Exclusive: N7100XXUEMK4 – Leaked Android 4.3 test firmware for Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)

We have just obtained a brand new Android 4.3 test firmware – N7100XXUEMK4 – for the Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100). This would not have been possible without the help of our insider, so big kudos to him!

We are expecting Samsung to officially roll out Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy Note II next week, probably starting from tomorrow. This is the second Android 4.3 build we are leaking for the Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) and you guys will be happy to know that this is one of the *final* builds - that means nothing will be included or excluded in future builds of Android 4.3 for the Note II, except a few bug fixes and improvements here and there.

We have been testing the new build for a few days now and can confirm that it’s pretty stable. In the Android 4.3 update, Samsung has updated the core UI elements to more like Galaxy S4/Note 3′s interface, including the tabbed settings. Samsung has included many new features in the Android 4.3 update, many taken from the Galaxy S4/Note 3. Features like Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet are also present in this build.
Note2-4.3-leak Model: GT-N7100
Country: India
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 2099172
Build date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 14:55:01 +0000
Product Code: INU
Download: N7100XXUEMK4_N7100ODDEMK1_N7100DDEMJ9_INU.zip

- This test firmware will NOT increase your binary counter NOR void your warranty.
- This test firmware is a pre-release firmware and not official from Samsung.

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add AP_N7100XXUEMK4_2099172_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to AP
- Add BL_N7100XXUEMK4_2099172_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to BL
- Add CP_N7100DDEMJ9_REV08_CL1423182.tar.md5 to CP
- Add CSC_ODD_N7100ODDEMK1_2099172_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5 to CSC
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!


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  1. Can you move aplications to sd card ?

  2. Does this firmware the German language to choose?

  3. Does it contains the Samsung KNOX bootloader?
    And is it save to root it?

    • No DO NOT Flash I did and Knox is now active and I cant go back to 4.1.2 it says version not supported I don’t Know if I can update to the Official one when released or not I think my device Is stuck with this firmware and the bugs that have

  4. Shit !
    Still old launcher and old weather widget .
    there are missing my magazine and new S-Note , missing many other features.
    samsung just want to sell their gear watches so that take that money also.
    i will never say if there is anything missing in S3 but Such a powerfull phone like NOTE 2 supporting like this means !!
    Samsung lost their GLORY !

  5. so sad that there is totally no news or leaked about Note 2 LTE N7105.

  6. What languages ​​are available?

    ¿Qué idiomas están disponibles?

  7. Samsung sucks now days at updates. Their taking way too long to update those flagships and now they did they didnt even add the newer launcher etc. plus the I9300 build was full off bugs.

  8. Please can anybody confirm whether ..
    1. This really has Note 3 Features, Or We have been dumped by Samsung for the most successful Phablet in Quad-core Segment.
    2.Also someone could let us know whether we have options to disable Knox or is it another bloatware by SAMSUNG
    3. Move to SD – is it supported or not still now :(

    Thanks and Cheers Everyone at Sammmobile

    • This version does not have S-Pen features but it doesn’t mean the final version won’t.

  9. how is eroupe version campare to indian version

  10. I’m getting this only because the bugs on the 2nd leaked firmware affected a lot of my apps

    • You are luckier that it even worked for you. I almost the my phone away after installing that first initial version. I reversed back to 4.1.2. I think after what I experienced I will patiently wait till Samsung released the official version. I only hope that they have goodies for the S-Pen otherwise I will feel betrayed.

      • can u plz guide me how to reverse back to 4.1.2 after installing this firmware ???

  11. Sammobile should really avoid using hotfile;it has no resume support. These firmwares are always 1gig plus. And there is always a chance of disconnection while downloading such big files,which is a big headache for us. There are always good alternatives(as far as I know) – mediafire,4shared,sharebeast etc.

