Samsung lost value on GALAXY S brand, premium line a must!

Since the launch of the first GALAXY S device, Samsung’s smartphone sales have been growing. The success of their own GALAXY S line clearly huge, with customers dropping other brands in favour of anything with the word “GALAXY” written on it. This marketing-accomplished feat has seen people moving away from high powered manufacturers such as Apple, in favour of Samsung’s device. It’s hard to deny that the flagship “GALAXY” range has been great until recently, but when Samsung made the decision to water down their flagship “S” range into a dribble of meager and repetitive upgrades.

First, let’s look at the early release of the Galaxy S4. The device was announced in March 2013, and released at the beginning of April, we imagine to contend with flagship offerings from HTC and Sony… but at what cost? Why would Samsung announce the device so early – at this point the GALAXY SIII was less than a year old and still selling well! Furthermore, the GALAXY S4 hardly stands out as being a successor to SIII at all, more a slight upgrade! The only tangible upgrades are to the screen and the camera, and although an impressive software upgrade was released with the GALAXY S4 almost all of these improvements are being released to the GALAXY S III anyway.

The GALAXY S4 was priced much higher than the GALAXY SIII, but there’s very little to distinguish the two in terms of the design language used. There are some subtle changes, sure, but if you are getting something new you want to be able to differentiate with other devices. You want it to be distinctive. When I first took my GALAXY S4 out into the public, I showed my technologically-aware friends, and even they weren’t able to immediately identify it as the newer device.

“Oh, which Galaxy is that”

Samsung’s competitors released devices with an aluminium casing, and at the very least a solid and premium feel to the device. The GALAXY S4 is made out of plastic, and although there are advantages to a plastic body, it would be nice to see them considering another direction.

The final issue is that Samsung has released too many devices since 2012, and all of them look exactly the same. There’s one thing to have design recognisability across the board, but all we aren’t seeing any evolution here, just stagnation. There’s very little purpose of releasing new products so quickly, when a three-month-old one can do exactly the same thing. All you are doing is devaluing the previously released products!

We hope that Samsung keeps the name of the GALAXY Note brand unique. So far, Samsung have only announced one smartphone ever year under the “GALAXY Note” name, with significant upgrades between the two. We really hope that the GALAXY Note 3 will be a worthy upgrade, and that it will set a trend for Samsung to step back and make sure they get everything right before rushing to the marketplace.

Samsung, please, never announce product which is better than your own one year old flagship device! We are all for innovation, but waiting an extra couple of months can only mean more of it, not less! The unique brand of the GALAXY S has lost its value. This is a sign of weakness to all Samsung GALAXY S owners. In the future, make it better in terms of specifications and worth upgrading to. Please never announce an ‘updated’ version, which will ultimately kill your own trusted GALAXY S brand value.

Also, please stop calling every new high-range GALAXY device a GALAXY S device. Perhaps this is a marketing ploy to ride on the back of the GALAXY S success… if it is, all you are doing is deliberately confusing consumers, angering purchasers of your true flagship devices and diluting the marketplace.


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  1. This article is GREAT and absolutely true!
    I completey agree.
    Really Great! Thumbs Up!

  2. Nice job samsung.+1

  3. I have had it up to here with the quality of your articles. Your grammar and use of the English language makes me feel like a 14 year old is writing the article plus your opinions are so negative and one sided these days I can’t believe you are a respected information source for all Samsung mobile phones. Do me a favour and go and buy an HTC one and rename your site. Your opinion contradicts what’s going on the global market.

    • I cannot but agree with you regarding the way this article is written up.

    • Give the man some peace. English is not everyone’s mother tongue (nor mine). Plus what he writes above, is true. Having owned the Galaxy S, S2 and S3, I can relate to what he is saying. Look at the impact those devices had on the Android market and compare them to the S4. Ask yourself how many S3 owners upgraded to the S4. The numbers are speaking for themselves. It’s not shameful to say that HTC has the upper hand right now as we speak. My hopes with Samsung now lie with the Note 3. Only a couple of months left to find out, if Samsung can keep their leading position in the market.

    • Sorry, English is not my native language. (Will ask someone to read over)

      About: the article plus your opinions are so negative and one sided these days… and Your opinion contradicts what’s going on the global market.

