Posted by Abhijeet M. 1 year ago

Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II available in service centers, over-the-air rollout to commence soon?


The Android 4.3 update is scheduled to roll out for the Galaxy S3, Note II, and the Galaxy S4 in this month and the next, but while rollout has commenced for both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 (at least in the US) already, the update for the Note II is nowhere in sight. But that could change quite soon – apparently, Samsung’s service centers already have access to the update, and one user in India was lucky enough to get his Note II updated from a local service center.

The build number of the firmware is N7100XXUEMJ9, while the build date is of October 31st, making us fairly certain that it’s the final version of the update that will roll out officially. At this point, it’s uncertain what the extent of changes and new features are in the update (we’ve asked for some screenshots and info from the one who sent us the confirmation, and will update this post when we get them), but expect to see mostly the same changes as those that arrived on the Galaxy S3, apart from a few new features from the Note 3 for use with the S Pen.

Hang on Note II users, the excruciating year-long wait for your first major update could end very soon. In the meantime, heading to the nearest service center is sounds like a good idea, right?

Update: More screenshots added.



Thanks Bhanu!

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64 comments on “Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II available in service centers, over-the-air rollout to commence soon?

  1. tommydiamante 1 year ago said:

    s4 mexico telcel tmb?

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    • Dave_Arr 1 year ago said:

      los modelos de telcel son los canadiencies (los que son 4G): SGH-I337m y para el Note 2 el SGH-I317M, creo que deberiamos esperar a que salgan ROMs canadiences que esperar a Telcel :/

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  2. Ruthx 1 year ago said:

    Oh god, still nothing for n7105 D:

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  3. abhilashsuryaprakash 1 year ago said:

    Excited about the update , Thanks to Abhijeet .

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  4. Galaxy Note II 1 year ago said:

    @ Bhanu Why are you playing cat and mouse game? Tel rest of Note II users does it come with S Pen features?

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  5. Galaxy Note II 1 year ago said:

    @ SamMobile Kindly update us does this firmware comes with S Pen feature of Note 3

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  6. Galaxy Note II 1 year ago said:

    Why hasn’t kernel version changed?

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  7. Galaxy Note II 1 year ago said:

    As far as I know Latest kernel is 3.4.0

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  8. Galaxy Note II 1 year ago said:

    @ Abhijeet: Is Knox builtin installed or one should install manually?

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  9. ajorloo 1 year ago said:

    Please port note3 featuers (air comm… ,quick memo ,air featuers ,note3 ,…)
    Please . after 1 year .we cant use any apps in iran samsung apps, play stor ,hubs ,wallet, maps not working complete.
    Please thinking on my comment **** in iran n7100 = brick ***
    we using with any vpn in flight mod and other ruse

  10. nedyalkov19 1 year ago said:

    Alright, i won’t sleep until i get the update……

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  11. ikundan 1 year ago said:

    This guy also didnt flash out nything more abt d device.. I remember when last time I was waiting for my note n7000 guy posted a screen shot abt d update nd said will post more details after hez home..but he never returned home.. :P
    I feel its fake unless he provides more details soon..

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  12. rony5566 1 year ago said:

    i wait this update………….

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  13. shivangp28 1 year ago said:

    When it’ll be available officially..?

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  14. ProdByEchelon 1 year ago said:

    Doesn’t seem legit

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  15. jammygilitwala9024 1 year ago said:
  16. ProdByEchelon 1 year ago said:

    Samsung said we’d receive the S4 features so until the screenshot of the features ain’t shown then this has to be a fake

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  17. Franz54 1 year ago said:

    If it’s the same shit as the SIII courrage good! …

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  18. abol7orouf 1 year ago said:

    what about galaxy i9305 ? any news about this model plaise ?

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  19. hyd730 1 year ago said:

    Its fake kernel version change

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  20. amilassss 1 year ago said:

    Why you don’t give for korean version SHV-E210S/K/L and GT-I9305

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  21. pbm5362 1 year ago said:

    If knox is present why isn’t SELinux status showing in about device.

    Its fake.

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  22. Akashreturns 1 year ago said:


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  23. thinh182009 1 year ago said:

    hjhj, thanks link download???

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  24. ManniSam 1 year ago said:

    Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note II available in service Centers.

    Who ?

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  25. shanemark88 1 year ago said:

    when does it come out for the S4 mini ?

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  26. shivangp28 1 year ago said:

    s pen features of n3 ported to n2 in this update or not..?

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  27. fangwei 1 year ago said:

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – Kernel 3.0.31
    Android 4.2-4.3 Jelly Bean – kernel 3.4.0
    Android 4.4 kitKat – Kernel 3.8 , Maybe ?*

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.3 kernel is 3.4.0. This Right !
    Why Samsung Galaxy S4 updated Android 4.3 , kernel is 3.4.5 ?
    Why Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 , Kernel still 3.0.31 ?
    Why Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 , Kernel still 3.0.31 ?