    • i have a solution for u go into following link

      trunkize.com and register with facebook account u get 2gb free for hotfile premimum download

      after register u copy the hotfile link and put it on above site and u can download easly any hotfile link with 100% resume supported…

    • I agree with you gabe55, Download such big files from hotfile server really sucks. as it gives lowest download speed,

      @VK5208 the solution you gave is good thanks for that .. but i lost 1200mb data without any download from 2gb data…hahaha

  12. When is the n7105 coming out!!!! No talk of it in any form.

  13. I’ll actually wait till next week (or tomorrow). Not in the mood the get all my apps back after a useless test firmware

    • That’s the smart thing to do.

  14. From when did Google Earth worked from India :), Can anybody confirm this please.

  15. Hello, are there new S-pen features?
    I hope the final version we get has some new features of GN3 or S4 because GN2 has about the same 2 gb of RAM and has a good processor, so please Samsung make us stick to you by real good update not only a new JB version.
    I appreciate the answer.

    • Again, this is a test release and it doesn’t have the new S-Pen features but there is no guarantee that the final will not have them UNTIL it officially rolls out.

  16. Hello, are there new S-pen features?
    I hope the final version we get has some new features of GN3 or S4 because GN2 has about the same 2 gb of RAM and has a good processor also, so please Samsung make us stick to you by real good update not only a new JB version.
    I appreciate the answer.

  17. Samsung has disappointed customers. We will have Note 3 featues only in custom roms. Samsung doesn’t care about us who pay a lot of money to buy our Note 2.

  18. just waiting for my new Nexus 5… bye Samsung u.u

  19. fuck samsung

  20. When SHV-E250S updated to 4.3

  21. This is not possible. They doesn’t see that we already have air command, new SNote on our Note 2 ported from Note 3. Samsung dissapointed us. I will never buy a smartphone by Samsung.

    • Cool story bro. After the S3 4.3 update, did you really expect much else?

      • You talk about the update I9300. that is completely rotten

  22. samsung software team dime a dozen

  23. Just sold my Note II, I’m tired of this sh!t, goodbye Samsung. WOnt buy another phone from you again.

    Moving to Nexus 5

  24. disappointed !!!! wait for so long time!!!! finally I knew camera still same with before !!! say Android 4.3 will added new camera !!! where S4,Note 3 camera??? and kernel still 3.0.31!!! where air command from note 3???? where ???

    • please stop crying , get a life mate !

    • The new camera is probably with the REAL update. Stop freaking out … If the final update comes and it doesn’t have the features, THEN freak out but you are wasting your time and your life getting upset over a leak.

  25. Where is air command and s note 3 and other features
    Samsung team is very bad . note 2 users is not important for
    Samsung team . We are working with 4.1.2 and this test frimware
    isn’t different with 4.1.2 without any important features
    we want air command snote3 quick memo and other note3

    • Head oved to xda. There are threads there.

    • You know this isn’t necessarily the final release. Right? This is a leak. If the final cones out and it doesn’t have what you want, then deal with it but there is no use getting that upset over a leaked firmware. None at all.

    • I don’t know if Im alone on this. But I tried 4.3 custom roms with Note 3 features. True, I would love to have the note 3 launcher and weather widget, but I still prefer the SNote app on the note 2. What I want also is that the new SNote comes to Note 2, I hope there is a conversion of previous notes made from 4.1.2 to the new SNote App.

  26. Actualización no tiene español, por favor señores Samsung, hagan bien las cosas o de plano no las hagan.

  27. why my all post disable bus…f–k u…

  28. New s pen features would possibly be coming in android 4.4 update. Samsung is doing business like every other company. We all know the reasons. Atleast we are going to get the 4.3 for now. Its fulfilling. Still if ppl are looking for note 3 s pen apps, head to xda forums, ported apps are present there.

    • @Garv

      Dude Samsung is not doing business Samsung is just fooling his customers by all this tricks. Other companies have atleast given 4.2 update to their customers where as Samsung did not ..

      Such stupid & foolish tricks should be played with low end smartphone not with customers who had already spend huge amount on smartphone like Note II

      • What phone that came out at the end of 2012 has been updated to 4.2? Most aren’t even on 4.2.

        Check your facts.