      1 – We post our opinion about Samsung Mobile products. Sometimes we are happy with Samsung and sometimes not.
      2 – Absolutely not true. Most mobile blogs blames Samsung about bad name choice and less of innovation in buildquality and design line.

      • Good job man … u read my mind with this article. For the dude complaining about grammar, sign up as a mod or admin and help proof read the articles instead of whining like a little biiiiaaaatch.
        Am very sure u have no clue as to how much work it takes to maintain this blog.

        Am saddened by Samsung’s choice to water down the Galaxy line. Hopefully Sammy will redeem itself with the Note 3. I can hardly wait for this as it will help me decide whether I should get the S4 or maintain my love – The Galaxy S2.

      • No need to be sorry. It was great. English is not everyones language.

        Next time give your article to this complaining guy to fix tiny bits for you.

    • I’ll say: have it up your ass.

      Sorry, but catch a train if you want to catch something just for the sake of it.

      Also, you don’t really see that most of the articles and news here are positive? And that the site it’s clearly promoting Samsung? Articles giving sammy good name come here dime a dozen, while the bad ones are really rare.

      I have to agree with them on this case, same as it was with the general build case, same with the Exynos inner problems.

      Save your bullshit for yourself, boy.

      • I was referring to xxxsomethingmxx to make it clear ;)

    • I totally agree with you. They avail Samsung’s reputation to attract fans of Samsung, but they usually write negative articles with their subjectivity

    • Look at you! What happens your own English and grammar? You said and i quote “Do me a favour and go and buy an HTC one and rename your site. Your opinion contradicts what’s going on the global market”. Is that a correct English grammar? That was the truth with Samsung, a great article.

      I wonder where you schooled? Home tutoring, I guess.

  4. If Samsung don’t make the galaxy Note 3 of glass or aluminum and with faster processor that xperia z ultra …..I think samsung will fail on the note series 2…..Sony Xperia Z Ultra put Samsung on a hard work for galaxy note 3

    • im a note 1 user, im very happy with it….i skipped note 2 but definitely wont skip note 3…from note 1 to note 3, i will surely feel the big leap in technology….

      note 8 and 10.1 should be abolished and have new names…they are just confusing the public….

      i saw the picture of xperia z ultra, the specs are good but NO FLASH AT THE BACK FOR NIGHT PICTURE SNAPS…..

      i hope note 3 will follow the strengths of note 1 and 2 and bring it to new level

  5. Long story short. In my opinion, Samsung is just confusing itself and the public by introducing too many variants within a single line of product. I agree to the author’s comment, i.e. “We hope Samsung keeps the name of the GALAXY NOTE brand unique.” As we have realised, the “true” flagship of Samsung is now shifted to the Note series from the Galaxy S. The former becomes the symbol of innovation and the later is just an end-user’s product. Do not misunderstand me that Galaxy S series is still solid. However, if we want to find the sense of innovation, the Note series is what we should pay attention. I hope Samsung will not ruin our beautiful expectation(s) in near future.

  6. The note series is not as unique as you are all saying. There is also a note 8.0 and a note 10.1 beside the note 2.

    • i agree with the original post in principal and yes, they do it as well with the note as nussini95 mentiones. right now the other notes cannot make calls, they are basicalle tablets with stylus compared to the other tablets but still it’s a mistake to overstress a brand name to make average users feel that they have a top device. best example in my opinion is s3 & s4 mini, it cannot keep up with the original s3 and s4 and is thus not a serious offer and spoils the original brand name at the same time. i would even be interested to have a s3 or s4 mini if it would have the same specs just a noth smaller. this is because i use two devices, 1 for calls which is identically customized like the other for smart use like nav, surf, media and the rest. my phone is right now a nexus 4 as a phone and at the same time backup device should the note2 fail or drop :-) however i would have preferred a s3 mini if it would be just smaller than the s3 but with the same specs ( ram, cam, cpu etc. )

      • Yes. You have some valid points. This is also the reason why we cannot expect on any more powerful (All-in-One)solution from Samsung just as in S2 or S3. Samsung needs some very fundamental changes in their marketing and packaging mentality. One of good examples is the NFC function. I cannot understand why the Note 8.0 is lack of this in its specifications. Should we need to take two or more devices on each trip for a collection of “basic” functions according to the existing Samsung packaging concept? Pardon me please. I have more than enough weight to carry on the road.

