Posted by Danny D. 2 years ago

Pre-order the Galaxy Mega for €699


How funny is that the Galaxy Mega 6.3 still has to be announced but the first retail price has been published in Germany. If you want you could pre-order the Galaxy Mega 6.3 for €699. The Galaxy Mega 6.3 will have a 6.3” PLS HD resolution display, a 8 Megapixel main shooter, a 2 megapixel front facing camera and a dual core 1.7GHz processor with 1.5GB of RAM. Of course, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 80211 a/b/g/n and A-GPS are on-board too. Samsung will bring the Galaxy Mega 6.3 with a battery capacity of 3200 mAh, the dimensions are 88×167.6×7.9mm, which is the same thickness as the Galaxy S4. The device itself will run on Android 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 with Samsung’s own Nature UX interface on top of it.

O yes don’t be stupid! Do not order anything before the device is officially announced by Samsung itself!

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2 comments on “Pre-order the Galaxy Mega for €699

  1. digiblogger 2 years ago said:

    Well. This shop ( is a trusted shop. I bought there some time ago and never had any problems. I don´t know how they got their information, but they are not known as lyers…. just for your interest.

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  2. gtone339 2 years ago said:

    Hey Dan, is the cpu the Exynos 5250 Dual? Afterall, it’s clocked at 1.7ghz….

    Prove me wrong!! :P

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