  29. I hope for users of the Note 2 that this update is better than the update for the S3 that I have received this week to my unlocked device, rendering my phone near brick like, with extreme lag in the gallery, unlocking and app launching and a battery that no longer gets me to the end of my working day, where before it did, even after a factory reset.

  30. We wait for an update for long time and now this shit. When Samsung update Note 1 they implemented Note 2 features. And now why didn’t do same work? They want to force us to change our Note 2 with Note 3. I will never do that and will never buy another Samsung phone in the futhure bechause they fail to show respect to us.

    • What are you even talking about? This is *unofficial* please wait until it is official.

  31. I am a diehard fann of Samsung …but after 7 months androd 4.3 frimware is this…nothing Note 3 and S4 features….I am very disappointed….samsung is not care about us……… just waiting for my new Nexus 5… bye ..bye..Samsung for ever……

  32. has the firmware the german language ???

  33. Does this firmware the Poland language to choose?

  34. no more samsung shit again, will go for iphone r nexus. :( very disapointed on u samy

  35. no new note apps? old launcher? old widget?
    i’m very disappointed!!!!!!

  36. I just bricked mine with this update

    • DO NOT UPDATE IT SAYS “not registered on network” :(((((

  37. If this update will haven’t note3 features (air command, …)
    I will not buy samsung phones
    we wants note3 feauters air command snote3 and all of them
    ************ very soon********* very soon

    • آقاى آجرلو شتر در خواب بيند پنبه دانه

  38. Just bye samsung…7 mounts waiting for this ?? Fffffffuck you samsung …fuck to your support….. i buy iphone 5…bye bye

  39. And imei has changed to to 004999010640000/01 :(((((((

    • It also happened to me a couple of times. what i do is revert back to 4.1.2, specifically, Criskelo ROM version 17. It always worked for me.

  40. ¿Qué ha pasado con el idioma Español?

  41. Samsung is f***ing around. Even my last phone galaxy s2 got major upgrade with kernel 3.0.31 and totally new ui. This update keeps same launcher and weather widget and there are only few new features. Even galaxy note 1 got update with ui and functions from note 2. I expect 3.4 kernel and almost all features of note 3 in final update.

    • Exactly. Theyhave been playing games like this before because they don’t want peoe messing around too much with their phones. If it gets rid of some people, so be it, but it is kind of a smart thing to do. Even though it is kind of mean.

      **Do not toy around with roms unless you know what you are doing!**

  42. Now that we have the 4.3 update in our hands with nothing improved except a couple of software apps Samsung is acting a bit weird.
    I mean as far as I can remember the note 2 (and the S3) was considered (back then) one of the most high-end devices out there and it’s been a year and not a single fudg was giving by Samsung to update it on the other hand Google is releasing 4.4 so that devices with med-rang Hardware specs can run the 4.4 OS without any problems and the note 2 is a Quad-core 1.6 GHz device with 2 GB of RAM and yet Samsung skips the 4.2 and god only knows if the final 4.3 update is buggy just like the S3
    The 4.3 have small improvement to the note 2 (and that took them a ONE technological year to do it) so the question that is on my mind now is what Samsung were going to release on the skipped 4.2 update then???
    Me personally I don’t give a Fudg about the weather widget or the old Kernel or the note 3 new features but I am concern on how Samsung handling things now a days because when you are releasing an update to costumers the FIRST thing you do before this step is by testing it in the TESTING DEPARTMENT where you can find a bunch of idiots testing the new builds and taking notes on how to improve the ROM and then and only then start releasing to the costumers but instead they released a buggy S3 updates to the customers in Britain and the next day stops the update (what will happen for those people who updated there phones to this buggy ROM are they now have to wait another year to update there S3 to 4.4 without losing there warranty ????)

    • Correction. *We do NOT have the 4.3 ROM we have a leaked TEST.*

  43. I hope samsung will not dissapoint us by not giving out the note 3/s4 features in its final update. …

  44. Here’s a hypothetical letter I got from Samsung customer support:

    Dear valued S3/Note 2 user,

    We promised we would give you flagship features from the S4/Note3 to you but we were too lazy. We’re gonna give you this half assed version instead so we can sell more Gear watches. Our engineers were kind enough to throw in Knox so you can no longer root your devices. We here at Samsung believe the only KitKat you’ll see is in a candy store. If you people want the latest and greatest features, buy an S4/Note 3, but we know your all locked into 2 year contracts so were gonna make you pay full price for them.