  7. i totally DISAGREE with the author of this post. samsung galaxy has it own structure, and mobile market is so fast that sammy needs always to be the first. Thats why they launch soon the s4 with snapdragon800+LTE. It is technically impossible to launch 1 phone per year, while oppo, sony, htc, are also launching plenty of family upgrades. In order to be number1, sammy must launch weekly new phones. Samsung market is the world, so hope to see here my s4 with snapdragon800!!

    • Do you really think users should see a device released every week? All under the same line? I don’t know how about you, but I’m starting to puke seeing the same design in all those variations. Oh wait, there are no variations, it’s almost all the same. Sammy seem to want to throw away Apple’s way of thinking (while at it – notice that even the Apple changes their design once per two years – BUT how many devices do they release? I’m speaking of phones, not tablets ;) And trying to contradict Apple that much, it seems like they’re trying to make it 180 degrees different (maybe I am wrong). Not really a perfect idea, actually Apple is closer to the golden spot. Releasing a product yearly or almost yearly has brought Apple really good fanbase (or, should I say, regular moneybase). That, and a big sale margin on phone parts + perfect marketing. Meanwhile, Sammy ALWAYS depended on flood, floood and more flooood. Remember the old Omnia days? It was similiar, more and more and more (models, brands, systems). While speaking of OSes: they went through Symbian, Windows Mobile, Bada and a couple of others, less known, and will probably accomodate (OR TRY TO) the current situation by using new systems AND dropping the old ones. So right now we’ve got Android and Windows Phone, and in near future – Tizen (to gain more profit than it is possible because of.. Google Play). But nothing is certain. Oh, the Confucius’ way… as much as they’re trying to go with it (hell, whole country has it in the main ideology), sometimes they end up with FLOOOOOOOOOOOOODing the customers.

      And just for a little reminder…
      Nokia also was quite a great company at their time.
      Where are they now?

      Further on..
      Did I really read you correctly on “sammy must launch weekly new phones.” ?? Sorry, but I call “a total bullshit” on this.

      While a quarter release interval may be good while CYCLING the group of the products (because while the WHOLE market releases new MAJOR products once or max twice per month, the individual companies do it way rarely, like twice-thrice.. a year), it doesn’t necessarily have to be 10+ devices per 2-3 months, and that what it looks like right about now.
      It seems like they either don’t believe in their products OR they don’t do enough homework (read: market research) before releasing them. It seems like they’re testing the devices on the market itself, by simply injecting it with newer and newer and newer devices. It’s ok, people bought? OK, continue and release more of it. It didn’t work? Let’s not try this again. AND while it mostly works, there are some barriers – and sammy is slowly reaching them. There is someting like “TOO MUCH” of a product in the final market, and what I believe sammy has reached that point.

      Did you notice they have ordered 50% of the sale parts for S4 in the 2nd month of sale? It’s not a good sign in general, it’s a damn FLAGSHIP, isn’t it?

      “Galaxy” brand has currently basically EVERY line in their product structure – from low-ends (yes.. unfortunately), through middle class, to high-ends. Along with speciality phones (photo-phones, active-phones etc.) from middle class up. And some products that aren’t really phones (like the mirrorless DSLR ; )

      Read: TOO. EFing. MUCH.

      That’s why I agree 100% with this article.

      • I always have a question about the inventory of Samsung in mind. Can they really sell all manufactured units? Samsung does try their best to flood the market with their variant products. There should be a big refurbishing market for all unsold Samsung handheld devices with big discount. Right?!

    • Also, you’ll have a BIG problem getting S4 with S800, as it’s released only in Korea, with Korean bands mostly (most importantly, “3G” (since it’s not 3G to be exact)), while LTE is international.
      So… good luck.

