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Samsung’s giving away $5 Samsung Apps Gift Card on Facebook

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Samsung used to offer paid apps and games to promote Samsung Apps but off late, they’ve resorted to giving gift cards for the store. Gift cards are actually a good thing as it gives users the liberty to buy their choice of app and if you’re looking to score some more free credit, Samsung Apps’ Facebook page is running a simple contest where each successful winner will get a $5 credit to their Samsung Apps account.

All a user needs to play the Memory Flip puzzle and solve it under 60 seconds. Frankly, it’s just a formality as the puzzle is really easy and can be solved within few seconds.

The promotion runs till September 9 so head down to the link below quickly.

Memory Flip Puzzle



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3 comments on “Samsung’s giving away $5 Samsung Apps Gift Card on Facebook

  1. John Elizoglou 1 year ago said:

    if you play this game after what you must to do ??

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    • AdL2012 1 year ago said:

      same question…

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      • kunalg 1 year ago said:

        As you complete the game, you’re asked to put in the email address which should be same as the one you use for Samsung Apps. Samsung will credit the balance after a week or so (they have a schedule on the Facebook page).

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