HOT: Samsung start Jelly Bean updates Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800

After long waiting Samsung finally started with the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is Samsung’s first AMOLED tablet and is still one of the most beautiful tablets out on the market. You can update your Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G by using Samsung KIES or OTA services. The update is at the moment only available in Asia but we expect the update in more countries soon!

Information about the firmware:
Android 4.1.2
Date: 04 – 22 – 2013
Region: Singapore, Indonesia, Singapore (StarHub), Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines (Globe), Singapore (SingTel), Philippines (Sun), Malaysia

We want to ask Galaxy tab 7.7 owners to send us some screenshots!

Credits edan1979 (XDA)

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  1. Thanks for the Sam mobile

    Could you please try to find out if the p6810 WiFi only will get it too and when? Cheers

  2. just update it malaysia. quite shocke bcoz its release in south east asia first.

  3. Woow You really made my day,
    Downloading now, and once flashed I will rain you with a lot of screenshots of the new features :)

  4. Awesome. Super buttery smooth. Love the call block feature which lets you set the time to disable notifications.

    New startup screen, ripple effects on lock screen, there is a “sound” when you tap on items etc etc.

    Best thing so far is the very smooth performance. Makes my tablet feel like a brand new spankin tablet.

    Can’t wait for the official UAE firmware for my tablet. I’m currently using the Singapore version.

    Thanks Sammobile!

    • gud pm. i bought a gtab 7.7 on UAE
      im here in the Philippines.
      why is that i can’t update my gtab 7.7 to jelly bean?
      my gtab 7.7 is currently running ICS

    • Mine is from Saudi Arabia, and im in the Philippines also.. Why cant I update my galaxy tab?

  5. Ok good why samsung left behind my ace plus. :(

    • Same for Mini 2 users. S6500(D) and S7500 armies stand united!

  6. Very good,
    Please release a version with Persian language/keyboard.


  7. ok…whaen galaxy mini 2???….Samsung delayed too

    • And the Galaxy Beam is where the update???

  8. just one update for iran!!
    please please !!
    i hate you samsung


  10. Does it have smart stay

  11. NO premium suite
    NO multy app window

    Why Samsung ؟!

  12. ugliest rom ever

  13. Any update for our Galaxy Mini 2 Jelly Bean? :(

  14. mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 mini 2 inin3 dpozsgdbvsdvbp’nd]vjpjsfbn[sfzdi]psnbvojih[h[xcobih[oidahf'bw]vj][scn ]shcn po

  15. Wifi not working ?????? Any help ??????

    • Wifi can’t work if I connect to secure SSID, but can connect to open SSID. Please help

      • Go to google play store and look for Hidden SSID, single purpose app. Only does one thing but does it brilliantly unlike all the other apps that offer the world and give you nothing !

  16. luv u samsung and sammobile :D

  17. Can I install the firmware in a Latin American device? Does it have latin languages? Please, answer.

    • Pode sim. Eu instalei via Odin. Sou do Brazil e está rolando sem problema. Está muito fluida. Lembro que não tem idiomas para américa latina. O meu 7.7 está em ingles.

  18. Excellent, I hope Samsung continue with it long enough to get the p6810 up to 4.1.2 as well.

  19. Dissapiontment 4.1.2 years old outdated os

  20. I hope samsung will update coming months to the latest 4.2.2 or maybe skip to4.3

  21. No phone ui like tab 7.0 plus why samsung its 7 inch tab

  22. Samsung pls only wants home screen modes adapt display multi window multi user in 4.2.2 and maybe 4.3

  23. My eyes went popped when I saw jelly bean update for my tablet and I’m counting secs to install it. thanx Sammobile :)

  24. Haha the Yahoo! Malaysia widget on the first screen shot talking about GE13..

    I have the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, any ideas when the update will arrive that tablet?

    And the Tab 7.7 is indeed one of Samsung’s best creations, just not giving the opportunity to stand out. If there were a successor, the iPad Mini would be blown out of the water already.

  25. I have just got this new jelly bean on my tab, its awesome guys, qwerty is a lot better, smart stay works awesome, camera has a few more options, display has an additional mode, google now is available on home screen, screen lock options are more, video pop out and lot more.

