International LTE-A Galaxy S4 (GT-I9506) visits FCC

While the Koreans have had access to the LTE-A and Snapdragon 800-powered Galaxy S4 for some time now, the rest of the world is still longing to see the powerful variant make an appearance outside Samsung’s home country. Now, it looks like Americans will soon get access to the faster Galaxy S4, as the device has been spotted at the FCC, which certifies devices for use with communication networks in the U.S.

The GT-I9506 can provide up to a 20-30% performance boost over the Snapdragon 600 variant, and more than double the GPU performance, so those who already bought the standard LTE-enabled variant might feel a bit jealous of those that will soon be able to grab the faster variant. We’ll be sure to let you know when the actual launch happens, so stay tuned.




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  1. Samsung if u feel your exynos is not capable enough to compete against snapdragon 800 why you dont delay the launch of galaxy s4 wait for snapdragon 800 then launch only one flagship in every country.why you confusing people with your worst marketing strategy?

    • i think they should make 1 phone not s4 this s4 that its a cheap gimmick i love Samsung over most company’s but they need to work on a single super phone not 13 models should have cheaper phones for budgets but flagships are getting confusing touch wizz needs a major update where you can move the icons including the app draw on the bottom and more space on the home screens i want 1-3 home screen 4 rows of icons not 7 home screens
      hope the s5 has something new

  2. yea i would had been pissed if i bought a s4 and couple months later it were announced there would be a much more powerful varient of it. money money money its all they think about. good thing i got my s4 with cyanogen mod 4.2.2 works much better than twiz

    • Yes I agree with you…very soon samsung will loose customers if they don’t change

  3. i9500, i9505 and now i9506 can’t wait for i9507 :)

  4. lol another M-strategy i would appreciate if everthings comes black color out of the box as in black just black! how often we say we like black just fucking black!!!

  5. I hope that the i9506 will come with 32 or preferably 64GB of internal memory.

  6. I would have been sick if I had bought an s4 only to realize that there is a new variant powerful than what I bought

  7. Now is the question of how Samsung will take care of all the models s4 updates, you can safely say that this is a problem many models samsung one variant so as to best s5 will also people should wait until September 2014 because they will probably not be able to choose the six variants and probably in about 12 because at the same pace as this year, next year it will be sharp, buying today s4 then this phone is not already falgowcem and proves that price, so unless something has gone wrong in the company within the meaning of samsung’s flagship

    • I don’t understand what you wrote.

      • i bet he’s using google translate..

        • so I do not really know how English and forgot that google translate explains how he likes it

          I wrote that mobile samsugna with the letter s always been the flagship which means that there were so many wiariantów

          their models of what is now causing a big problem in what is a customer choose

          because who bought in June may feel disappointed with what came later

          If Samsung does not change the approach it in the next year will be about 12 variants of the model S5

          • he wanted to because I Kupis S4 S3 but now I do not even know if

            I can not wait to receive yet another model

          • and sorry for the translation

  8. Yeah,

    If you could launch the LTE-A in the entire Europe,

    That would be great.

  9. I got my S4 32GB on Verizon, IF the new version arrives on Verizon as an updated variant, perhaps with 32/64GB options, then mine will be up for sale, I will take the newer model and skip the GN3.

  10. Speaking of firmwares, I am still stuck with I9505XXUBMEA. Samsung can’t even bring consistent updates to their existing phones. At this rate, I don’t even know if I will ever get 4.3 after samsung rolls it out for other countries…Damn…

  11. welll fuck you Samsung i got the s4 Snapdragon 600. They feel so confident they’re on top of the pyramid and that they can afford to lose customers.

    I will sure not be getting the next update for my phone from Samsung

  12. samsung this is fucked uppppp. its fuckin ppl in the ass by releasing a good phone to sell to the world and then couple months later a super version. so ppl will buy that instead. more money for U and less for us.

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