Android 4.3 bug fix update rollout for Galaxy S4 worldwide

Good news everyone, it seems like Samsung has started rolling out the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4 once again. AT&T confirmed the same for its variant earlier, and now the update is showing up in some European nations, including Germany, France, and the UK. The update’s notification terms it as a stability update, which is pretty spot on considering it is expected to fix the issues that caused the original 4.3 update to be pulled, leaving everyone waiting yet again after the initial year-long wait.

The build number accompanying the update is I9505XXUEMKE, and the build date is of November 27th, which means it is the most recent firmware available for Samsung’s flagship smartphone. The update seems to be available only on Kies at the moment, but it should be making its way to devices over the air in the coming days. Don’t forget to do a manual check in the Settings » About phone »  Software updates menu, though as always, the update will reach your device of its own accord.



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  1. good news!

  2. Bro 4.3 wery bad Klawye bad Qwerty Klavye No

  3. Yes i received a notification from the sammobile premium app but my battery is a bit low right now to perform a firmware upgrade and i don’t like to charge it when it’s actually not needed anyyway thanks for the update Samsung .

  4. I tried to upgrade today in the UK via Kies and I got “unknown error” I was asked if I want to send a message to tell the provider of the problem. So I did :(

    • try different USB cable and let us know

  5. i got the update here in germany but im not sure if something changed..
    can you please provide the changelog in english?

  6. This is the changelog in english loosely translated:

    Upgrade OS (Android 4.3)
    New added possibilities (e.g. KNOX)
    Galaxy Gear support
    Improved performance (graphics, multimedia, bluetooth etc)
    Improved user interface and stability
    Adjusted user interface (e.g. Icons)
    Improved Secrurity
    * Because of secrurity reasons it is not possible to downgrade after applying this upgrade

  7. Guys what about Samsung Galaxy S3 any news on update for India

    • If yes and we hope very much looking forward to Spain

  8. May i flash this to my s4 tmh i9505 device? Can anyone help me?

    • TMH is a branded region code (T-Mobile Hungary) this is a DBT (unbranded Germany) do not flash this you will get trouble if you do.Branded devices have to wait for there carrier .

  9. my O2 Germany branded device got its I9505XXUEM8 today. WTF?

  10. What about my poor dear old S3 – sob!

  11. This 4.3 is crap. Never had a problem till 4.3 my phone (S4, I9505) is starting over and over again, battery drain (with 2 batteries).

    I’m going back to 4.2.3

    • You meen 4.2.2 and u can’t go back ” * Because of secrurity reasons it is not possible to downgrade after applying this upgrade” only if u rooted probably

      • No. Its because of Knox – to cut a long story short, downgrading will render Knox unuseable if you return to a newer Knox-enabled firmware


  12. S3 ????? update where

  13. Keeping my fingers crossed they do the same thing for the S3. Hopefully this time they’ll update the launcher and weather widget and add a couple more features from the S4 that won’t affect it’s sales.

  14. They dont fix bugs galaxy siii.

  15. Getting a bit frustrated. Let’s go Samsung. There are millions of S3 users out there waiting for the update. Oh, and get it right this time.

    • S4 is not S3 now stop crying like a baby .

  16. S3 !!


  17. And still no reaction from Samsung on the 4.3 update for the S3, I am getting a bit sick and tired here.

  18. looks like they tottaly forgot about galaxy s3 ..or they will resume the update in 2 next days ..realy we are all sick and tired because of this

  19. so sad,,it’s rival LG G2 now seeding 4.4 kitkat and s4 still on resume of 4.3. samsung you’re now on delay of updating android pls make it fast and bring kitkat now to s4

    • That’s not true. LG G2 will receive the update “sometime” in Q1/2014. That means it can receive the update ’till april/2014.

  20. New MKF firmware is out with the same changelist and buld date as MKE

  21. Is there an improvement in battery life?

  22. where the fuck is the fix for S3 (i9300) ???

  23. update for s4 now available in india

    • for the i9505 or i9500 ??

    • What is the Firmware build & it’s date ?

    • Can you please mention the build no and date for S4 India?
      OTA & KIES has no update in India for GTI9500 yet.
      The last build is I9500XXUEMJ9 dated 25 October 2013.

  24. what abut the i9500 ??

  25. What about O2-UK update still not got it? Better get it in December coz O2 the slowest providers to release a dam update!!! Just release it FFS!!!!

  26. sir
    im using samsung galaxy s4 gt i9505 in pakistan and i had installed coustom rom on it and forget to backup my stock rom but now i want to have stock and official firmware which is 4.3 for my galaxy s4 gt i9505 but i dont know that which firmware i should slect from firmware slection page of your website
    sir kindly guide me regarding my problem that which firmware is for me because there is no option for pakistan in it ,
    hope to get usefull info soon .. waiting for ur reply
    regards junaid raza

  27. next time I will buy a nexus that is 4 sure…
    i have s3 lte i9305 I’m stuck with 4.1.2 from january.And a friend just bought a nexus 5 with 4.4 kitkat on it…wtf???They have more money to this soft update,poor samsung

  28. plzzz anyone help me

  29. i have flashed latest mkf firmware on my samsung galaxy s4 i9505 but kies shows that it is not spourted by kies ……y is this???

  30. Surely it is my choice whether I want to downgrade my i9505 from 4.3 to to the original 4.2.2. And what are the security issues that Samsung mentioned? They are a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people, who are not happy with the 4.3 upgrade and the Knox saga and who want to downgrade their phones back to 4.2.2. Be careful Samsung, I smell a class action lawsuit coming.

  31. When come this Bugfix for Switzerland (AUT) ?

  32. My phone is Gt-I9505 and for France yesterday I check and found that the bug fixes update is available for my phone but when I want to Update the phone with my own device It s says a error that Maximum number of Roll-out update has been exceeded please try again later or update the phone with Kies and when I try to update the phone with Kies The kies doesnt find the last update,today the phone gets the same error too and i dont know How much I should wait any body know how much?

  33. I have had this update im on i9505xxuemk8 build date November 19th u.k firmware. I cant really see the difference from this to I9505XXUEMJ7. I didn’t have any issues or any bugs in mj7.. Not sure why they released a new firmware but hey its newer than the other one.. But like I said I cant see any difference at all. No bugs in mj7 and no bugs in mk8

    • Is there a newer version than MK8 that they start rolling soon? I have a problem with my camera, which fails all the time…

  34. Is there an update in India after I9500XXUEMJ9 dated 25 October’13 for S4 GT-I9500?

  35. I have received update notification and updated my S4 now its showing this I9505XXUEMK8.This is really poor version of 4.3 reason why after this upgrade my s4 freeze a lot its almost unusable. Will be getting another version as upgrade or this is fixed one? I live in UK and my mobile is carrier free.

    BTW i have tried with kies 3 and it says I have got latest firmware no upgrade available.

  36. which is the latest firmware for s4 i9505 in pakistan plzzz do reply this tym

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