    Please give me a Satisfaction Answer !!!

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  28. crackinthewall 1 year ago said:

    Can anyone else confirm that this is real? I honestly can’t believe that Samsung would release an update to India first instead of one of the usual Nordic countries. What’s more surprising is that it’s only available on service centers instead of the usual Kies/OTA update. Check your source again Sammobile. He deleted his tweet.

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  29. elmahdi.marsil 1 year ago said:

    As far as i can see it doesnt have s-pen feature… why? Because he doesnt have scrapbooker installed.

    If there would be s-pen feature its necessessary to have it…

    Also if there is someone in india thats telling there is no 4.3 update then it should be a fake…

    Its sad that people lie to get attention…

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  30. ramana 1 year ago said:

    This is 100% fake. Note 2 will not get 4.3 update until December 3rd week in India.

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  31. Akashreturns 1 year ago said:

    I contacted service center Jammu the hu claims he updated , and i got this reply

    it is not possible that without official Release of any binary anybody can update his software version from Auth Service Centre…

    A.R Electronics
    Auth. Samsung Service Centre
    JDA Shopping Complex New Plot,Jammu

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  32. koolicecream 1 year ago said:

    This is fake as in Device Status its showing as OFFICIAL…instead it should be NORMAL….! 100% Fake

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  33. cullons 1 year ago said:

    it,s a FAKE)


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  34. ankitkumarnag 1 year ago said:

    this news is totally fake….
    Good News for Galaxy S2 Users…
    S II will have 4.3 update…..
    visited service center today and found out that……
    the new motherboards of S II comes 4.3 preloaded on them…..which is not even available on GSPN…..

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  35. alpega1986 1 year ago said:

    para cuando sale el android 4.3.3 para mexico telcel

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  36. crackinthewall 1 year ago said:

    Sammobile, unless you can coax out a reply from Bhanu verifying this information (like a clear video?), please just delete this post.

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  37. cobrax05 1 year ago said:

    i have update my S3 to android 4.3 Ireland version and my S3 switch off sometimes it has been very havy when i swith to unlock them. i think the android 4.2.2 worcked perfecly in my S3 than this one 4.3.
    sorry for my english.

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  38. simcity1985 1 year ago said:

    anybody know Note 1 can get update to Jellybean 4.3?

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  39. ajorloo 1 year ago said:

    When please say ?

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  40. allcilagdo 1 year ago said:

    My note ii is dead due to sds bug and i am out of warranty date will samsung service will cover the change for motherboard

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  41. anup_chopra 1 year ago said:


    I have call more than 3 service centres in India, they said there is no update available for Note2 (N7100)…….

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  42. ajorloo 1 year ago said:

    Please say when ?
    When ?
    We cant wait please give link for download 4.3 n7100 official

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  43. ajorloo 1 year ago said:

    I checked every 5 min

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  44. cgtycc 1 year ago said:

    Isn’t it old Snote that n7100 have already? Snote 3 icon is red, as far as i know.

    Also does it have air command? And most of it, does the rom has fixed accelerometer, for using as pedometer? (Because note 2 sensor shuts off in sleep mode and pedometer apps cant read anything while screen is off. Not a big deal but it became an obsession for me. :D))

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  45. smartybones 1 year ago said:

    It’s disgusting, will know by now that they were duped into copying other news sites stories without checking the information fist.

    the release of the update by a Indian service center is so obviously fake that the news item should be removed off the site.

    but they wont.


    Click bait…

    we all know its about to be released any day, and every time you google for information, there are more and more sites with the same fake story, many of them have copied the news story and published it well after its become common knowledge its fake….

    so, now if you google trying to find more recent news, all you get is bombarded by links to the crappy fake stories…

    I used to think had a better set of ethical values than to continue showing crap that will just add a few pennies to the bottom line…

    sad, so sad

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  46. nrbapat25 1 year ago said:

    I don’t know if this is true. I am from India and I have a Galaxy Note 2. I saw these screenshots and got curious so I went to the service centre to check if this is at all true. They said they don’t have the Android 4.3 update. But they looked as if they were shocked to see me ask this question and probably they must be thinking how I came to know that they have access to the Android 4.3 firmware. I am 100% sure they have access to the Android 4.3 update but they were being hesitant to disclose anything about it. I think the guy who got the update was extremely lucky.

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  47. ajorloo 1 year ago said:

    ***Sorry please say when? ***
    **Soon=when? **
    *******Please release 4.3 with air command and other features note 3
    for note 2 N7100 we are waiting about 1 year that’s enough*******
    **please give download link**
    ******please give me answer********

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  48. roza0330 1 year ago said:

    this update jelly bean 4.3 when will available in Mongolia

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  49. sensei60 1 year ago said:

    turkey will come when the 4.3 update?

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