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Samsung to enforce usage of official accessories?

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It looks like Samsung really wants you to use only that which it officially makes itself. After the region lock that has troubled users just because Samsung wants to put a lid on grey imports, a report out of the Korean media suggests that the company might be looking at enforcing the use of official Samsung accessories next. This will reportedly be done with the use of an ID chip, which will be embedded in accessories (chargers, battery packs, and even covers) and used to authorize that they’re official before they work.

Now, if this indeed happens, then it will bring along both benefits and disadvantages. In case of benefits, this would ensure that the frequency of accidents such as batteries catching fire and damaging the device/property – which are usually the result of third-party batteries being used – would be reduced. However, the flip side of this that you won’t be able to use accessories not approved by Samsung, leaving only Samsung’s official accessories as the option, which would be bad when you consider how costly those things are.

Of course, Samsung will still allow third-party accessory makers to get certification for use with the company’s devices, but it could hurt consumer choice, especially in terms of price. At the moment this is just a rumor, but with Samsung’s recent antics, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the next step it will take in its goal to make things more difficult for consumers.

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13 comments on “Samsung to enforce usage of official accessories?

  1. crzygrmn 1 year ago said:

    Well. I guess there is still light at at the end of the tunnel for the world’s best smartphone maker……HTC

  2. gamerk 1 year ago said:

    hmm this makes other companys look better in my eyes

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  3. akmes 1 year ago said:

    Behave like the only one phone’s maker in the Universe :)

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  4. nicugoalkeper 1 year ago said:

    AFTER THE FIASCO WHIT REGIONAL LOCK NOW THIS I THINK SOMEONE AT SAMSUNG WANT’S TO DESTROY THE COMPANY, OR AR DRUNK, i know they want money but if they are to greed will lose more that they gain.

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  5. akmes 1 year ago said:

    Next logical step – to make unique charger connector and own format of memory card :).

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  6. shariqabideen 1 year ago said:

    I loved Samsung because unlike Apple it gave me freedom to do whatever I liked with my device for which I have FULLY paid the last cent and which TOTALLY belonged to me. That notion is rapidly vanishing. I hope Samsung asap flush out the mole who has recently joined it’s board of policy makers, and has been systematically eroding and alienating it’s faithful customer base.

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  7. bladehawk 1 year ago said:

    Behavior like this means that this Samsung phone will be my last. Letting phone providers lock the boot loaders, Knox counters, I think they are pushing the dev community away. Very dumb idea since devs add most of the value to the devices and recommend them to friends and family.

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  8. martindale 1 year ago said:

    Don’t see how they will get the bespoke charger past the EU. It was the EU who forced through standard chargers for mobiles in the first place. We are just about getting to the point where chargers are no longer included in the box as standard landfill fodder, so I don’t see the EU rowing back from here.
    Maybe, whilst this is passing across the desk, the EU commissioner can throw out Samsung’s region-lock policy on grounds of market interference too.

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  9. n13l5 1 year ago said:

    I have stopped recommending Samsung devices in light of the SIM locks alone.

    My next phone will be Sony or HTC.

    Not to mention the Note 3 has an awfully garish case design with fake leather and fake chrome, its getting out of hand.

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  10. hansen5265 1 year ago said:

    Sure but lower the damn price! Greedy company.

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  11. WhatsThePoint 1 year ago said:

    It’s the Nexus 5 for my Samsung replacement.

    I don’t need all the bells and whistles plus of a Note 3

    If the current Samsung anti customer misguided thinking continues it will surely hurt Samsung’s bottom line which will cause it’s stock to drop.

    A grey market can only flourish when the official version is overpriced or restricted.

    Samsung had led the market since last May but lost out to Apple in September jumping to a 38% share of the entire US smartphone market for the month despite their new phones only being on sale for 10 days of the month..

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  12. thunderboat 1 year ago said:

    Another proof that this company has grown too big too arrogance.

    Proud to be a new owner of LG G2 after owning S1/S2/Note2.

    Bye Samsung! I won’t be missing you.

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  13. Sam Chan 1 year ago said:

    There is no difference between Samsung & Apple if this is the case. Apple still can use 3rd party accessories.

    I am already considering other Android phone since Sammy introduce the knox to void warranty due to rooting.

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