Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes and sets apartment on fire

Apparently, a Hong Kong resident, known as Mr. Du, was playing a game of Love Machine on his Galaxy S4 when the device exploded. As soon as the device exploded Mr. Du threw the device at his couch which caused the sofa to set on fire, which then burnt down his apartment. The blazing flames spread to his mercedes too, claims Mr. Du.

During this incident, Mr. Du and his wife safely managed to escape from their apartment with only minor injuries. According to Mr.Du, the Galaxy S4 was equipped with a genuine Samsung battery pack and he always used a legitimate Samsung Charger to charge his device.

Firefighters rushed towards the location as soon as they received the report. It took them 30 minutes to stop the fire. Fire investigation concluded that the cause of the fire was not due to suspicious circumstances, but the unit has been severely damaged and almost all house valuables have been destroyed with the house itself.

There have been quite a few cases of exploding Samsung devices in the past and all have been caused due to the customer’s use of fake parts (batteries, chargers etc..) in their smartphones. We believe that this case will have the same outcome in the end, but we may be wrong.

Source: Phandroid – Via: xianguo

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  1. Well of course he says it was an original battery… that’s what bloody everyone would say!

  2. Battery Temperature increases whenever you play games on your smartphone or you turn on multiple apps at the same time…

  3. I always use samsung devices and no danger increasing in temprature and can’t be believed that such device can cause this damage I can’t believe that and this person didn’t feel this high temprature

  4. Is he sure its the Samsung s4 or some Chinese android knock off with dual sim and 2 replacement batteries. Considering samsung has sold over 100m of galaxy devices i find it very hard to believe that a phone can explode when using the correct official accessorize.

  5. In China there are plenty fake Galaxys smartphones which hard to identify

  6. i always playing high end game on my S2 including while charging and wife turn on…super hot but never be eplodes

  7. what a load of shit!!! i have a samsung galaxy s3 i remember once when it got real hot it actually warned me and said it has stopped charging due to device being too hot so what a crock of garbage samsung have that feature built in them where it stops the device from heating up any further its what happens when u dont use a legitimate samsung battery dickhead

  8. The blazing flames spread to his mercedes too?

    How is that even possible?

    • The fire was searching for the car. The S4 was mad on the Mercedes because never had a car charger and made kamikaze for revenge.

  9. SGS4 the new High end MASS DESTRUCTION weapon . All the soldiers now will not throw Grenades but SGS4 .

  10. So…it wasn’t Samsung fault the apartment burned, but owner who threw the phone on the couch. Congratulation Mr. Du(-it-wrong)

    • you think he well threw out the window?

  11. bought a spare battery for s4 through amazon. I was charging it Friday night when it burst blowing the back of the phone and causing burn marks on the carpet

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