CyanogenMod will not support the Galaxy S 4

We have some bad new for all custom rom freaks out there! Famous custom rom maker CyanogenMod will not support the Galaxy S 4. As statement of missing source files. Since the Galaxy S II team CyanogenMod is not happy with Samsung anymore. The source files aren’t complete and they do miss lots of information regarding the EXYNOS processor from Samsung.

Nobody at Team Hacksung (the team behind Galaxy S2, Note, S3, Note2, G Tabs… official CM ports) plans to buy it, neither develop for it. There are two variants which will be a pain to maintain, [and] the bugs we have on the S3 will probably be there on S4, too (camera), and we all know Samsung ability to release sources while staying in line with mainline. Yes Qualcomm releases sources, but Exynos sources we had were far from [working on] actual Galaxy products. I’m pretty sure the same will happen for this one.

That’s a uniform “no” from us.

Sony is reading to CyanogenMod more developers friendly. There isn´t any problem with Sony about missing source files. The only problem for Sony is the weak sales.

What do you think? Did Samsung just lost the dev community?



Setting Device Expectations

Let’s start with the simplest form of this: CyanogenMod does not pre-announce support or lack of support for devices. Ever. Even for the Nexus 4, we did not announce support until a nightly build was available. Further, any announcement regarding the ‘dropping’ of device support will be communicated via this Google+ page, Twitter, Facebook, our blog, or a combination of those; it will not be something buried in a forum post.

This morning, a comment from a CM collaborator on XDA was taken to be as an ‘absolute’ in regards to support of the S4. He offered the opinion of four TeamHacksung maintainers, their frustrations and lack of interest in supporting the S4. What’s seemingly lost on those reading this is that his comments as an individual do not speak for CyanogenMod as an organization.

As for the team’s stance on the S4, there isn’t one at this time, and most definitely won’t be one before the device is sold at retail.

-The CyanogenMod Team

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  1. nobody need CM for a new device, we will see you next year when samsung stop S4 updates :)

    • Samsung is bringing 4.2.2 even to the SGS2, so the SGS4 should be supported for at least the next two years. Also, not having the latest Android version is not a big deal, as it does not render your current device useless.

      • Don’t forget that it has not been confirmed by Samsung. Only by sammobile which is NOT an official source of information.

  2. Why would anyone want to install CM and loose all of the great features of TouchWiz? If you want AOSP just buy the Nexus 4.

    • agree 100%

    • Because it’s a matter of choice? Since when having choices are a bad thing? And btw a less bloated CM ROM drains a lot less batt life, performs better and more stable.

      P.S:- Not ALL Tw features are that great.

    • Unfortunately only Samsung still does removable battery + sdcard + physical buttons, all of which are important to me. As a nerd though, the ability to have custom ROMs with all the hardware working is also important, so I have to figure out where the balance lies for me. If only the other manufacturers hadn’t stopped doing the 3 things above then it would be easy to ignore Samsung for their lack of support for open code.

    • In Galaxy SII I’m also decline a CM in favor of a Stock Based Custom ROM, in fact that TouchWiz brings so much nice functionalities that I don’t see in another AOSP ROM

    • because touchwiz is laggy and cm give pure android experiences

    • Agree

    • Yeah.AOSP is different from Stock Samsung’s Touchwiz style on Android 4.xx I like it more cause looks more nautrally and realistic with many nice software features

  3. This is definitely a lost for Samsung. I have used custom ROMs since almost the first day I got my s2. I was thinking about getting the s4 but this might be a reason for me to get another phone. Why will Samsung not release THW sources? Android is meant to be open source. I know not the Hardware but why not?

  4. Galaxy S4, road to epic fail of the year. I currently own the S3 wich I love (this one still has the dev community). If Samsung won’t do anything about it for the S5, I’m gonna buy a Nexus as my next phone.

  5. this is very good news. Makes me buy another phone even more, like Sony. If you followed the dev community, this steps was very likely to happen and I really like that it did.

  6. Whatever happen Android version.. I REALLY JUST WANT SMOOTH AND STABİL AN ANDROİD LİKE IOS :( (It doesn’t mean I like Iphone)

    Sorry but.. Who use those Samsung unnecessary features for example Smart Stop? or Smart Scrooling or Smart Stay or or or.. to be honest I never use them NEVER.. Samsung should make more stabil and smooth an Android beside of those stupif features…

    • I use smart stay and smart rotate on my S3. Very useful!

      • I too use smart stay…but still in dark about smart rotation. It never works for me.

  7. Nexus all the way! Everyday, whos needs s4 if next rumored nexus is true? 5,2″ amoled, snapdragon 800 2,3ghz, 16mb rear 5mb front camera, 3gb ram, key lime pie, again… i know it is just rumor but if it really happens, who needs s4…

    • It’s not even a rumor, you’re just making crap up.

    • Nexus is never state of the art hardware, so why would the next Nexus have the most powerfull chip that even other manufacturers haven’t used in their flagship models?

      • Google said that none of the nexus ever met their expectatuons and their goal is to build the best with low price to hit the largest market segment… easy as that, they might have not succeed before, should that be a reason not to do the best device?

      • What a joke! The new gnex, nexus 5, has 2.3GHz quad core cpu..but, xiaomi mi3 already came out with it first (one version is the tegra 4 @1.8, and the other version is snapdragon @2.3)..hahaha.. xp

    • Man. Even if this is true, then next year another one bomb phone like Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 e.t.c will be come and then the gadget lovers will look forward for the new buy

  8. that is really bad news, Galaxy products with CM is the best,
    i think, i will wait for Nexus 5

  9. I have purchased samsung galaxy mobile (both S2 and S3) by seeing the great hardware and I made sure Cyanogenmod is available for the device before purchase. Its not fare to say AOSP users should only get Nexus device (Considering the hardware difference).

