Posted by Abhijeet M. 1 year ago

Sprint Galaxy Nexus receiving Android 4.3 update, on Android 4.4 announcement day


You just gotta love North American carriers. Nexus devices are the only safe haven in the Android world where users get instant OS updates as and when Google announces them, but US carriers manage to always take away even that convenience from their consumers. On the day when Android 4.4 is expected to be officially announced, Sprint has begun rolling out the Android 4.3 update (build GJ04) for the Galaxy Nexus. Impressive, isn’t it?

The Android 4.3 update isn’t a major one, and includes features such as TRIM support for faster and consistent performance, always-on Wi-Fi location scanning (can be turned off from Wi-Fi settings), support for multiple new languages, improved typing, auto-complete in the dialer, and other under-the-hood tweaks.

The update’s available over-the-air and should be arriving on your Spring Galaxy Nexus in the next few hours/days, and you can do a manual check for its availability from the Settings » About phone » System updates menu. There’s no guarantee the Galaxy Nexus will be getting updated to Android 4.4 KitKat, but even if it does, you can be sure you’ll be waiting a few months before Sprint (and other carriers) decide to start its rollout.

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8 comments on “Sprint Galaxy Nexus receiving Android 4.3 update, on Android 4.4 announcement day

  1. shariqabideen 1 year ago said:

    LOL, talks of Android 4.4 and Samsung stuck me with 4.1 on Note 2, still ! Wtf ?

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    • Targonis 1 year ago said:

      Samsung is sending the updates out in November for the Note 2 here in the USA, maybe December for select carriers.

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  2. noel31 1 year ago said:

    Shariqabideen I agree with you , I cant wait the official release of the nexus 5 , I got enough of samsung.

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  3. Said1995 1 year ago said:

    Guys Galaxy Nexus is NOT getting 4.4 kitkat

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  4. Franz54 1 year ago said:

    Americans operators receive Android 4.3 and the Galaxy S3 is international in 4.1! bye bye Samsung. Hello Nexus 5

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  5. Paps Duke 1 year ago said:

    It now makes sense,the research is right … galaxy devices that have not yet receive their mediocre android 4.1.2. update are the first samsung smartphones who will get an advanced memory (Ram) OPTIMIZED ANDROID 4.4,sounds replusive but that is what the research has proved believe me or not ….

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  6. tedbundymx79 1 year ago said:

    what about s4 i337m how much longer c´mon samsung

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    • zukri90 1 year ago said:

      You should have bought a Nexus device. Since you did not, don’t complain about updates as you chose this path. Muahahahahaa

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