Samsung Taiwan apologies for the fake HTC One reviews

Samsung Taiwan apologies for the fake HTC One reviews in Taiwan. Samsung Taiwan hired students to post fake reviews about the HTC One and that is pretty bad. Maybe Samsung Taiwan is worried about their sales in Taiwan. Samsung didn’t say they hired persons but in the text below you can make this up. Let’s hope Samsung won`t do this anymore.

Even we must say the HTC One has pretty nice build quality.

Samsung Electronics remains committed to engaging in transparent and honest communications with consumers as outlined in the company’s Online Communications Credo. We have encouraged all Samsung Electronics employees worldwide to remain faithful to our Credo.

The recent incident was unfortunate, and occurred due to insufficient understanding of these fundamental principles.

Samsung Electronics Taiwan (SET) has ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments, and will ensure that all SET online marketing activities will be fully compliant with the company’s Online Communications Credo.

We regret any inconvenience this incident may have caused. We will continue to reinforce education and training for our employees to prevent any future recurrence.

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3 years 12 days ago


3 years 12 days ago

samsung has better software & hardware than htc sony lg apple nokia etc etc
samsung currently is NO1 in all over the world.

3 years 12 days ago

S4 all the way.
HTC is going down, will be out of business before 2014 comes around.
i buy a phone for software/technology, not the material, unless one is insecure.

3 years 12 days ago

LOL, says the guy who buys a phone because of the 8 cores so he can post the benchmark scores online to prove how much of a big wang you have.

When in reality, no one can tell the difference in performance during real world usage.

Because you don’t need 8 cores to browse the web and talk on the phone.

3 years 12 days ago

Producing a good phone is just one part of the game, aggressive marketing is another. I think this is where the htc one is already showing signs of failure.
Sgs4 will outsell htc one not because it is a better product, but because Samsung is a better marketer of its products.

3 years 10 days ago


3 years 13 days ago

That’s not really true.
Samsung Taiwan hired some students to advertise Samsung’s phones through their opinions in forums. But those stupid students misunderstood their roles and start to blame HTC products.
There were no direct command to blame and dis-advertise others’ products.

And don’t forget, it happened in Taiwan, the origin of HTC which is struggling from very bad sales even in Taiwan ;)

3 years 13 days ago

This is bad news for HTC, which is believed to have worse financial condition than stated. Notice that they have problems already manufacturing HTC One and they don’t put enough money in marketing. But we need competition, so the need to stay afloat. In my opinion, though, they put much effort into one phone, maybe didn’t put all money in one pot, but much of it – and it doesn’t seems to be working as of now ; Sony Xperia Z was already sold 4,6M, HTC One? I don’t know the precise numbers, but I think their sales aren’t that good.

3 years 13 days ago

HTC has nothing to worry about. As long as they can keep up with the demands of their HTC One and provide real support, they can expect to regain their momentum.

Samsung however, I predict will see a huge let down. S4? S4 mini? Galaxy tab 124392438383?

LOL, No one is interested in their pos Galaxy series plastic tablets.

I think HTC One will outsell the S4.

3 years 12 days ago

What are you talking about?
Yesterday i was on a website.. Dont remember the name.. which had a poll.. Which phone would you buy?

Around 55% were saying S4.. Htc one was like less than 20%

If you personally dont like s4 and its plastic.. Thats only YOU! Not the rest of the world..

How can Htc outsell s4? when they cant even produce them in large numbers? give it a thought.. and if you dont have any idea.. read the Sammobile article why Samsung uses plastic.. You will see.

Remember my words..

“S4 will break records.. with plastic!”

And when it does.. please come back here and comment :)


3 years 11 days ago

via phonedog htc one vs Samsung S4 poll…

Galaxy S4: 37.26%
HTC One: 58.15%

And that’s with HTC not even marketing the device yet. lol

3 years 12 days ago

Doubt that HTC One will outsell the GS4, since HTC suffered delays for the One.

3 years 12 days ago

I don’t see any interest in the S4. Maybe 2 people here. lol

3 years 13 days ago

To bad for Samsung, they are taking the same way that apple, fake publicity, the same phone just with “a plus”, very disappointed about the way samsung is taking. I am the owner of a Samsung S3, but i am considering not to buy the new S3S A.K.A S4, just a thought…

3 years 13 days ago

I think changing year to year doesn’t make that much sense. Notice the change from S2 to S3 – not a very big change. Same goes for S3 to S4. S2 was kinda better than S(1) in that aspect, but it also wasn’t a total breakthrough.

3 years 13 days ago

The change from s2 to s3 was a big one, different design, UI and specs, but the change from S3 to S4 is barely noticeable, and taking the three big phones out there (Htc one, Sony Xperia and Samsung S4) you will notice that the S4 is the is the most poorly designed

3 years 13 days ago

i have S III gt – 9300… im just waiting for the NOTE III …if they dissapointed me as a S4… i will move to htc one… “Even we must say the HTC One has pretty nice build quality.” i think this should be like “Even we must say the HTC One has better build quality than S4″.

3 years 13 days ago

exactly, the Htc One and the Xperia Z both have way better build quality, but samsung has better software, despite the same UI and design for all the samsung phones…

3 years 13 days ago

I prefer Xperia Z over HTC One ,) Way more practical, tho One has its advantages…