    PS: we even threw in some bugs to brick your device so we can take more of your hard earned money.

    Kind regards,

    My reply to them: This is the last Samsung device I’ll ever get. I’m going to Nexus.

  45. when you buy Samsung, expect no support or updates; you will then not be disappointed. hahahaha

  46. This is very bad from Samsung…they are making us wait for so long and then again making us look like a fool by changing literally nothing…everything seems the same other than few bloatwares added…bad job samsung

  47. At least they must have added some note 3 features…n also they are making us wait for the update….

  48. any sign of ant+ ?

  49. Por enquanto esta tudo normal, mas não tem portugues somente ingles

  50. Some one make a change.org petition

  51. Why would one update to 4.3 when with no new features when we have perfectly stable 4.1 with same features?!
    Don’t mention TRIM support since even without it our 4.1 is fast enough and trouble free.

  52. I hope samsung subsequent sales to live in a large decrease

  53. Why Samsung don’t let us to use root and any custom roms? Bechause that custom roms are more optimized than stock, has new features that they don’t have. They work on knox very much and don’t have time to implement the note 3 new features. They sucks! Samsung for me is now the worst smartphone producer. I was a bih fan but now i don’t want to hear about them.

  54. Please:

    Is possible to keep Root if i use Mobile Odin Pro to flash this 4.3 ?


    WTF this is one of the final builds it is slower than XXUEMJ5_OLB the previous Leak and it has Older keyboard and its slower and full of bug oh and it has a Boot and CSC that changed my phone I don’t know if I can get back to my Original 4.1.2 any more with Boot added and from what I have seen the XXUEMJ5_OLB was fast then Samsung decided to slow the device and add more Bugs on XXUEMK4 what HELL

    The Google Android 4.3 adds:
    1.the transparent bar
    2. one finger and tow finger toggles
    3.Trim for faster quad core devices
    and more

    what Samsung Did
    Slowing the 4.3
    New music player and new video player from S4 which by the way android is open source so they just copy and past those tow and year of waiting
    Also this leaked feels like they got back in time and reverted it is slower and have blur font with blur calculator and blur S planer Icons and the 4.1.2 keyboard and its slower than other leaked still no gear support I think this update will limit the power of Note 2 in favor of the Note 3 if the final release will be like this then i will stay on 4.1.2 and the Hell with Samsung and there Gear that they are so eager to sell that will cost them to lose today’s users

    for an update that has nothing new just a changed the number from 4.1.2 to 4.3 and a bit slower and ugly design with new thin clock lock screen and the old weather widget

    Samsung always do this on the S2 when updated from 2.3.5 Ginger bred to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 which the S3 was running but until 4.1.2 they added new features so we must wait for 4.4 next year if we will get 4.4 to see new stuff

    • Under Odin mode Knox Is Activated and cant change or go back to 4.1.2

  56. It’s the same shit for S3

  57. you lot complaining make me want to vomit….

    This is a pre release test build!!! do you know exactly want part of the build they were testing? Nothing says its a test build of the final release. Just the fact the build date is very recent **HINTS** that it **MAY** be a test build of the final release.

    you further make me sick when you start screaming as shouting like a bunch of babies needing you nappies changing, because of how the new test build does not have all the latest bells and whistles of the newer handsets….

    Think about it….

    Why add all the fancy new stuff to last years flagship? your just going to harm sales of the new flagship! I was not expecting them until the next update… by which time it will be time for a new handset anyway…

    and again, Samsung and every other phone maker is not obliged to update anything. Bug fixes yes… so long as they don’t take away and functionality of what was there when you bought your handset then there is nothing to complain about.

