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Samsung sold more Galaxy S IIIs than Galaxy S4s in the Middle East


Market research company IDC last week released some figures that puts Samsung’s smartphones ahead of the competition in the Middle East region. According to the report, Samsung smartphones contributed to almost 50 percent of the smartphone sales in the Middle East in the second quarter. The most startling fact of the report is that the Galaxy S III sold more in the same quarter compared to Samsung’s current flagship – Galaxy S4 and even Apple’s iPhone 5.

While Nokia still leads the overall mobile phone market with 45 percent market share, Samsung’s share stood at 18 percent followed by Apple at 11 percent.


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6 comments on “Samsung sold more Galaxy S IIIs than Galaxy S4s in the Middle East

  1. fer_champions 7 months ago said:

    Of course… Galaxy s3 is the most sold smartphone of samsung and also I remember us that We are waiting the new firmware updates too much time….. Samsung very bad…. I’m a customer who probably next smartphone will be a nexus… Many delays and I’d like to see new feauteres and improvements on my software soon….

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    • Abhijeet M. 7 months ago said:

      If you want quick software updates, then yeah, Nexus really is the way to go. You will have to live with poorer battery life and camera quality though, but other than than, stock Android and Nexus are a great option, and will make you addicted to the way updates come so quick.

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      • fer_champions 7 months ago said:

        I’ll give you two more reasons apart from the delays on firmware updates that confirms my change to nexus:
        1.- The lag because of bad optimized Touchwiz and incompatibility with other app’s!
        2.- Some Samsung app’s (not all) which are useless and know as “bloatware”!

        I think that Samsung should listen our advices, because customers are tired of waiting an important update that finally resolved this problems….

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    • CsabaZz 7 months ago said:

      I’m thinking that my next phone will other than Samsung because of this update madness around S3. I won’t trust in Samsung again, they’ve chosen the same way what HTC in last year did (no more updates for last year devices). I doubt that they will update the S3 for 4.3 this year (in this case I will sell my beloved S3 in december), and I wish a lot of customer will change their phone other than Samsung. We could prove them that they depend on our choose and not in the other way.

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  2. gtone339 7 months ago said:

    Galaxy S4 is great but it won’t outsell it’s predecessor.

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  3. Targonis 7 months ago said:

    Of course the phone from last year will be selling better, because it costs less, and not everyone can afford to buy the latest generation of devices. You see this in cars, in phones, or in anything. People may WANT the latest and greatest, but they will often settle for a model that is one or two generations older.

    If you also consider that there isn’t anything really compelling about Android 4.2.2 compared to 4.1.2, people don’t see a true downside to getting the S3 at this point. Now, if the S4 came with KitKat and had some really cool features that people felt were a “must have”, that would help.

    But, it still comes down to, how many people will pay $450 for a phone compared to those who will pay $650 for a phone if both satisfy the needs and have a very similar feature set? Of course the lower cost device will sell better. You see many phones in the USA that are “free with two year contract” doing well, even if they are complete garbage, because they are free.

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