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Samsung, Facebook, and others join forces to lower barriers to internet access


In this connected world, there’s still around 5 billion people who do not have internet access. As saturation arrives in already connected markets, these unconnected people are who technology companies will focus on next to keep their business running, and in an effort to foster internet adoption in developing countries, Facebook, Samsung and a few other companies have formed

As part of the initiative, Facebook, Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson aim to develop and use tech that allows for cheaper connectivity, such as affordable high-quality smartphones. They’ll also look to reduce data usage, with Facebook already working on reducing per day data usage on its Android app from 12MB to just 1MB. The group also hopes to develop new business models that would allow phone companies to provide simple services like e-mail, search and social networks for little or no charge.

Bringing cheap internet access to the less digitally sophisticated nations is a tall order, but it’s something that is necessary as well, so it will be interested to see where things are headed (with the might of such major companies behind the project, it won’t be that difficult). Go ahead and check out the video showing a glimpse of what is all about.

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