Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini makes an appearance in leaked pictures

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has just made an appearance on the interwebz in leaked pictures. According to the pictures, it looks like Samsung has designed the Galaxy S4 Mini very similarly to its bigger brother, the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to be announced later this month, along with the Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will have a 4.3″ Super AMOLED qHD display with a pixel density of 256ppi, a 1.6GHz Dual-Core CPU and a 5 megapixel camera. The device will be running on Android 4.2.2 with Samsung’s Nature UX 2.0. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini comes in a dual-sim variant as well, making it it available in two variants.

Below are the leaked pictures of the Galaxy S4 Mini:

via: PhoneArena Source: Weibo

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  1. This is no mini. Looks like it’s about the same size as the S2, just uglier than the s2.

    • Ugly? What are you talking about? In fact these days the screen size is between 4″ – 5″ inch. If the screen size is below 4″ then the resolution will look abysmal.

      We’re not living in 2007 anymore lol.


      Now that’s a Galaxy S4 ‘mini’. Hopefully Samsung finalizes the specs before I accept it!

      • you’re right it not 2007. so why is samsung using the same design over and over.

        A mini should be the size of the iphone 4. if u want a phablet get the s4.

        since the mini is the exact same size as the s2, but just uglier, who the hell would pick this over the s4? at only just a wee bit smaller with a watered down specs.

        • For people who doesn’t like over sized smartphones, Samsung wants to release a ‘mini’ version of it’s flagship smartphone.

          Or……for the people who has small hands and can’t handle over 5 inch sized smartphones, then a 4.5″ or below is suitable for them.


        • wtf are you talking about Samsung using same design? Look at iPhone which has same design since iPhone 4. But at Apple you don’t see that are you? Troll.

          • LOL, who cares about Apple. Apple has run out of ideas to steal from. They’re played out and the design is over 6 years old.

            They copied the LG Prada.

  2. The bigger phone is an SIII

  3. 1.6GHz Dual-Core CPU ?????

    • Exactly, I thought it was suppose to be an “S4″ but just smaller.

      Not a mid-range device that Samsung already has 200 versions of.

  4. Nice! Still waiting for Samsung to finalise the specs for this!

  5. We need a small device with high end specs to compete with the iPhone 5.. Sadly, the S4 Mini is not the case

  6. people seem to enjoy complaining about samsung’s mini versions of the s3 and s4. i’m not sure how many people have used them though. If the mini version has to display a quarter of the pixels then it does not need to have as powerful a processor as the larger version, does not need as much ram or as fast a gpu. I admit the screen will not look as amazing as the s4 but it will be significantly cheaper and the user experience will be VERY similar and that is what most people care about.

    • I know. The first comment on this article is ranting about it. Talk about a hater lol.

    • Very bad logic. Screen size shouldn’t dictate processing power.

      Thats like saying a 13 laptop shouldn’t run a i7 cpu as only a 15 inch laptop should.

      Look at the s4. Its basically a s3 in size but has a moee poweful procesor.

      Heck, some people here are holding out and waiting for the 8 core s4. But why? Since the screen size dictates that current quad core is perfect with the screen size.

      See how stupidmthat sounds.

  7. Good specs it is, should be fitting the price too. This is a strategy more of providing S4 guts for mid range budget user. Would love to have one :-)

  8. I recently bought a Galaxy S DUOS (GT-S7562) to bridge the time until the S 4 Mini DUOS is available.
    Want the S4 Mini DUOS, because
    - the S4 is too large (S4 Mini size fits better my desire)
    - looking of better specs (than GT-S7562)
    especially higher resolution camera (8MP vs 5MP),
    more power (dual core 1.6GHz vs single core 1GHz),
    higher screen resolution (eBook reading, browsing)
    more up-to-date Android (4.2.2 vs 4.0.4)

    Just to all of you:
    There a people looking for a decent spec S4 Mini size device.

    BTW: Design is OK. Especially the rounded corners vs other smartphones!

    • The mini is only 5mp.

      Not sure what the excuse is for this. Let me guess, the small 4.5 inch screen can’t handle the 8mp photos. Lol

      And the “mini” doesnt look that much smaller than the s4. Maybe what 1cm smaller at best.

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