Carbon fiber products in future Samsung products?

Samsung has a good reputation in good plastic products. Today Samsung joins the SGL Group “The Carbon Company” for about 50%. This could hint future products based on carbon fiber material. Carbon Fiber is ultra light, easy to mold into just about any shape you want and very strong. It sounds great as we all know Samsung likes plastic cause of the weight of their mobile devices. Samsung also said that their materials must be easy to develop in huge amounts cause they sell millions of devices. All in all this could mean Samsung dumps metal as material choise and goes straight ahead with carbon fiber instead of polycarbonate (plastic).

Read the quote of Yoosung Chung, President and CEO of Samsung Petrochemical

“Our long-term cooperation with SGL Group will ensure the exclusive supply of carbon fiber composite materials to Samsung. We selected SGL Group as partner due to the company’s unique expertise along the entire value chain from carbon fibers to CFRP components. Lightweight materials have become an important factor not only in industrial applications but also the consumer end markets such as digital media. This partnership will position Samsung as a leading player in the development and application of carbon fiber-based products.”

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  1. CFRP will be great!! I definetly would get a phone made of this :)

  2. Please don’t brainwash users like this, owners of this page: “AS WE ALL KNOW Samsung likes plastic cause of the weight of their mobile devices.”.

    The truth is:
    “as we all know Samsung likes plastic cause of its cheapness in the end production of their mobile devices.”.

    Once again, I shall state this very clearly DannyD or whoever wrote this, DO NOT BRAINWASH people. At least not this visibly (lol)…

    • While what you said may be true, you can’t say what Danny wrote is wrong… Plastic does make a phone lighter, I mean obviously right?

      • That is of course true, but SamMobile is going with Samsung’s explanations, which are only covering the truth.

        • If you mean Sammy is trying to cover Samsung, I think that depends. Sammy has already published articles criticizing Samsung or its products.

          Do you know that the iPhone5 costs less to produce than the GS4?

          If Samsung had gone with a metal body (I shall say a metal back, since it’s only relevant at the back), the GS4 would have been even more expensive. While this is obvious, I think most people, if an explanation were offered, would be glad to pay that little extra for a “stronger” body.
          But the pricing is only a part of the global marketing strategy, the product itself definitely is the most important in this case.

          • No, I just think they are in this case going with the flow of Samsung official comment on this. I know they criticised some things, lastly Exynos but not also this.

            Yeah, I’m aware of that, but the difference is not big. And at the same time, Samsung introduces way more hardware – more sensors, more memory, bigger capacity of battery, faster procesor, and most cost-important, bigger screen. Actually, processor and memory aren’t too big of a factor, since Android isn’t that optimized, sadly. Same goes for battery for most part of it. We also have a bigger body in case of S4, but that’s not important, cos it’s cheaper anyway :P

            As for metal, I’m not the biggest fan of it, but I would prefer the feeling of HTC One over S4 any day. I know it easily dents and doesn’t help the overall ability of reparing the device, but it’s possible to make the device light and looking really good. Of course, nothing is perfect, but both iPong 5 and HTC One are light and feel great in the hand. Also, the overall design and materials are good, tho it just sometimes ;) happens that iPong 5 scratches, and One is unrepairable ; )
            That is why I’m still deciding over the phone.. If HTC had good photos, I would probably go for it, even if its speakers aren’t that good (they’re just loud ; no bass or anything). I am a fan of durability like in Xperia Z’s or S4 Active case, so that all leaves an open question what to buy. Surely not a classic S4. Wish that iOS was a bit more open, but that probably won’t happen. Even tho next iPong (5S?) could be very, very fast. Oh well, it’ll still be most expensive on the market ;)

          • @Planet, the post of 16:11 (Can’t reply directly on your post)

            I have held a HTC one, and being used to plastic (naked or with a case), it surely is a different feeling, some people would call it a “premium feeling”, the cold feeling of the metal and the somewhat heaviness of safety. And anyone can hardly deny that the HTC one has a real nice design, they kind of nailed it for this flagship phone. However, I don’t think Samsung failed theirs, when comparing it with the HTC one, you might say “yeah, it’s plastic and it feels cheap”, but many people (like me) would want to have a case on regardless of the design and would rather have a removable back (like me again).

            Xperia Z with a case really just looks like a brick… and for me, it’s ugly.
            iPhones’ body isn’t optimized at all, there’s a lot of usable space for bigger-screen versions.

          • I like the feeling, materials and even the design of HTC One. Same goes for 5-on, even tho it is that light as it is. I would also say this about Xperia Z, to a bit lesser extent, but still very much.

            All of the above phones are easily damaged, while S4 prevails in that point (crash tests waaay ahead of S3, and even of Note II), what’s more, the back is interchangeable, so that means even less costs in some cases.

            But it still doesn’t change my mind about the general quality of the product. Not for others, for myself.

