Your Digital Living Room Starts with a Samsung Note® 8 – Enter To Win!

As we mentioned a few weeks back, the Samsung WatchON™ service has really caught our attention. Considered to be the center of a digital living room, We’d like to give our loyal members another opportunity to win a Samsung Note® 8 this week.  Visit the Samsung WatchON Facebook page here , and simply “like” the page!  That’s it!  If you want a second entry, follow their twitter handle .  (If you followed their handle from the previous promotion, you already have a second entry!)

WatchON is also a premiere service on the recently available Galaxy Tab® 3, available in 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 inch versions!  Our sources say WatchON will be available for current Galaxy Note® 10.1 users in the coming days from the GooglePlay store, which ought to make many of our members happy.  Samsung really is bringing all the content you love to all the screens you love!

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  1. Just did those steps.

  2. hope to win this….

  3. awesomeness

  4. I Liked and followed Watchon’s pages on twitter and facebook, I hope that i win

  5. I do not bloody have nor want facebook….

    I’ll just stick to twitter.

  6. Done! ;)

  7. Entered second time, hope to win.

  8. Hope to win

  9. DOne :)

  10. done I hope win this awesome tablet

  11. Done.

  12. Done

  13. I Did it. I hope This is Not A scam :)

  14. I hope win this awesome tablet!!! love SAMSUNG!

  15. LOVE sAMSUNG 8.0
    hope i can win it :)

  16. Done with the Steps!!

  17. I hope win this awesome tablet!!! love SAMSUNG

  18. Just liked both the pages. I hope I win or something, Haha!

  19. done both the steps, would be so stoked to win something :D

  20. done both the steps, would be so stoked to win something :D

  21. Second time in this contest!

  22. Done, both steps :P , hope I win :D

  23. I want to win! One more for family.

  24. how do you know that you have won? BTW i have done both steps

  25. I also did all those steps

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