Samsung will reportedly mass produce Galaxy Note III from August

Samsung last week apparently cut down on the production of the Galaxy S4 and reduced the components inventory by up to 15 percent. Now ET News claims the impact of this decision on suppliers will be minimal as one of Samsung’s executives says an order with similar figures will be placed for the Galaxy Note III from August.

This bodes good news for suppliers but more importantly, good news for consumers as Samsung will mostly start mass production of its upcoming Galaxy Note device.

Galaxy Note III is expected to be announced in September in IFA and if Samsung starts producing the new device in August, we can expect the actual release somewhere around late September or early October.


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  1. GOOD NEWS!!! Samsung Note Series is the best :D

  2. GOOD NEWS!!! Samsung Note Series is the best :D

  3. Never buy a series of Note and generally from Samsung. There is still no Android 4.2.2 in Note II. It is better to take a series of Nexus.

    • True.. Updates are very slow for Note series.. Still waiting for 4.2.2

      • What’s the frequency?

        • Once a year. Put it this way. Note II came out in Sep/Oct 2012 and is still on 4.1.2. It probably won’t get 4.2.2 till Oct / Nov. The S series gets updates way faster. Pretty much right after the flagship of the year. Just look at how the S3 here on sammobile.

          • You mean since it came out, it hasn’t had any update yet?
            As said just below, the GS3 is on 4.1 as well. I mean the 4.2 came with the GS4, and it’s only been a little while. The exclusivity still needs to be exploited right?

    • So? The S3 is also still on 4.1.2. What’s the issue, exactly? (I *AM* buyng the Note 3 when it comes out.)

  4. Only today, 2013-06-13 came the update from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 here in Austria. But only for Hutchison-Customers.

    • Lol , what are you talking about? Note 2 comes with 4.1.2 out from the box :D , I think you talking about Note 1

  5. Yeah……but users with the note II are still waiting for 4.2.2 jellybean..

    Better keep the Note II for now.

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