Apple to switch back to Samsung as LCD supplier

Apple currently uses LG as LCD supplier, according to recent information is Apple looking back to Samsung cause of the better technology. Samsung used heavily thin glass in its Galaxy S series smartphones. Intel also adopted thin glass process to its LCD for ultrabooks. Samsung and Apple aren’t big friends since Samsung used the inspiration of Apple. Apple decided to move away more and more from Samsung as supplier. If this is true, than this is a great win for Samsung instead of Apple. Expected is that Samsung will be the screen supplier for the lower cost iPhone and other Apple products.

The industry is guessing that one of the reasons Apple decided to come back to Samsung Display is because of the thin glass. Samsung Display’s thin glass vendors have made a very visible growth in the industry, because Samsung Display, unlike LG Display, relies on its vendors for most of the thin glass processes.

Ok, other reasons could be that Samsung Display is that big to develop right on time high amount of LCD displays for companies such as Apple. Which means for Apple no delay in future products. In the past a iPhone was almost made  50% out of Samsung Electronics parts.

Lets´s wait and see!


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  1. Apple is demanding a billion dollars from Samsung, meanwhile they’re moving to get more parts from them.

    It’s just… good business.

    • Actually it’s bad business for Samsung. Basically, Apple is getting a free ride. Samsung to give Apple free parts.

      Apple is just paying Samsung with the billions in settlements they won against Apple.

      SAMSUNG does not need Apple’s business. If I was Samsung, I would say fuck off.

      They have one well without Apple, and there is no need to do business with Apple. If Apple wants Samsungs screen, Samsung should charge a premium for them. Making the iPhones cost even more. They dont like it, then fuck off.

      I see Apple being gone in a few years after its success of copying the LG Prada wears off.

  2. I cant wait for apple to rebrand these samsung screen as one of their own innovations. They did that with ‘Retina’ display what other creative marketing names will they come up with next.

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