Nokia mocks Samsung and Android KitKat

There’s a saying that goes like “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at other people houses” but it seems like Nokia did throw a big stone with the latest image published on their German subsidiary Twitter account. Nokia who recently sold their device and service business to Microsoft tries to mock Samsung and the latest version of Android, that goes by the name KitKat.

We’ll give Nokia some credit to attempt something like this but guys try a hand at selling more phones than piggybacking?

Your turn, Samsung!



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  1. Nokia thinks it’s funny……..
    It’s not

    • of course IT IS funny! :D

      • nope. It is not.

        • why is it not? I understand this is a samsung based site, but kids who hate everything but the brand of crap they have in their pockets are extremely lame, kid.

          • Nokia is butthurt, because Samsung dethroned it….
            Nokia thinks such silly jokes and pics will make a person choose a windows phone….. LOL!
            How mistaken they are…..

          • Why don’t you just enjoy the fight of the competitors. You must be very brand keen person. This is why customers are bad. They think their brand is god and feel more pain for pictures like this. Samsung is not your bible. It is just a phone maker and a really crappy one lately. Just live with it. Enjoy the funny picture.

      • i dont think its funny bcoz it isnt just samsung getting kit kat all android phones are. so its kinda gay really. i mean do like like nokia phones but android suites me better and yes i was a wm6,5 user and wp8 user n wp7

    • Samsung mocks Apple all the time and people think it’s genious….now that Samsung is the target, it suddenly isn’t funny……damn you fanboys, learn how to take a joke…..I am a samsung consumer, but this add doesn’t bother me at all, is just for laughs……

      • I totaly agree
        Samsung is all about design (very thin and all plastic) and now this new android kitkat makes it a pretty good joke, joke well made, afterall these are companies are competitors so all we have to do is let them fight and make even more awesome mobiles to prove each other wrong :D

      • exactly… i don’t like nokia and i like samsung and LOVE ANDROID and still enjoy this picture very much… i think it is really funny and clever… but didn’t hurt me…. i like to watch the fight between competitors

  2. We can see by looking at the sales graphic, who’s better in the market. Nokia or Microsoft has tried to be funny, But it’s a shame on them.

  3. Hahaha…. NoKiA is not connecting people anymore !!

  4. who cares what nokia says? noone.. exactly
    they were good at making old phones like 3310, but they cant mess with samsung and their smartphones…
    so… nokia go home, youre drunk

  5. que buen charcarrillode nokia es sin duda las patadas de ahogado de la empresa por k despues de ser el movil num uno del mundo ahora opto x vender a microsof sin lugar a duduas es el fin de nokia yo tuve un lumia 610 con windows phone y dejenme decirles con certeza que porqueriq de telefono mejor lo regale es el peor movil que he tenido nada nada que ver con mi galaxi s3 ese sies un formula 1 no un bochito recargado comoel lumia hahah nokia

  6. Nokia found themselves losers as smartphone company competitors and couldn’t stand in face of samsung success so they change their business to a company who make funny pictures….well … good luck

  7. I think Nokia forgot that Windows break pretty easily also, glass or software.

  8. That’s your last ad NOKIA!! You’ve been bought by Microsoft!

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