Google announces Samsung Galaxy S4: Google Edition running stock Android, coming in June for $649

Google has just unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S4: Google Edition which runs stock Android Jelly Bean. The Google Edition SGS4 is coming only in the U.S. and supports both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE networks. The device will be sold directly from Google’s Play Store and will be available starting from June 26 for $649.

The Google Edition Galaxy S4 has an unlocked bootloader and comes with 16GB storage. The device will receive Android updates directly from Google, which means the device will be updated at the same time as Google’s own Nexus devices. Google didn’t talked about the Galaxy S4 much so we don’t know if the device features the Qualcomm 600 or the Exynos 5 Octa but we will update you as soon as we get any more information.S4-GE

Source: Google I/O 2013 Picture credits: Android Police

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  1. ohh yeah this is it^^ please show some close image,,

  2. Funny thing is it will receive LTE on AT&T and T-Mobile. Seems like the Verizon and Sprint Nexus version werent such a good choice after all.
    I wonder which SoC it will contain, I’m thinking/hoping the Snapdragon because that would mean an even better AOSP experience for my I9505 :D.

    • lte = snapdragon (i9505)
      no lte = exynos (i9500)

      • What about the Korean version ;)

        • SHV-E300K/L/S – EXYNOS 5 OCTA w/ LTE!

        • Who cares about the Korean version? It’s called “Korean” for a reason.

      • You did read the post when Samsung said that their Exynos supports LTE right?

        • So? The international Exynos SGS4 doesn’t have LTE.

  3. what the hell,, Samsung original S4 user interface is better to be honest

  4. sorry, new nexus 7 is the only hope

  5. What if we already bought an S4?

    • Don’t consider buying this version then. ;)

      • I mean can we be able to remove TouchWiz and other stuff? (:

  6. Lol what’s the reason from it …u can get nexus 4 launcher from xda developers I have it on my galaxy note 2 and running exactly like nexus 4

    • You will have touchwiz and all the useless features and apps taking up space somewhere in the background

      • No allways happens. If you have rooted phone, you can to install other launcher, move that launcher into SYSTEM\APPS, BACK UP “TW”(in case of returning to TW), after delete TW with root uninstall, and ready!…NEW LAUNCHER, WITH SYSTEM PRIORITY THAT WILL CANNOT CLOSE WHEN CLEAN THE RAM.
        By this way i have my NOTE II N7100 with TSF as only launcher running, W/o TW but with unique features from samsung, as the contact list, video and picture editor.
        Good Luck.

  7. This is great news! :) Since EVERY buyer of S4 can easily use ROMs from this version, and unlocking bootloader (that is, rooting) isn’t much of a hassle already. We just need the Triangle Away done, rooting is possible now.

    This news means PURE Android – which WILL be faster than Samsung’s, both in stability, responsiveness AND speed of updates (interval of it). I’m not a big fan of cooked ROMs, but this kind of news can make me consider using two ROMs: Samsung’s and the pure Android.

    VERY good news.

  8. BTW, LTE and availability mostly in US can mean ONLY SnapDragon 600. Not really counting that it will be any other way.

  9. Will it be possible to bring this device to other countries?

  10. can we flash this firmware on international version of s4? or flash samsungs firmware on this phone? help me plz!

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