Samsung currently developing a new ATIV smartphone ??

Samsung is currently busy to prepare a new kind of Windows 8 device. This information has showed up on the Marketplace of the Windows Phone 8 application Mobile Care. (Cronus(developing)) Samsung has a couple of Windows Phone 8 devices like the ATIV S and ATIV S Neo. When Samsung´s next ATIV smartphone is expected is still a question. The ATIV S from Samsung isn’t selling that well at all. Samsung even decided to announce a Tablet PC (ATIV Q) based on a dual-boot Windows 8 and Android OS.

MobileCare collects the log/minidump files and uploads to Samsung MobileCare server which is normally used in User Trial. The quality of the product can be improved by statistical analysis of the log/minidump

*it can be worked only on below Samsung devices.
Cronus(developing), Launched devices (GDR2 or later version of ATIV S/ATIV Odyssey)
and now we will use only for English.


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3 years 20 days ago

the most fishy thing is that
whatever ideas get into my mind sometime or the other
those ideas can be seen on the homepage of sammobile in a few months
for example
-i was thinking of a phote which would have an octa core processor and in 1 or 2 months s4 was released
-i thought of a mobile which would have 2 android systems and one windows system and here it is

3 years 21 days ago

Why don’t Samsung produce a phone like Ativ Q so that it can be able to dual boot Windows Phone 8 and Android with Galaxy S4 like specs?

3 years 21 days ago

Because on Ativ Q, it isn’t really dual booting. It is visualizing Android inside of Windows 8. Unfortunately, that can’t be done with Windows Phone. I think what they will do is port some of their Android features like they have already done with Ativ Beam on the Ativ S Neo as apps that can be downloaded in the Samsung Zone in the marketplace. Maybe Ativ Voice instead of S Voice, who knows….

3 years 21 days ago


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