Report: Galaxy mini 2 won’t get Jelly Bean

Samsung had promised to release Jelly Bean update for its Galaxy mini 2 but it seems they’ve back tracked from their word. GSM Arena quotes Samsung Mobile Spain’s tweet to a user claiming the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update won’t reach the phone to ensure “best user experience”. The reason given by Samsung is surprising to say the least because we’ve seen phones like Galaxy Pocket Neo that possess similar hardware to the Galaxy mini 2 run Jelly Bean out of the box. We’ll of course, reconfirm this piece of information with our source and update the post accordingly.


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  1. why oh why????

  2. I think it is not true, because samsung spain reply the same.
    Some people received this: “We dont have the dates of the updates but there will be a update. We will tell you more when we get more info”

  3. and the galaxy ace 2 GT-I8160L?

  4. I hope that Samsung realize that this will be against them.

  5. How about galaxy s duos..?

  6. Silly Samsung. Why not bring the firmware to it?

    Still waiting for 4.2 jellybean update for the GSIII…

  7. how about galaxy ace plus??

  8. i think galaxy ace plus will get jelly bean soon

  9. someone said that ace plus will get jelly bean in Q3 2013. From the firmware stopped updating 2.3.6, it might be true. Just hope for it.

    • yup.. i really confident they will release jelly bean for ace plus..

  10. I don’t get it… The Samsung Galaxy Music is using almost the same hardware and they released Android 4 to it…

  11. It’s idiotic to wait more for ace plus jellybean….. Sony takes care of its customers as xperia j got jellybean.. Many handset around 16k got Ics4.0.. Its samsung Whu js want to make S3 S4 BETTER now BETTR!!!!

  12. Samsung spain on 12 Jun said that they don’t have dates to the upgrade. and i’ve talked by live chat to Samsung Portugal and they said that they dont have any information about Galaxy mini 2 to do not have any upgrade, only samsung Korea Knows. If oficial information from samsung Korea is that galaxy mini 2 is gonna be upgradable to JB, then we must wait.

  13. Those liars, I’ve bought that phone knowing it will get an update to Jelly Bean. Goddamn liars! Samsung, this is how you loose costumers.

  14. samsung has lied to the public, because Samsung has said it will update galaxy mini 2 to jelly bean, and now there is news galaxy mini 2 will not update to the jelly bean,,, I am very disappointed to samsung and in Indonesia were many people who were disappointed because no update samsung galaxy mini 2 to jelly bean… SAMSUNG LIARS ..! SAMSUNG LIARS ..! SAMSUNG LIARS ..!

  15. i know samsung,maybe to rolling out jelly bean for galaxy ace plus… just hope they releasing jb firmware for it :) be patient!


  17. Sony is better than Samsung

  18. i think samsung is just creating hype by telling some handsets will get jb updates so that they can boost their sales of some handsets which are no longer bought, i seriously doubt of any update to come for ace+ in future

  19. I just got a 2.3.6 update for my mini 2 (to version S6500XXMD1). That doesn’t make me too optimistic that a JB update will follow soon (or ever).

  20. Let the Samsung watch on youtube movies that users upgrading mini 2 to jelly bean and it work. I hope they release update from 2.3.6 to jelly bean as fast as possible.

    • I think they simply don’t care… if they would care about it we would have already received it to our phones…

  21. Again I found out that the Galaxy Pocket Neo has basically Jelly Bean… it’s almost the same hardware… again! I think we should start a petition or something. This is completely ridiculous! I know that it’s all about the money… but Samsung… really?! I’m really disappointed.

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