Samsung “reviewing” Android 4.3 update plans, isn’t naming any devices just yet

Google unveiled Android 4.3 today, and it will begin rolling out to Nexus devices immediately (and “soon” for the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4), but for owners of non-Nexus devices it will be a considerable wait as usual, as manufacturers get down on adapting their custom skins to the newest version of Android, a job they’re nefariously slow at.

Samsung has apparently spoken out officially on their Android 4.3 update plans to TechRadar, and we’re afraid their response wasn’t very encouraging. Samsung UK had this to say:

Samsung UK will confirm upgrade plans to Android 4.3 to selected Galaxy devices in the coming months”

The company didn’t name any devices, not even their flagship Galaxy S4, and while rumors have been flying around that at least the Galaxy S III and Note II will get Android 4.3 directly instead of 4.2.2 (it has been confirmed for the Note II), it seems we’ll have to wait a while before they finish “reviewing” their plans and give us an official list of eligible devices.


Android 4.3 isn’t really that huge an upgrade nor very desirable, but it’s still disappointing to hear that nothing is finalized yet. However, knowing Samsung, we can rest assured that they’ll beat other manufacturers to the punch and probably be the first to start rolling out the update, and we’ll be sure to try to get our hands on test versions and make them available to you whenever possible.


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  1. S2 has to be on the list :)))

    • I think 4.2.2 will the last update for the s2 and for all the dual core devices.

      • Nope.. Samsung said 4.1.2 is last update for S2. Check it on Google

  2. Ok let’s start guessing!

    Devices I think that will get the update for sure:
    Galaxy S4
    Galaxy S4 Mini
    Galaxy S4 Zoom
    Galaxy Note III
    Galaxy S3
    Galaxy Note II
    Galaxy Note 10.1
    Galaxy Note 8.0
    Galaxy Mega 6.3
    Galaxy Duos 5.7
    Galaxy Camera
    Galaxy Camera NX
    Galaxy Tab 7.0
    Galaxy Tab 8.0
    Galaxy Tab 10.1

    I wonder what Samsung will do with the Galaxy S2, Note and Tab 7.7. Their processor is as good as the one in the Galaxy S4 Zoom, Tab 3 7.0 and Tab 3 8.0 so they can’t blame the processor for being to slow or the memory being to low. So I’m curious to see how that will unfold, if they would be so kind to upgrade the S2, Note and Tab 7.7 to Android 4.3 they would be really badass and killing the competition (update wise).

    • Forgot one thing though. The Exynos 4212 (S4 zoom, Tab 3.0 7.0/8.0) has the same GPU clocks as the Exynos 4412 (S3, Note 10.1/8.0, Camera) due to the fact it is 32nm instead of 45nm. So that’s one area were it beats the Exynos 4210 (S2, Note, Tab 7.7).

  3. From what I remember then if Samsung wants to release 4.3 for say the Note then they have to have all of it’s functionality wokring. This includes OpenGL ES 3, which the Mali GPU doesn’t have in the Note/s2 (and maybe more). So Forget that fully working, however this doesn’t stop projects such as Cyanogenmod from releasing an update (although Samsung’s policy has pretty much ruined their attempts.)

  4. Hoping that note 10.1 will get it

  5. Just put the update on last years models thanks!

  6. He’s tired of all these manufacturers that we lay nearly 50,000 models and are not able to update us on our devices because it is expensive to develop updates of work of each of them. Even buying a high end one is not even sure of the update. That’s why now I will not buy that mobile Google, I do not give a cents to builders who put in full pockets and mocks us!
    A small French angry.

  7. Samsung is showing a poor performance in updating their devices.

    Especially I read & heard from friends about frustration with the S3, which still has the same bugs since months, to sell the new models like S4. Bad policy imho.

    Next device will be a an iphone or HTC.

  8. coming soon means after 3-4 months for samsung

    hope they changed :D

  9. the galaxy s 2 no news. Please anyone with a Galaxy S2 have to claim that actualizen. ..

  10. Galaxy S2

  11. Galaxy S2 i9100

    • stop spamming, samsung is not watching this comments to check which devices should be upgraded…

  12. Update Galaxy S2 i9100

  13. Update Galaxy S2


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    • Samsung said 4.1.2 is last update for S2

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    Moet asseblief nie vergeet doen om jou Galaxy S2.

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    من فضلك لا تنسى TO غالاكسي S2.

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    Խնդրում ենք չեն մոռանում ձեր Galaxy S2.

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    S2 আকাশগঙ্গা আপনার ভুলবেন না দয়া করে.

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  25. spunisk troll :)

  26. I expect Samsung Note 2 and Samsung Note 10.1 to be updated first. We deserve it after seeing all other older models being updated to 4.1.2 and more recent models being updated to 4.2.2 .

    We deserve the next Android 4.3 update NOW.

    THank you

  27. Samsung Note 2 Deserve big time to be the first phone to update to 4.3

  28. Samsung doesn’t deserve any more clients. I hope nobody will buy anymore Samsung, so they will make the updates faster.
    I’m sorry Samsung, i’m sorry that i bought your phones, i regret it. It won’t happen again.

  29. if samsung want to beat apple in software upgrades they have to update s2 note and tab 7.7 to 4.3 otherwise google nexus or moto x will take the lead in smartphone market

  30. dont worry galaxy nexus in the list samsung surely will update s2 note 7.7 to 4.3 cause this devices more powerful than shitty galaxy nexus

  31. s2 note 5.3 tab 7.7 pls samsung and sammobile

  32. Samsung cant give up for its most expensive and premium beautiful tab 7.7 have to update directly to 4.3 otherwise apple ipad mini or nexus 7 will take the lead in tablets then nobody will buy samsung tablets

    • Blame apple for banning the 7.7 tablet in the first place because of the shape. If samsung had sold more maybe they would have cared much more.

      • 7.7 only banned in germany not worldwide

  33. Samsung have to care and upgrade directly 4.3 if not my next tablet will be ipad mini retina or google nexus 7 2013 edition

  34. Samsung have to care and upgrade galaxy tab 7.7 to directly 4.3 if not my next tablet will be ipad mini retina or google nexus 7 2013 edition

  35. Shame samsung even not optimized 7.7 to phone ui in 4.1.2

  36. Gave premium tab users old tablet ui cheaper 7 plus got phone ui in 4.1.2really dhame samsung

  37. Samsung Gave premium tab users old tablet ui cheaper 7 plus got phone ui in 4.1.2really dhame samsung

  38. Samsung Gave 7.7 premium tab users old tablet ui cheaper 7 plus got phone ui in 4.1.2really dhame samsung

  39. Samsung Gave 7.7 premium tab users old tablet ui cheaper 7 plus got phone ui in 4.1.2really shame samsung

  40. Planing to upgrade my smartphon and tablet to google moto x and ipad mini retina or google nexus 2 7 atleast wil getl updates regularly when new update roll out

  41. I will never look back to samsung cheap

  42. hope galaxy note GT-N7000 will be update on android 4.3 soon

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