    Also my tab supports 64gb of class 6 external sd card.

  26. DON’T FLASH! I flashed it yesterday.. It was working fine! .. Then i noticed that wifi wasn’t working at all ! I had the same problem when i flashed ics..but after 1 day it worked properly.. But wifi doesn’t work anymore in this JB Rom.. I tied downgrading to ICS but mobile odin pro failed to flash and my galaxy tab 7.7 was a brick! Wasn’t opening or closing! .. I had to use PC odin to flash ics again.. Don’t flash!

    • where did you bought your tab? i mean what country?

    • please one help, your rom is Singapure???? Cause my rom it was portuguese, and here i have many problems with wifi, so, i installed rom of Singapure and problem was solved, now i so afrraid to update and the problem back… i’m waiting you answer please.

  27. Wifi works just fine for me, i have been using wifi for over 5 hours

    • What country did you flash ? I flashed Singapore and how did you flash it? Through mobile odin or PC odin ?

    • after get JB Wifi work great but used ram over than 750 mb.

    • your rom is from where????? Singapure?

  28. I flashed it yesterday via OTA, Malaysia version.. But wifi doesn’t work, then today i’m flash it using Singapore version still got same issue wifi doesn’t work… any help or suggestion plssss

    • I had the same problem.. I flashed ics right away.. I have a question while flashing both versions did you use mobile odin or PC odin?

    • There shouldn’t be any problem after update unless you have flash a custom rom on your tab 7.7 before. By the way, I use samsung kies to update my tab 7.7.

      • No i didn’t have any custum rom. I have only flashed it twice before with official ics of 2 different countries.. Any recommendations ?

      • what country are you from?
        i can’t update my gtab 7.7 to jelly bean using samsung kies
        im here in the Philippines and i bought my gtab 7.7 in UAE

        • Tol, taga Pilipinas ako. Naupdate mo na ba yung galaxy tab mo? Reply asap. :)

  29. I had updated my tab 7.7 last week.
    Yes, I also have problem with WIFI connection right after the update. But the problem disappear itself in several hours and until now I have no problem with WIFI.

    • What kind of problem did you face ? Was the wifi disconnections by itself, or the wifi wasn’t working at all ?? And did you OTA update of Manually Flash ?

      • I also faced with this problem. Wifi can’t work if I try to connect to secure SSID, but it work find on open SSID. Please kindly help.
        I upgraded by OTA since it’s very difficult connecting P6800 via Kies.

      • I had updated my tab via Samsung Kies.
        Wifi is working but always disconnect by itself after connection had been established.
        I didn’t do anything but the problem is disappear itself until now.

  30. Thanks to sammobile & Samsung Co.

  31. When jelly bean update for Indonesian galaxy s2 i9100?

  32. And yet the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 in Netherlands is still on 4.0……. I DID NOT PAY FOR THIS.

    • Actually, you kind of did. That’s what it was running when you bought it, wasn’t it?

  33. Wifi can’t work if I try to connect to secure SSID, but it work find on open SSID. Please kindly help.
    I upgraded by OTA since it’s very difficult connecting P6800 via Kies.

  34. Sasmsung starts another rollout. Instead of finishing current ones, so we will have to wait just about a year or something? Besides my S2 I have Tab2 10.1, a shame it will never see Jellybean, yet cheap Asian brands with exotic names do get it.

    • Dennisclt, you should know that the samsung galaxy tab 7.7 is rated by many experts as one of the best 7inch tablets ever produced, even to this day. The only tab so far with a super Amoled screen. I happened to buy a second hand one last week and update to official jelly bean from honeycomb. Believe me, it is absolutely sensational. Samsung should release this same device agaian at a much lower price point.

      • Samsung SHOULD release a refresh. quad-core, 32gb ram, LTE / 4G, NFC, 300+ ppi and keep the same design.

        I would buy it in a heartbeat! c’mon Samsung, do this and you will have a tablet that will blow everything else out of the water.

  35. when does the Jelly Bean updates come to the SGT 7.7 Wifi P6810? Im so nervous right now, i want it now T.T

  36. Hola
    Funciona muy bien en Argentina, tanto la wifi como el 3G.
    Lástima que no esté en español. Solo unos pocos idiomas disponibles entre ellos el ingléas.