    And Okay I agree samsung provides a good software support for providing updates for almost 24+ months/4 version upgrades. But I won’t say touchwiz software is great. Sometimes its very slow on such a high end devices and takes very long time(faster than other OEMs) compared to google release timeframe of upgrade. These are the some of the reasons I choose AOSP ROMS over touchwiz.

    I will say samsung should show some better commitment towards dev community in helping them like Sony does and the Choice of software(OS) should leave to customers (of course, It can cost warranty).

  10. that´s really sad. i had asked in german forums which cpu is better for the devs and now this message!!!
    gokhan told too that he will not support the s4!!!

    if it´s so. iam thinking it´s no matter which cpu is in

    • Not just the CPU ist important. Samsung messes everything else up too. Problems with Camera, GPU, Audio, RIL and more things.

  11. What the hell is going on???

    • “Yes Qualcomm releases sources, but Exynos sources we had were far from [working on] actual Galaxy products. I’m pretty sure the same will happen for this one.”

      There’s your answer.

      • It was a rhetorical question, m8!

        • Woops ;p~ Didn’t get the /s part bud sorry

  12. This is very good new in my eyes. This will make Samsung think again about the exynos sources. If Cyanogenmod doesn’t support the s4 because of lack of sources then maybe samsung will release them. Good new for Every samsung device which has a custom ROM as we will have better support.

    • Maybe… but the complains have been there for like what over a couple of years already? If Samsung are arrogant or foolhardy enough to let some sales’ stat slide 1st before they do anything to open Exynos up, that’s not a good sign moving forward.

  13. But the S4 is using a qualcomm CPU and GPU and a sony Camera sensor.
    And they will not support this device?
    The s4 is going to be the best selling android device ever and the will not support it? I cannot believe this.

    • There will only be a qualcomm CPU for China or something, Europe will get exynos cpu.

      • Not true!
        Try search for EU shops selling i9505(qualcomm)…
        Nordic contries, Nederland, Germany will all get qualcomm!

  14. thanks.
    much people say the exynos is only marketing and not better than the qualcomm!!!

    i am hoping some devs are making roms for s4.
    i like the stock roms with a little bit finetuning!

  15. samsung wants to become next apple, and i think if they continue this way, they will also have similar fate apple is now currently facing — nose downhill….

    • So true i just said this to my frienda today, samsung is trying to be new apple

  16. and i will correct you!!!

    here in germandy we are becoming first the qualcomm600!!!

    all news says that.i am wondering cause italy will become octa, but in german news all say the qualcomm! cause the provider wants to sell their lte which is really expensive!

  17. You really wonder why they’re so afraid of releasing source code. At the very least, they’ll be getting free support from the community for correcting mistakes. Who doesn’t want free work? This makes me somewhat glad that I bought the S3 last year and didn’t wait it out for the S4. At least I can get CyanogenMod.

    CM has always been faster in providing updates (had android 4.2 long before the leak) and more importantly: they correct security holes within a week at the latest. Android may have the open source feel of Linux but when Samsung keeps everything a secret like Microsoft, stock roms are no better than Windows for security (and at least Microsoft puts out timely updates for security holes). Besides that CM nice features like USB tethering of the wifi connection (need it for an old desktop).

    Here’s another thing you have to wonder: why are stock roms insanely huge? CM10.1 on my I9300 is about a 170mb download while a stock rom can be 1GB… that’s an order of magnitude higher!! You really have to wonder what is in those 800-900mb of extra code. Certainly not all the fancy software features which can mostly be made up for by free 3rd party apps.

  18. Personally I do not use CM … I actually like Samsung TW :)
    My problem was (and is) exploit’s like Exynos exploit not being fixed by Samsung. In the case Exynos exploit we had to rely on dev’s like Chainfire to provide us with a fix … Samsung did nothing!
    !!! SAMSUNG WAKE UP !!!

  19. It’s not a good new but at the same time it doesn’t bother me at all.

    If you want to enjoy a real experience you must buy a Nexus phone, otherwise you will enjoy CM but you’ll be missing some features that your phone had when you bought it.

    People who buy a non Nexus phone and moans about Samsung/Htc/Sony/LG because they don’t collaborate with them releasing sources of proprietary sources need to grow up.

    • I highly disagree with that. I buy my phones for the hardware and not just the software. The flagship Galaxy S series has tended to be the most powerful. Besides raw power, the microSD and FM radio is why I opted for the I9300 rather than the nexus 4.

      There’s nothing wrong with having choices of you want to run on your phone and there is no good reason to keep it a secret. We should not defend Samsung for their lack of response to the developer community. That way, those who want CM can get it and those who couldn’t care any less will benefit form CM’s bug fixing. I’m sure Samsung will happily incorporate any bug fix CM does. It’s a win-win.

    • “People who buy a non Nexus phone and moans about Samsung/Htc/Sony/LG because they don’t collaborate with them releasing sources of proprietary sources need to grow up.”

      Sony are working hard w/ xda devs’ ppl on their FreeXperia project right now so your point was? If they can do it, what are the valid excuse(s) for the rest?

      Savvier Android users who’ve been avoiding or have moved on from the iPhone (for example) are only in this game precisely because for the freedom to change ROMs. If said Android OEM partners truly deliver on their promise to provide performing stock FWs ON TIME and as nearly optimized as AOSP, this wouldn’t be such a debacle.

      And if all of them planned to fork their own “closed” