Tryout the renewed SamMobile application for Android!

Since the release of SamMobile 2.0 we started the progress of updating our Android application to fit in the new graphical profile! Today we are happy to announce that the new updated Android application by SamMobile is finally ready! SamMobile Premium – You can no read our news without any ads and you can set more devices for update push notifications. The news is divided into the same categories as the webpage for an easy overlook. SamMobile Premium is also landscape ready which is good news for all tablet owners. The future plan is to add our compare page to the application. SamMobile Free for Android will be removed in the near future. We currently are busy to make our website mobile responsive!

SamMobile Premium cost 2.49 euro (excl VAT) and is available in the Google Play store from today! As a relaunch bonus you can grab the application for only 1 euro (excl VAT) the first 3 days. The application is ad free and unique thanks to the update firmware information systems! The new application have version number 2.0.0 and a release date of today.

SamMobiler –  Don’t wait, try out the new SamMobile Premium Application now!

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  1. Great.. so you are going to remove the free app which has 100000+ downloads. That makes perfect sense. (Sarcasm)

    Surely you will be loosing more revenue from the ads in the free app than you will get the from limited sales of the paid app

    • We currently are busy to make our website mobile responsive!

      So no need for SamMobile Free.

  2. On my Galaxy S4 still version 1.2.3 is shown.
    On Google Play on the PC it’s shown, that there are different versions for different devices available – so problably no new version for the S4??

    • Ok, I finally managed to install it on my S4 by re-installing it…
      Looks good, just where adding a device to the notifications the two lines could have descriptions (“Model”,”Product Code”)… ;)

  3. 1 Euro first 3 days? 1,50€ it is by me. That’s 50% more ;)

    • same thing here…

    • And when you go one step further, it wants you to pay € 1,21 EUR…

  4. Free version stil looking shitty…. :\

  5. Just bought it from Play Store, when I open it, I get the “Could not verify License.” error !

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