Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to use a Snapdragon 400 processor

Samsung will use a Snapdragon 400 inside their new upcoming Galaxy S4 mini. This information has been confirmed by ANTUTU benchmarks of the device self found by AllAboutSamsung. Samsung decided to drop Exynos for this smartphone. Not that special cause we all know Samsung mostly uses their Exynos processor inside their own high-range smartphone line. The Galaxy S4 mini is rumoured to have a 4.3” sAMOLED display with a resolution of 540 x 960 , 8 megapixel camera, 1.7 GHz dual-core snapdragon 400 processor, Adreno 305 GPU, Android 4.2.2 and Samsung’s own Nature UX interface.

The Galaxy S4 mini isn’t a big surprise by Samsung anymore. The device leaked out several of times. View the Galaxy S4 mini below.



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  1. disgusting phone. every time same design.

    we want flexible screen phone now!!!

    • Not ready for the change at all…

  2. and it’s scored almost 15.000 points..
    almost the same with the SGS3

    • Why not just get the gs3 then? Since its the same size as the mini, but more powerful and cheaper and they both look similar.

      Not sure why its called the s4 mini. It has nothing s4 related.

      • actually I have a SGS3, and up until now i don’t think i will trade it for GS4, nothing to proud of GS4 except the high-price and the octa core CPU

      • The S4 Mini is way smaller than the SIII.

        S4 Mini = 4.3″
        SIII = 4.8″

        The S4 Mini has the same size as the SII.

        • Yeah, that’s what I mean. I would get the SII instead. A lot cheaper than the $700 S4 mini.

          • Lol, the S4 Mini is a mid-range device, which means it will never cost $700 …

      • It has the same design as the S4 and the same software.
        And it will also have infrared, just like the S4.

        I do regret its not a high-end device though

      • We don’t know if the GS4 ‘mini’ shall get the standard GS4′s features. We just got to wait until June for the latest news for it.

        ps. I have a standard GS3 that I bought last year on December but I haven’t made a decision on swapping it for a GS4 since it will receive the same firmware update from the GS4.


  3. This looks less of a disappointment than the S3 Mini. However it is still not the iPhone killer I was imagining.

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