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Galaxy S4: Prices & Release Date of Official Accessories


Samsung announced a lot of official accessories  together with the Galaxy S4. Samsung brought new stuff like new flip covers but most new accessories are specially to keep your body in the right shape. Samsung announced many health accessories together with their S health app, from which you are able to use all kind of features. Today we received information about these accessories. Most of the accessories are planned for April release instead of March. View all photos and prices below.

Galaxy S4′s Accessories: Release in April / May / July.
S Band – $129,99 -
S View Cover – $69,99 – Week 14
Wireless Charging Pad / Cover – $49,99 – Week 17
Flip Cover – $34,99 – Week 14
Pouch – $59,99 – Week 15
Protective Cover+ – $19,99 – Week 14
Headset – $29,99 – Week 15
Extra Battery Kit – $29,99 – Week 15
HRM – $79,99 – Week 15
Body Scale – $129,99 – Week 15
Game Pad – $99,99  - July

GamePad GamePad2 HRM1 HRM2 Sband1  Sband2S View Flip Cover BodyScale1BodyScale2

via SamMobile and SamsungMania

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6 comments on “Galaxy S4: Prices & Release Date of Official Accessories

  1. magmar100 2 years ago said:

    S View Cover….70$ ????????
    WTF is going on here???

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    • 87Revo 2 years ago said:

      You could always buy the Flip Cover, Cut the section in the middle and stick some transparent plastic :P…who cares about auto wake up lol

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    • alwin006 2 years ago said:

      Chinese factories are able to make fake smart cover with auto wake up (for ipad) so they will easily make a S View Cover for a price divided by 4

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  2. atessono 2 years ago said:

    Interesting that the S-View has a Galaxy Note 2 branding on it.

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