  37. what the time of middle east version????

  38. I am in Australia with a 3G 7.7 that was brought in from Singapore by one of the Australian based online dealers and I got the update over the weekend.
    Very sad that now the maximum volume is 40% lower that it was with ICS which makes it hard to use to watch video in the trains which is the main reason I bought it :(

  39. Samsung My old 7.7 Tab gets a new life. Thank you Samsung

  40. Please please update for INU too india, we are always waiting samsung

  41. Uploaded the Singapore ROM – its fantastic, makes the 7.7 feel like a new machine – I LOVE IT!!! No bugs so far…. Thank you Sammobile :)

  42. why after updated i cannot install wechat ????

  43. after upgrading my tab 7.7 into jellybean the on screen keyboard has an error ( it always hang up and automatically exit) does anyone experience on this. hope samsung fix this :(….

  44. Now the same probkem with others, show connected, but cannot online with wifi ? Pls anyone help me?

    • wt country are you from? how did u update? via kies?

  45. Hi..
    Anyone know how to flash this rom,if have flash a custom rom on tab 7.7 before..? i Wanna try flash on my 7.7 yhat use custom rom but still worry…

  46. Samsung, WTF. We are still waiting! You have the worst firmware support for a premium product ever

  47. I bought my Galaxy Tab 7.7 from Saudi, but i’m living in the Philippines. I cant update my tablet to 4.1.2, but my country is mentioned above… Please explain why. Thanks

    • Dear Mike, That because your Tab is UAE version. Still Samsung didn’t relase the update for the UAE version. Only the Asian region update released. I’m also having the same thing. Let’s hope samsung will relase the UAE version soon

      • Is there any update about our galaxy tab UAE version on when it will be updated? Did you updated yours manually? Thanks

        • i did update the Singapore version yesterday. My GT-P6800 working perfectly fine. i noticed increase of the sound & my wifi also working perfectly. Love this update.

  48. Sammobile dont forget youbtold us samsung will update 77 to 4.2.2 so when

  49. Dear Sammoble, I was happy to hear that jelly bean released for Asian region Tab GT-P6800. But nearly 3 moths passed still the UAE version of the GT-P6800 tab still ddidnt get the update. Please let me know whether UAE version will be updated or not. Thank you.

    • samsung has forget UAE Version.

  50. wating jelly bean 4.2.2 for this amazing device !

  51. Why Samsung release update for other countries very slow? I have been waiting for UK update but I don’t know why it don’t come.

    I believe Galaxy tab is amazing device but Samsung updates very slowly and I like to use the latest version of android in my device ;(
    Kit Kat android will come and I haven’t used the Jelly bean update
    I am disappointed from Samsung
    I wanted to buy iPad because I think Samsung is more loyal to its customer

  52. Our GTP6800 with Chinese firmware. . . cannot find any update past Ice Cream Sandwich. . . . How can we get Jellybean on it?
    Current firmware version: PDA:LPN / Phone: LPF / CSC:LPN (CHN)
    seems like China is getting a bad deal again!

  53. 4.4 or 5.5 ???????????????

  54. I want andriod 4.3 or andriod 4.4 kitkat.application can move to sdcard..please. .I am waiting long time..I jealousy note3 can move to sdcard.thanks Samsung.

  55. Hi,
    Why is it so hard to get an android 4.1.2 (or later) upgrade in Norwegian for my galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800)?
    It is upgrades in other languages available….

    Regards Egil

  56. I updated my samsung tab 7.7 to jellybean today morning.
    I really liked the interface which is smooth.
    Please could anyone help?

    OR is there any other way to revert back to old firmware?
    Can any one tell me where can i get the old ICS firmware?

  57. When comes the JB 4.1.2 (or higher) Firmware for Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G (GT-P6800) to Europe???
    This Tablet is still one of the best!!!- and I’m on ICS! :-(((


  59. please help me to upgrde samsung tab 7.7 to jb

  60. Hola,
    Anyone knows where I can find the reading program e-reader that came with GT-P6800 and that disappeared with the ICS update?

  61. Hi i just update to ICS with my Samsung GT-P6800, but Wifi not working la….
    Please help me………
    Thank you

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