Android 4.3 update is live Galaxy Note II in Canada

The Android 4.3 update is now rolling out to the Galaxy Note II in Canada, on multiple carriers, such as Mobilicity (SGH-T889V) and Videotron (SGH-T999V). The OTA update should be showing up on devices in the next few hours, though users can also update via Kies or download the firmware from our firmware section and upgrade manually, in case they’re unwilling to wait any longer (let’s face it, no one is, considering how Android 4.3 has been a long time coming for Samsung’s yesteryear flagships).

The Android 4.3 update brings the following changes and features:

  • - GALAXY GEAR Support
  • - TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
  • - Samsung KNOX
  • - Samsung Wallet (Pre-loaded)
  • - Better RAM management
  • - Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
  • - New Samsung Keyboard
  • - GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
  • - New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
  • - New screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
  • - Daydream
  • - Driving mode
  • - Actionable notifications
  • - Move-to-SD-card feature
  • - New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
  • - New Additions in Notification Centre
  • - Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
  • - Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
  • - New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
  • - Full screen Samsung apps
  • - New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)
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  1. And where is the 4.3 update for S3?

    • Dude the update for Galaxy S3 has been out since November 25th check your phone for an update unless your GS3 is rooted then you need to download it manually and you can do it right here on Sammobile the firmware page

      • Dude that’s not an update – it’s a major fail.

        • lol

        • I honestly don’t know what is everyone talking about I updated my GS3 with the official firmware from rogers and I have no problem not one of what goprochyo mentioned below I’m even using my gear with it and so far no problems what so ever; I was worried as well when I wanted to install because of all the reviews I read online but then again it was all for GS3 international model the GT-I9300 couldn’t find one review for the Canadian model SGH-I747M so I installed it and sure enough its working for me perfectly; and honestly I don’t see Samsung releasing another update for the S3

      • Poland, Tmobil, and “The latest updates have already been installed. My S3 isn’t rooted. The Samsung take back the update, because it has a lot of bug.

    • dear galaxy s3 owner

      i highly recommend you that guys don’t even try to install previous galaxy s3 official jelly bean 4.3.

      i have done a huge mistake that i already installed on my GS3 and i am using this more than 3 weeks.

      f**king problems are :

      1) huge battery drain ( 100% charge – can play game only 40-50 min.)

      2)you sleep full charged battery and when you wakeup in morning your battery down to 35-45 %

      3)major problem is torn on screen – when you push power botton to use phone it will take minimum 5 – 10 second to turn on screen.which is bullsh*t

      4)another major problem is – when some one call can hear ringtone but can’t answer coz there is full black screen

      also happen when you hangup your call will be black screen for a while

      5) lots of apps bugs

      6) one big drawback of installing this update is –

      you can’t install jb 4.1.2 again untill you reset your phone.
      (i try to go back to previous jb version 4.1.2 but after installation complete it will stock on boot loop) to make work you need to hard reset ( completely farmat ) your phone other than you can’t use jb 4.1.2.

      what i did is – i install again 4.3 sh*t firmware back coz i don’t wanna lose my all date which is important for me.

      NOW: i am desperately waiting another official jelly bean 4.3

      please samsung address this issue as soon as possible.

      • yes i agree what is the goprochyo1 say..lots of bugs you get it when you update your s3 to 4.3 and you can’t turn back your s3 to 4.1.2 with your country firmware and make your phone lost signal and emei when downgrade to 4.1.2..if you want downgrade s3 to 4.1.2 just use XXMG4 firmware to get signal and emei back..before that samsung skip 4.2 update and make to 4.3 update to 4.3 update skip again after lots of bugs s3 user get it..SAMSUNG make all s3 user disappointed..

        • Yes i’ve never seen more s h i t on the phone as JB ANDROID 4.3

          • +1

      • What you have missed is that only certain apps have a problem with the update. For myself, I have found only TWO problems with the 4.3 update for the AT&T version of the Galaxy S3(i747):

        Showtime Anytime app has issues with Screen Mirroring(formerly known as AllShare Cast).

        Previously downloaded files keep showing the notifications about the downloads(fixed by clearing the old download cache).

        That is it, and 4.3 makes the phone feel MUCH faster. The problems most people have had with the update are caused by individual apps not liking the update process. Easy solution is a factory reset after the update, then re-install your apps. You can back up first(including SMS/MMS messages if you want). Seriously, it is THAT simple. Every update has this potential issue where certain apps freak out after a system update, and uninstalling and then re-installing fixes the problem. The factory reset is for those too lazy or without the time to individually uninstall all the stuff on their phones.