            I’ve been on the case-on-case-off topic for quite a while, and really I can’t decide whether to use it or not, but in the end I ended without them. So that means I need a compromise between those two groups – the materials/look/finish of a ‘premium’ group product – and a the durability of the plastic. And, for the most parts, light-metal body + flexible screen would do the trick. Even tho, only LG and Samsung are planning heavily to release flex-screens at the moment, and I dunno whether they will decide to use metal. Probably not, if I know something about Koreans.

            BTW, HTC One is kinda passe, Butterfly S would be a much better idea. Still the bootloader is locked, I’m afraid.

          • As I said, some people would always use a case (+ a screen film) for fear of scratching the phone, so the exterior design wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for them. Besides, the GS4 itself isn’t a bad looking phone imo, it surely lacks the premium feeling tho.
            However, what’s inside is definitely premium, and I think that’s what most people like because if you buy a phone only for its exterior design, don’t buy a smartphone, buy a toy.

            I think the move on Carbon fiber should cause a stir if it really were to be used on the next flagship phones.

        • Dude, shut up.
          Covering the truth? What truth?

          Policarbonate is better and lighter.

          You are brainwashing yourself.

          • Dude, plastic is c-h-e-a-p-e-r. This is the main reason to produce it. Being lighter is a good reason, but surely not that main one. So face the facts and don’t tell me to shut up.

            And I don’t know how bout you, but I’m also personally tired of the sammy’s design, cheap and slippery plastic feeling of eg S4 (and earlier models) and the only phone that looks nice (and I’m probably going to buy it) and seems better when holding is S4Active.

            Even tho.. its screen cannot work underwater, while Xperia Z’s CAN… strange, isn’t it? I thought it’s gonna be working cos it’s TFT LCD, but well – it’s not. Of course, we have volume keys (but we can’t bind both to different functions AFAIK, so only photo or only video), we have gestures, we have airview and we have physical keys, but that is not enough for full freedom. Also, Samsung cut some software here and there, for example no Dual Shoot. It’s unnecessary, cos the hardware supports it.

          • @Planet, the post of 15:57

            Would you really want to use your phone under water? I mean would you often end up in such situations?

          • @sexyback: Well man, I simply would like to have a free easy choice between recording video and taking photos (or snapping some pics while capturing video). What sammy offers right now is, _if_ I’m not wrong, using volume keys, BUT only for one option (for example, both keys for photo only), not for both (one key for each function). So much for “Aqua Mode”. I would like to use eg the left volume key to take a photo (also doing so during video capture), and the right to start/stop capturing video. AFAIK (what I’ve seen so far) it isn’t possible, but correct me if I’m wrong.

            This is the main reason. I won’t think of something outta this world just to prove my point, but.. I have been considering underwater player+headphones (Sony makes those, for example). For pool swimming motivation – perfect. In this case, I would only need specific headphones. But if I would like to change the track, assuming the headphones themselves do not have this function (remote on cable or controls on the headphones themselves), I would have hard time changing the tracks, would have to use the 3 main keys. Volume changing would be easy of course ;)

            Probably there are some other uses underwater and I’m quite curious what would they be, but that’s all that springs to mind.

          • Currently, is there any phone that really works underwater, like allowing you to listen to music?

        • Buy Xperia™ Z Ultra – 6.4” Full HD and be happy.

  3. Wait for it….. Waiting…. Apple to sue Samsung for using Carbon Fiber because Apple “thought” about using it first 3 years from now.

    Apple to patent a way for Carbon Fiber to be “molded” into a rounded corner shape. Next on the list, Apple to sue the Farm industry for selling apples. Pending Lawusit against Mcintosh Apples of Canada.

  4. Great but one problem, Carbonfibre overheats..

    • Also carbon-fibre tends to break more easily than plastic…Durability is not good at all.

      • These problems surely would have been taken into account, don’t you think?
        I mean working on its advantages and trying to fix the issues, isn’t this what innovation is all about?

        • I just hope that they won’t release products half finished if you get what I mean. For example: some of the Air gestures, they work, sure. But not perfectly, so the user experience is still not optimal.

        • Yes but they have to keep the prices down for it since carbonfiber is very expensive to manufacture.

      • Wait a minute. So you are saying carbon-fibre is weaker,more fragile and not durable?

        So what is good for????

    • Oh yeah, forgot about this but carbon fibre is very pricey!!!

      Don’t rip us off Samsung. Stick with aluminium instead.

      • Man, people want premium feeling and “We aim to please”, don’t we?

        • Don’t know how they’re going to pull this off for next years Galaxy line up.

  5. It amuses me when people whine about Samsungs polycarbonate, plastic, cheap, crappy, flimsy, inferior case. Most people I know irrespective of what phone they have purchase a case! Why? To protect it! If you dont like Samsung…. buy yourself an iphone, look in the mirror and hate youself!

  6. Nooo way. I love carbon fiber. I’ll love to her a phone made of it. Can’t wait for it Sammy!!!!

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