    Knox, We knew it was going to in the new update, think about if for a second,,, its to add a secure layer to your phone. did you not think a rooted handset was going to be an issue for it? of course a rooted handset was not going to play ball. did you think for a minute that you were going to be able to carry on using a secure layer on a compromised os? and going backwards was obviously going to be a problem for data security.

    I have needed a phone with a secure layer for a while, Knox looks like its going to be just what I needed. but if you could remove that secure layer by downgrading, probably compromising my data i need to be secure… well its not secure then is it????

    now go stop crying like babies,,, wait for the FINAL release, then bitch that Samsung has made is so that you void your guarantee by playing around with the firmware !!

    • You fall into the trap like many others. Samsung promises of updates that are constantly postponed. Their goal is to get us to buy the new model. Note2 In addition I also have a S3, we were promised the update for October and the only thing he managed to do is give us an official firmware completely bugged. So yes I have reason to complain, and I’m not the only one. Explained why other manufacturers are able to update their devices and oddly not Samsung? It’s just business, sell new appliances! They take old customers for idiots

      • but people should not complain about leaked unofficial firmware…

        and its not just Samsung that promises updates. Every hardware and software vendor promises updates and for one reason or another they get delayed or postponed or cancelled.

        you and many other fall into the trap of thinking that they make phones and other products just to make you happy. They spend billions on R&D for new products to MAKE A PROFIT…. that is the first and last reason a company exists. to make the owners and/or shareholders money.

        I run my own business. My main reason for running my business is not to make customers happy. Its to make a living. It just happens that making customers happy is the means to the end…

        you also make the mistake in thinking that for the majority of people they are Samsungs customer… Most cases you are not. The customer is the telephone networks who provide phones at discounted rates or even free for a an extended telephone contract. The telcos DO NOT want last years phones to be as good as this years. Otherwise nobody is going to upgrade.

        If you understand how these companies work, and then realise that you would not do it any different if you was the CEO, you wouldn’t get so wound up about a pre released leaked version of a firmware update.

        Personally, I have found MY note II the best phone I have ever had. Yes, I was dissapointed the update did not appear in may/june to 4.2.2, Yes, I am waiting in anticipation of the 4.3 update… I have even tried out the current leaked version.

        I will save my judgement until the final version comes out… then a few weeks later when the 4.3.1 update is on us… I still have 12 months left on my contract, and at this moment in time I will most probably be updating to the Note IV….

        In the meantime, I will probably head over to XDA-Developers and follow the instructions there on how to put the note3 version of S-note on my noteII along with other bits of software, leaving me time to get wound up and upset about things in this life that really matter..

        • I agree with you, a business exists to make money, but the goal is to satisfy customers. If the Android system evolves, it is normal that the customers benefit. And you know, if the customer is happy, he continues with this company. So if Samsung does not want to update old equipment to sell its new product, they must put their system and not Android. There is no doubt that things in life are more important, but for people updates are important things in their lives.

          • I have to strongly disagree that a companies goal is to satisfy customers.

            Its first priority is to make a profit. It has to make enough of a profit to make the hassle and strife of running a business worthwhile.

            United utilities do not make me happy or satisfy me. British gas I think is in the company policy to piss customers off as much as possible !!

            as I have previously said, its the telco’s they will keep happy first. The customers who buy phones direct from them are a very small area of the customer base !

  58. Im gonna talk with my father about why is it still old launcher. probably he will know because he works in samsaung

  59. Although this is a leaked version, I think it is pretty stable, as I do not see negative comments. So , I presume this is a close build to the final one. And if it is so Samsung will really disappoint many note 2 users including me .

  60. Guys 4.3 update giving major problems in s3 and s4…. i am seriously doubting whether there will be a delay or similar problems with NOTE 2…
    1 YEAR for a firmware update and this is what we get..Seriously i thing that Quantity is going to push the QUALITY down….

  61. So as i understand it is possible to flash only the 3 of 4 files
    Without bootloader and all be fine with MJ5 boot . But what is the point to flash only test and try to f** the phone.
    Only i don’t understand is now if i flash this (all 4 files) after
    when the official release is out and i flash it will flag my device Knox 0×1 = no warranty .?
    or it flag it 1 only with custom recovery ,root and etc.