  8. by the way, my mother tongue is german and i speak 5 other languages albeit none of them as good as my mother tongue. i would say that this site is very international and thus it should be tolerated that people who are not american and/or british use a not so perfect english. the alternative would be that i and others post in their mother tongues which would be much worse :-) for the english speaking community. as it happens english speakers ( from birth ) speak usually 1, 2 or max 3 languages while others speak 5, 6, or 7 languages, albeit with imperfections. so much about the english quality argument which by the way has nothing to do with the topic on this site and thus is a replacement argument for no arguments at all :-)

    • 5 languages? I think we should be cautious to use numbers here… Having had a few classes of a language doesn’t mean you actually “speak it”… It’s like on Facebook, I see some friends got on your status “4 languages” I was like “Woot”? fully knowing they barely can say a few words in some of the 4 languages.

      Now on topic : This may be an international site, and hopefully it is and surely English isn’t everyone’s mother tongue. But I guess we, as members can be more demanding regarding articles’ authors. I agree it’s not much to make a fuss about it tho as long as it’s understandable.

      • well, what makes you think that it was just a few classes? probably because you yourself cannot imagine to speek several languages well. however considering your statement i would speak 8 languages, i did not count czech, dutch and italian because i really don’t speak them well due to just a few classes. my dad speaks 6 languages perfectly and my wife 7, wo what, anything wrong with it? envy is never a good motivation to make statements, especially when it’s so obvious. or for what other reason would someone without any hint or further information just deny someone elses skills and/or other assets?

        • Don’t be jumpy and oversensitive about this issue.
          “Having had a few classes of a language doesn’t mean you actually “speak it””
          I wasn’t directly talking about you since as you said “nothing made me think you only had a few classes”
          And you are going simply too far by saying I was “anyhow” denying your skills because I can speak 3 languages and I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who can speak several languages and I would never deny “them of their skills”
          I was just talking about the general case like my example of Facebook status, if you see what I mean.

  9. Here’s the TRUTH guys!

    Samsung is currently ‘MILKING’ the Galaxy S4 by producing variants of it.

    e.g. Galaxy S4 ‘mini, Galaxy S4 ‘ACTIV’, Galaxy S4 ‘ZOOM, Galaxy S4 ‘LTE ADVANCED’.

    They are now becoming money hoggers…..

    Stop the Madness! :lol:

  10. Ditches the Galaxy brand, no profit made, becoming the next watered down brand-Nokia/Apple.

    HTC/Sony/LG battles it out for first place as top electronics giant manufacturer and it repeats the cycle….


  11. I agree with every word of this article. BTW I’m still happy with my S2, hope that the Note 3 close our mouths

    • Me too. I am very satisfied with my S2 (i9100). If the Note 3 has some WOW functions, I will go with it.

  12. Totally agreed with your points. + it make our phone price drop day by day. For example: (Malaysia Riggit) RM2199 for the initial price but now selling RM1800 only.

  13. Just notice how fast S4′s price is dropping down, and how slow is the one of iPong 5… In our country (Poland), the price went down from 2800 PLN at the start to 2200 nowadays. -20%, actually more than 20… in a short time.

  14. this is true, im using note 1 now but note 8, 10.1 are really confusing me….these 2 should get another unique name instead of NOTE….reason why i didnt buy s3 few months ago because a leaked news of release of s4 was circulated. 1 unit in every 15-16 months will be good. good job with the note line..note 2 was released more than a year before note 2 appeared…note 3 should follow before november or december. Stop using “galaxy” on low end phones so that people with galaxy phone will feel that they have premium samsung phones..

  15. As for the article :
    I think we should replace the context : it’s true there’s not much clear features that differentiate the GS4 and the GS3, anyway visually and thus some may call it a “little upgrade” instead of real innovation. But, that’s because the GS3 has been doing so well on the market (I remember soo many people criticizing it for its design and yet it’s been the most successful Android phone). When you look at HTC or Sony, they don’t have any precedent references, do they? Thus when they respectively released the HTC one and the Xperia Z, they set a reference, let’s see their next flagship phones just as we are looking at Samsung.

  16. I am not totally disagree neither agree with the article above. But for me as the owner of galaxy note whole family, is the best device ever. Really big change between note, note 2 and note 10.1 but like others, the plastic finishing was really an issue but i think it’s cool.. just put the cover and wahlah… you’ll being seen the new style of your device..

