Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets 6,500mAh extended battery from Mugen Power

The Galaxy Note 3 comes with quite a high-capacity 3,200mAh battery out of the box, making it one of the longest lasting Android devices out there. However, for those that are often on the move or just can’t seem to keep their shiny new phablet down, Mugen Power has come up with a gigantic 6,500mAh extended battery for the Note 3, which can extend the battery life of the device by up to “2.03 times.”

That’s an appropriate claim when you look at the battery capacity, though even if your battery life doesn’t double up, it should still get a considerable boost. As always, you’ll get an add-on battery door (available in black and white) that can fit the higher-capacity battery inside, fattening your Note 3 in the process, but again, the extended usage times should be well worth it.

You can order the battery from Mugen’s official website at the source link forĀ $98.50. Shipping is free worldwide.



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  1. Forgetting to mention, you will be voiding your warranty on your phone using this.

    • who knows if you are using OEM battery or not lol. when u bring ur phone to samsung just switch back to the OEM battery

      • Let’s just say the battery explodes, and melts your phone down? Figure that out. That is the risk using aftermarket batteries.

        • Mugen is known for their superior quality, and in any case an exploding battery is extremely unlikely whether it’s the original or an aftermarket battery. Stupid argument, as it’s highly unlikely in any case and your argument is based upon the assumption that samsung batteries cannot explode.

          You will not be voiding your warranty in any case, there’s a reason samsung let’s you switch batteries.

  2. And what about NFC? Since its in the stock battery do you “void” that as well?

    • I don’t think its got built in NFC..

      • It has NFC, Mugen puts NFC in all batteries where the original battery has NFC.

        • ..except that the NFC chip is not in a battery but on the back cover ;-)

          • The back cover is a piece of fucking plastic, no wires or SMC in it, so let’s just say NFC keeps working no matter the cover :o

  3. why not buy an additional battery and keep it for longer travels.. rather than making it bulkier!!

  4. For that amount i bought a 15600mah powerpack…

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