Posted by Kunal G. 1 year ago

Does this patent hint at Galaxy Note III’s design?


Just like many other companies, Samsung files a number of patents related to the functions and design for its future devices. While Samsung may or may not use each of them, a patent filed in June, 2012 and issued today by the USPTO is interesting enough to take a look at. We’re not sure if this design belongs to the Galaxy Note III that is due to be announced on September 4 but it’s an unseen design, which we are yet to see on any Samsung device. Also, Fig. 3 and Fig. 7 has a slot for the S Pen.

What do you think? Could this be it? We’ll be reporting live from Germany during the IFA when Samsung announces the ‘next big handset’.


Thanks, Windows Phone Daily!

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9 comments on “Does this patent hint at Galaxy Note III’s design?

  1. JinX 1 year ago said:

    Maybe a Galaxy Note Active?? That would be great!

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  2. healingspree 1 year ago said:

    ya i think so its a galaxy note 3 active…

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  3. Topcat488 1 year ago said:

    I’ve learned from watching the S4 fiasco that it’s not good to buy the first edition of Samsungs’ new phone. I can also believe that Samsung would put out the old design of the S4 look, and then come out with this “NEW” design to make more sells, for lately even if sells are good, stock analyst seems to downgrade Sammy.

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    • ezeytony 1 year ago said:

      I do not care what design or specs as long as it doesn’t have a plastic cover at the back then i will be getting the Sony Xperia Ultra

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  4. IMC.Call 1 year ago said:

    It’s not a LCD, it’s a YOUM display

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    • dlm1113 1 year ago said:

      I agree. If you look at the sides and the back it looks like the screen is curved. It reminds me of what they were showing at CES 2013 when they presented the device with the youm display. figure 5 makes the screen looked curved like in the video. that would be very interesting if they have the note 3 look like that device.

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  5. Deannix 1 year ago said:

    Somehow it looks like wave series.

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