  62. And i forget something – People from Samsung-wake up before you lose your customers.
    ANDROID is open source .Leave people who buy your products to enjoy them
    without this Knox warranty sh**t and stuff like this.
    EU says : Warranty on ANDroid device void only hardware,but no open-source soft.
    And don’t forget new futures for not so old flagmans like Note 2 and S3.

  63. I updated my Note II to 4.3 first leaked version and apart from few bugs, it is working fine. Yeh, it’s really sad that Samsung took this long to upgrade the OS to 4.3. Really sad that the 3rd best from Samsung hasn’t got enough attention from the developers.

    Waiting for the final version of 4.3 from Samsung other than updating anymore leaked versions.

    I am not sure it is going to come in the next week or so because of the issues with the released 4.3 versions.

    So the long wait continues.

  64. Do this – Do that – Click here – Download this – Don’t click here –
    It seems like a lot of potential for problems; which always seem to find there way into one’s handset, on their own. Why tempt fate, and add to the disaster potential?

    I have 4.1.2 in my Note 2. I’m getting a Kit-Kat Note 3, soon. And, I already have Google Wallet in my Note 2 and in my Galaxy S3.

    IF I don’t get the Note 3 right away, I’ll be content with 4.1.2, until the seamless and effortless firmware upgrade.

    It’s not that I’m not knowledgeable, as I wrote my thesis in Cellular Terminology and Technology. But, it’s just when handsets realize that you’re messing with their state of tranquility (and you know that they know), they tend to get even.

    Patience is a virtue.

  65. looking the screenshot tells nothing has changed in 4.3 this is same as the old 4.1.1 piece of shit Samsung is looser after a long wait they again so much disappointed us

  66. nathing change in 4.3 update for note 2

  67. N7100XXUEMK4_N7100ODDEMK1_N7100DDEMJ9_INU

    official from samsung 4.3 update n7100 india

  68. Fuck! this is shit, everybody that have already installed this firmware DONT Go back!!! If yu do you will get a Void Warranty 0×1 so you can forget your warranty, also sammobile say thanks to the dude inside Samsung that gives you the perfect gift for your users and i think you should have this advertence!.


  69. got my note 2 updated to android 4.3 through service center….
    it came to the service centers today itself…..
    guys hurry its rolling out…..:)

  70. Just got the OTA update here in india. Size:700mb.

  71. I have SGH-i317M Canadian firmware. Will this leak work on it?

  72. Hi,am update android version 4.3 in my note 2. its free. But now i am very upset with my phone its not working proper my phone is going hang.Plz give me suggestions for 4.3

  73. Works just fine. Absolutely love the full screen Backgrounds and lock screen

  74. Have installed this update through Odin but the apps etc say they are moving to the SD card through applications manager ,but when I check the storage they are still on device memory.
    As I say I am moving the big apps Fifa 14 , Nova 3 etc to SD card through application manager and it says it is moving them and confirms and has the green tick but when I go back to storage it has not moved to the SD card. I have checked also in my files and they have definitely not moved over.
    Anybody else getting this or know what to do?

  75. I have some questions inside my mind.. Kindly answer them because I’m having worries…
    1. Does this firmware gonna affect My battery life?
    2. Does this firmware have the default apps of Samsung like S Note?
    3. How do I downgrade my Note 2 from 4.3 to 4.1.2?

    I need answers badly… Thanks! :)

  76. just installed this rom.
    it is perfect. no bugs… not battery drain
    new look + new apps
    anybody who is reporting battery drain or rom bugs is either lying or has his phone ******up or did not do a wipe before installing this rom.
    btw i am coming from 4.1.2 stock and i love this new look

    thanks sammobile

  77. hey hotfile.com is shut down i’m not able to download firmware…please provide another link to download…..

  78. is this file multi file phone pda csc

  79. PLZ DO NOT UPDATE .ur kill ur phone

  80. Só tenho a lamentar…eu simplismente acabei com meu note 2 nessa atualização :(

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