Samsung Exynos to unveil next generation Octa-Core SoC next week

Samsung Exynos to unveil next generation Octa-Core SoC next week. Samsung Exynos tweeted this today! The first Octa-Core processor was announced at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Samsung Mobile currently uses the Octa-Core processor inside the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. A month ago, SamMobile posted a blog post about Samsung’s Exynos first Octa-Core processor which doesn’t work in a correct way according to our information.

This will presumably be the Exynos 5420


Phones 8
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  1. What’s the point? There’s still no sources for the old ones.

    • Agreed.. That or it better be w/ a better GPU and not just because the addition of LTE-A chip or this is just hyped up marketing.

  2. Galaxy note 3 will hv dis processor

    • hopefully it’s going to have spell check so that you can buy it

  3. Just a improved Exynos 5 Octa….

    Thought they’re going to announce Exynos 6?

    • I think they’re going to announce Exynos 6 to go along with ARM’s future v8 CPUs (Cortex A53 and A57)

      • I don’t think so, still Exynos 5 and still on ARM’s v7a but I think they annunce a bigLITTLE A7+A12 (intead of A7+A15).

  4. what they would give a new kind of processor quickly and so the battery will not stand for more than 24 hours when you use all the time, everything is cool but the battery you can see, no one knows how to deal with

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