is “waited so long”.

  6. Hopefully they will fix GT-I9300 soon. Battery gets completely drained in 8 hours while doing nothing except checking the clock which is also difficult because the display takes a while to wake up, sometimes it never does. Oddly enough the battery lasts longer if i’m playing music, but it starts lagging once the screen goes to sleep. Basically my phone turned into a piece of shit. Thanks samsung.

  7. I got nothing till now!!!
    Cairo, Egypt!

    Isn’t it available to be downloaded and installed by Odin?

  8. S4 9500 AFR csc kenya ????lost?

  9. We haven’t get the latest update here’s in the Philippines, when I update my s4 is drain more faster than before and also some lag and slow interface at same time.

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