Samsung reacts on Storage accusations of the Galaxy S4

In the last few days there were accusations towards Samsung bout the internal storage capacity of the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S4.

It seems that when you have a 16GB model the system takes up almost 7 GB which means there is only 9 GB left. The 7 GB is taken up by Touchwizz and other BLOATware that comes with the phone.

This is issue about the little memory that is left over spread like fire over the internet, and Samsung comes with a response to this issue. The official statement says:

“For the Galaxy S4 16 GB model, approximately 6.85 GB occupies the system part of internal memory, which is 1 GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide a high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers. To offer the ultimate mobile experience to our users, Samsung provides a microSD slot on Galaxy S4 for extension of memory.”

Basicly Samsung says go get a Micro SD, but since Jelly Bean the support for Apps to SD is no longer there.  Did Samsung think about that ??!! The galaxy S4 is getting a lot more heat these days as you can read here.


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  1. 32GB should be standard.

    • Yes since Jelly Bean I think that too..

      • Unless you root your phones and use an app… TitaniumBackup has some possibilities, to start off with some names.

    • Yes since Jelly Bean I think that too..²

  2. This can be solved by an app named Directory Bend….. but I don’t wan’t to root my device!!!

  3. oh man I hope soo much Samsung will sell a 32gb version at least, since we cant put apps to the sd card anymore 9gb would be a bad joke !

  4. Even in explanation they are lying. Right out of the box it’s only 8.06gb is free. If i remember right, around 11gb was free on SGS3 which is 3gb more!

  5. au lieu de sortir 10 000 modeles de portables à tout va , concentrez vous plutot sur des modeles phares pour sortir des téléphones abouti au niveau finition et hardware, prenez exemple sur le nouveau htc one, yen a marre du plastique.

  6. Quand on sort plein de modeles , on perd en qualité.

  7. For bringing to light this issue now if with other devices the same?
    I’m using galaxy s2 internal memory 16 g and 11 g are to use
    It is assumed that the s4 with more functions, support for more applications and android 4.2.2 must occupy more memory
    When you do not buy a s4 reach 32 g 64 g

    • If you EVER find 32 or 64 GB version, that is! :D

  8. 10GB for apps is for most people more then enough
    The SD cars shouldn’t be used for apps, why are people thinking that you should do that?
    Just use internal memory for app installs and the external memory for photo (i think the S4 camera can auto store everything into there if it detects an sd), muziek and video (and maybe more big data, so for example a offline mapping app should support setting it to the sd)

    I use it this way, i use my phone exactly as my laptop
    the SSD is for Apps, the HDD (i have 2 drivers) is for Data..

    Then the only problem could be large games that don’t support setting the large game data on sd. If games would do that then there is no problem with only having 9GB of app data..

    Currently i have installed almost all the apps i want (except big games) and i have 7GB of app data still available..

    • Well, generally right, tho making burst shots is much better to internal memory, while movies doesn’t differ that much. Single shots depend on the wanted time reaction ;) Generally setting it to external IS better.
      And oh, one CAN use external SD cards for apps, but mostly Class 2 and 4… funny enough, these on average have better random read and write, while sucking at sequential. Quite different as in faster (Class 6 and 10) cards. I recommend considering SanDisk (cheapest generic SanDisk Class 4 card – yes, you’ve read that right) :D

  9. In most of the European countries only 16 gb are available. That’s kinda stupid. Samsung really should use 32 gb as standard or make the 32 gb more available in the market.

  10. My s3 has 11.35Gb free memory :)

  11. But S3 has FM Radio but S4 doesn’t have but it consumes more memory. wat a foolish smartphone. I don’t like it.

  12. ” leave FM for Network players, Leave no storage for better user experience “.
    Samsung is Out of my buying list.I’m buying HTC One with 32GB for $199.00 .

  13. Moral of the store here folks is Android sucks. Android may have been okay 5 years ago, but in todays world where smartphones are more like computers, Android is just too limited.

    I have ICS on my 7.7 and you have to go through a 10 minute maze to find anything on the SD card. Let alone trying to save aps to it.

    Samsung should just release their FLAGSHIP devices in both Windows and Android and give us the option to choose.

    I would prefer the 7.7 tab with windows rt. Android is just gimmicky on the tablets.

    I could see why Samsung is testing out their own OS. But Windows for phone and tabs is already out. Not sure why Samsung hates Windows so much. Samsung claims Windows phones and tabs aren’t selling. That’s because the hardware they have for Windows sucks.

    I don’t see any S4, S3, Galaxy Tab with Windows. Instead they have some crappy ativ line. WTF is that.

  14. I guess the best choice is buy the 64GB version + 64GB MicroSD.
    128GB is a good space for everithing and turn it a perfect phone!

    • 32 would be good enough, IF it was available. 64? Yeah, keep dreamin’.

  15. For future Galaxy S Smartphones, the real ideal default internal storage size is 32gb!!

    Wake up Samsung! Your drunk! :lol:

  16. You can’t blame it on Jellybean. The file size to download for CM 10.1 firmware is 180 MB and the file size for S4 stock firmware is 2 GB.

  17. So does this mean that the update of 4.2.2 for samsung galaxy note 2 will take currently having 11.25GB free space in if thats true I will be reduced to 7GB of free space after updating to 4.2.2 thats alot of memory taken

    • No, man. Going with Samsung’s logic, Note II has ‘only’ HD (not Full HD), which means ‘lower’ (frankly, not much difference is seen from the dpi itself) resolution graphics which in turn means less data in system packages.
      Or simply Note II isn’t that bloatwared.

      Tho I have to agree with you on one thing: next update WILL take away space : P

      • Yeah that’s what I’m afraid of..I hope they take less space as possible for 4.2.2

  18. Bad defence from Samsung, insted of using an Octa core, where be more interesting for customers to raise the minimum size to 32GB, for all top smartphone. HTC One “docet” ….. ;-)

  19. i cant compromise on memory space,my friends s4 has 8.82gb internal storage out of the box,for me its 32gb or i decamp to htc one.i wonder why Samsung is hoarding the 32 n 64gb.

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