Samsung Galaxy Note 3 firmware now available for download

It was only yesterday that the Galaxy Note 3 went up for sale in more than 140 countries around the world, and now we have the first full firmware for the device available for download. For now, the firmware are for South Korea (the octa-core Exynos model, SM-N900S) and are based on Android 4.3, the latest version of Android that runs on the Galaxy Note 3 out of the box.

We’ll be uploading firmware for more regions as and when we get our hands on them, which you’ll be able to download from our firmware section. The direct links for the South Korean firmware are below, and interested developers can also grab the kernel source from Samsung’s Open Source Release Center.

Update: Firmware for more regions, including Argentina, Russia, India and a few other Asian countries (all SM-N900 Exynos models) are now available in the firmware section.

DownloadN900SKSUBMI9 | N900SKSUBMI8

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  1. what happens if i install this firmware in my samsung galaxy s2?


  2. LUISFRANCO the answer to you cuestión Is : Booom! you will break your S2 !!! dont even try to do that!!! ( Is a totally different hardware!! ) i have a Note 2… and there Is no way until some hacker port the firmware , and even mine Is a very different harware…

  3. want system dump..

  4. can i install the new frimware in SM-N900W8?

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