Samsung Galaxy Round is official

UPDATE: Galaxy Round will sell for 1,089,000 won (~$1000).

You saw couple of images of the Galaxy Round a few hours ago and Samsung has now come clean with the device. The Galaxy Round has been officially announced and will be available from this week in South Korea. Galaxy Round is the world’s first smartphone to feature a curved display and as suspected, is a curved variant of the Galaxy Note 3 without the S Pen slot. The phone features a 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED Display, LTE-A support, Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM, 13MP camera, leather and stitched back and the new software enhancement to take advantage of the curved form factor.

The Galaxy Round has a Roll Effect, which shows information like date, time, missed calls on tilting the device. Also the music can be changed with a short press on the left or right hand side of the device and the Side Mirror feature enables users to gain access to list of the album content with a left and right tilt.


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  1. ‘Galaxy Round’ in Luxury Brown color will be available through SK Telecom and for 1,089,000 Korean won.

    Today’s exchange rate 1,075 KW = $1.00 US

  2. I really don`t want rounded corners on my next mobile S3 or S4 flat display is fine we need mostly and only not breakable displays ! because mines and others people display has cracked and it was not funny quick and not cheap exchange. Rounded displays are decoration items in cyborg future living room type :D not for normal usage unless telephone is flexable and all materials can be curved just in time by customer ! thanks for getting point dear Samsung if you have will and time to figure it out :)

    • Umm one big characteristic of these flexible displays is that it’s hardly breakable. The display is made out of plastic (not glass like flat ones) so it’s less likely to break.

  3. I wonder what screen is used to protect the display… Maybe the flexible glass that Corning made? Flexible Gorilla glass?

    • Either Samsung’s ‘YOUM’ or Corning’s ‘Willow Glass’ display.

  4. Probably Samsung’s answer to “why?” is…Becaue we can. Really don’t see anything more than that. Not with this design at least. If flexible displays are so much durable, why not leave it flat and implement it in normal phones? And leave the curved part for watches and tv’s….for now at least. And the second problem…I already have enough pocket trouble with my Note 2, if it were curved like that it use even more space. And if you want to protect the screen…pretty weird flip covers.

    • I completely have to agree with you, they could have done so much with a bent screen, butthe didn’t. This is just ugly.
      Anyways i was worried i would have to sell my 10-day-old Note 3 if they came up with an amazing design, but at least now i don’t have to throw money out the window again.

      (Maybe this is why they didn’t go for really cool design, all the Note 3 owners would have gone absolute crazy)

      • A more durable flat screen…yes, it’s worth the money. This…no! Would have been something more interesting if they took this design to entry level, cheap and way smaller devices and make them…cool. And compensate the poor performance with this. Probably will boost the low specs devices sales. People with low budget could at least get a coll unique device for their money.
        Or invest in something other than phones, at least for now.

  5. Seems okay. But it won’t be a seller!

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