  17. well it’s absolutely true, the high end devices must not stay low-end device as well as the newer devices must be innovative, not an upgrade. btw i have seen scratches on my Galaxy Note II, which is annoying on an AMOLED screen.

  18. Thats an excellent article.. samsung should now start focusing on releasing updates for all its fone

    INstead in giving market a new device..

  19. This is all because of samsung’s greediness. Money Money Money…
    You can be a Giant, but we customers have made you so.
    And this is what happens when you don’t respect your customers. Samsung must start giving importance to their existing flagship devices and release the updates than running behind money….

    • Making a lot of phones doesn’t necessarily mean they “don’t respect their customers”. Both are not mutually exclusive. What makes you say that anyway?

      • Because, I don’t think the delay of 4.2.2 is due to the new Touch-wiz. The stupid Samsung made stupid strategy and released a new phone when it existing flagship models were doing well. And now they want to sell it well and thus they postponed the update. Also, they have already delayed the update for a long time and still extending.

        My post above clearly answers your question. Its their greediness to make more money. But this it went wrong.

        • Well, every private company’s very first goal is to make money, you can’t blame them for this, can you?
          Then, a lot of people are not happy with the delay Samsung has been updating their phones, but a quick look around to other companies merely suffices to see that in terms of updates, Samsung has not been doing badly. Apple updates their phones every 12 months apparently…

          • Yes I agree. Their motive is/should be to make money. But all of us know Samsung already earning good money with the sale of S3 and Note 2. Then Why this stupid decision to release S4 so early.

            Also you mentioned about the update frequency. I agree Samsung is the best when it comes to updates. But why this time they are late. Sony has already updated their devices.

            Comparison between apple and android doesn’t makes sense. Anyway, I am not into Apple and i have never had one lol :)

    • Why there are no official word from Samsung on 4.2.2 updates yet? Can you think about this. If the reason is truly the new Touch-wiz, they would have giving some approx date for the updates. But the sale of S4 is not in their hands and hence they are not able to provide any dates for the release.

  20. +1, too much phones realesed

  21. Samsung strategy was throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick. Now some has stuck on the wall, it’s time for Samsung to take the ones one the wall and make true flagship. Don’t abandon the strategy that is working and had worked so far but it’s about time Samsung truly WOW us once again and shut everybody up.

  22. Wow. So little respect. Yet so many sales. It’s like hating the Patriots for winning Superbowls.

    I love the multiple flavors of the galaxy line. I think it is great for people to have choices on what features are more important to them. Some people may be happy with a four-cylinder engine some people may want a V8. some people are worried about taking pictures some couldn’t care less if it has an 8 or 13MP camera. Even with a 64GB sd card being able to have multiple storage options.

    I love the fact that Samsung offers variations of an awesome phone to meet the needs of more than just one group of people.

    It’s a fine article once we remove your obvious bias and take the petty criticism as a compliment.

  23. Wow. So little respect. Yet so many sales. It’s like hating the Patriots for winning Superbowls.

    I love the multiple flavors of the galaxy line. I think it is great for people to have choices on what features are more important to them. Some people may be happy with a four-cylinder engine some people may want a V8. some people are worried about taking pictures some couldn’t care less if it has an 8 or 13MP camera. Even with a 64GB sd card being able to have multiple storage options.

    I love the fact that Samsung offers variations of an awesome phone to meet the needs of more than just one group of people.

    It’s a fine article once we remove your obvious bias and take the petty criticism as a compliment.

    • Many of us feel Samsung had been putting their flagship V12s into Audis meanwhile we all know Samsung has everything under their wings to make Bugatti. Many of us who had purchased Samsung products ever since Galaxy S, SII and now SIII and now we need something else. Just like I am skipping S4 with few added features to see what S5 or Note 3 will be built with. Same plastic material and feel won’t do any more. Give us or magnesium case with MicroSD slot with flexible screen. I am not talking about give all more expensive casing and screen to galaxy lines. Samsung at least need couple true flagship phone to blow away its rivals and fans that are holding on to thin line of consistently saying all Samsung phones=plastic.