        People complained about the 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 update, and then to the 4.1.2 update about the same issue with battery drain issues and such, and it was ALWAYS solved with the factory reset, or learning that the default screen brightness after the update was higher, so turning down the brightness to the same level as before the update fixed them. The same goes for settings, where some things you may have turned off previously were turned on again after the update.

        This is also why the Note 2 had the update delayed, to fix some of the update issues, since a clean install was always fine, but updating an existing device had some problems.

        Note that when you upgrade a computer from Windows XP to Vista always resulted in a slower system than a clean install, going from Vista to Windows 7, or from 7 to 8….updates ALWAYS break SOMETHING, while doing a clean install with the same programs installed after has no problem. Complex operating systems will mean that updating them can cause problems. The only reason MacOS doesn’t have the rumors of these problems is that not much has really changed since MacOS X first came out in 2001.

  2. +1

  3. +1 and galaxy S2 too.

    • +1 and galaxy S2 too.Samsung sucks… :-(

  4. No, you suck!

  5. Samsung suck on rolling updates

  6. tendra el accuweather del galaxy s4?

  7. OpenGL ES 3.0 ???

    • Nope – OpenGL have stated on their website that the S3′s hardware doesn’t support OpenGL ES 3.0

  8. Can I install the Canada 4.3 update on my note 2? I’m in Kenya though.

  9. Its not totally Samsung fault for taking so long in rolling out updates (YES THEY HAVE A HUGE PART TO PLAY IN IT, DONT GET ME WRONG), once Samsung is finished tweaking the update its then given to the carrier, there usually the ones taking forever sending it out to there Customers, in my case T-Mobile.! Im still waiting for the 4.3 update on my Note 2. Truly upset…!!!! SMFH..!!!!!!!

  10. 4.3 Update for my T-Mobile Note 2 (T889), Pleaase, ANY day Now, TIC-TOC, TIC-TOC. Come On..!!!!!! SMH.. Send it already……

    • Ditto, still waiting on the only one that hasn’t been updated! the SGH-T889 for the USA! Now that everyone else has it, GIVE IT TO US TOO!

  11. well it seem t-mobile has let all it’s note 2 owners down no update for us

  12. Guys i’m very disappointed in SAMSUNG!
    THis 4.3 update with bugs made my phone useless.

  13. No Galaxy Note3 SPen features, I’m very disapointed, I already use Cyanogenmod 11 Kitkat Rom, more better!!!

  14. When is it coming out for t mobile t889?

  15. anybody knows if this canada firmware works with the note 2 4g of mexico? (sgh i317m)

  16. fu …. sami. where is update for i9300 without lag & bug?

  17. fu …. sami. where is update for i9300 without lag & bug?

  18. My next phone will be , OPPO N1 – it’s that of China. Does not discourage me, that is driven innovative system Color OS . I have 3 phones with copyright system WAVE1 , 2.3 . Called BADA . Remember the SAMSUNG such a system , so yes it was your OS . Wydymaliście people with these phones. And this is true for you , important are those who want to buy a phone , you are punished who bought your amnesia . We’re like ” Children of a Lesser God “

  19. Teşekkürler :)

  20. türkiye ne zaman resmi 4.3 yayınlanacak acaba? bilgisi olan varmı

  21. how about with the note 2 LTE from Mexico, can i installed o should i wait for the official from Telcel??

  22. I’ve got the SGH – i317m from Bell, downloaded the 4.3 update but very hesitant to install it based on what I’ve been reading. Has anyone installed it without any major bugs, and if you’ve discovered bugs were you able to fix them?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    • The 2GB RAM versions of the S3 are fine…1GB RAM versions are the ones that have had problems.

      • So, don’t be afraid on the Note 2.

  23. Too bad the firmware isn’t “live” on your website…

  24. This to let Samsung know that users are disappointed with Samsung regarding their slow roll out update 4.3 for Note 2. I am living in Thailand and when will the update become available?

    • You will for sure do not want this last firmware on your well working Note II…
      SPen app just sucks now. Never ending savings and freezes. Battery drain I was never before seen like after installed this bullshit firmware.
      Media player does not work, and flicker the screen…
      Lot of mess in to already installed applications…
      Come on Samsung! What you did with this lot of delayed firmware?
      I just want throw away my Note now after is not possible to go back to the working firmware…
      DO NOT INSTALL THIS!!! Just wait for a the next update.

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