    • if they are going to release different variants,they should do it at the same time and not wait until some of us have bought the originally one

  24. Hi,

    I am a long time Sammobile follower and a YouTuber, Ive sent atleast 200000 hits over to you guys in the last year since u are my 1st choice when it comes to firmware :)

    This is my msg to the one who wrote the article… I really hope you read this. This is the 1st time I’m posting a comment here on an article I guess since I feel your views on the brand dilution are PERFECT!

    Like I said, this is a perfect article, exactly what I’ve been telling people… one more thing I’d like to point out is that in developing markets like mine (India), when you take the Galaxy S4 out, people don’t ask you “which Galaxy is that?” I could even learn to live with that… people actually ask you “Is that the Galaxy Grand?” The brand has been diluted like crazy and a few months back I made a video on exactly this titled “The Rise and (Possible) fall of Samsung….–2lVQ-0

    yes I am linking my video here, but its not blatant self promotion, It felt really good to read an article like this on such a Pro-Samsung site… I currently one a Galaxy S3,Note,Note 2,both the S4s and Mega 6.3 (have owned a Grand in the past too) and to see a major site like sammobile echo my views is gratifying…

    I really hope the author can read this comment and check out my video
    as for those talking about grammar, English is not everyone’s 1st language and I personally feel the author did a gr8 job and the article is definitely readable… so like sm1 above me said, if you want to help become a mod and proof read articles or shut up!


  25. To the people pissing and moaning about the quality of the grammar – grow up, English clearly isnt his main language and i’d wager you’d do far more poorly in his, or any other tongue. The point and purpose of the article is much more relevant and worthy of discussion. I totally agree with Danny all pretty much all the points he’s raised and have said so myself on quite a few occasions. I have owned a Galaxy S, S2 and own an S3 and bought each on as close to release date as i could religiously… the S4 leaves me cold for exactly the reasons Danny details.

    Good article dude, ignore the haters – if you need a proof reader i’d be happy to help! ;)

  26. DannyD what a True picture you have portrayed of Samsung. Its a shame that Samsung has lost its premium charm by neglecting the consumer whom have made this brand a success. However recently from Froyo ( GT-P1000 ) to Jelly Bean ( Note 2 ) I have experienced all the delays and issues too. It wont be wrong to move to other premium brand who are little SLOW than Samsung in Innnovation but still provide Customers the Benefits of Premium Quality instead of Plasticky ones. Bye Bye Bye Samsung, DannyD once used to love Samsung, and this articles shows a variation in the trend. comment if disagree

  27. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con el autor del comentario original, soy dueño de un S2 y en verdad me molesta como Samsung se està aprovechando de sus clientes màs fieles. Ellos prefieren inundar el mercado con más y más estúpidas variantes de la linea Galaxy, cuando lo que debería hacer es preocuparse en desarrolar equipos con más calma que salgan lo màs pulido de sus laboratorios, y no convertir al mercado en un gran laboratorio de ensayo y luego emocionen al público con actualizaciones pobres y lentas (claro a excepción de cambios de versiones)
    Mas equipos (y sus variantes)= Mas equipos “viejos” y rezagados + tiempo de espera por las actualizaciones

    Perdon por el inglés, mi idioma materno es el español y utilicé el Google Translator, jajajajajaja

    P.D. Por cierto hablando de Google, le mando un mensaje “Cuiden celosamente su Android” porque las “Empresas y sus marcas” pueden hacernos cambiar de SO

  28. I totally agree with the author of the original comment, I own an S2 and really annoys me like Samsung is taking advantage of their customers more loyal. They prefer to flood the market with more and more stupid variants of the Galaxy line, when what we should do is worry more calmly DEVELOP teams leaving the more polished of its laboratories, and not turn to the market in a large laboratory test and then excite the public with poor and slow updates (except clear version changes)
    More teams (and its variants) = More teams “old” and lagging + timeout updates

    Sorry for the English, my native language is Spanish and I used the Google Translator, hahahahahaha

    P. D. By the way speaking of Google, I send a message, “Take care of your Android jealously” because the “Companies and their brands” can make us change OS

  29. i totally agree with you ,as a proud owner of all Samsung galaxy s devices from s1 to s4,am realy disappointed at the way samsung keep pumping devices and calling them galaxy s4 this and that and to compound matters there is now a better version of s4 called the!!! what do u want me to do with the s4 i bought in may?

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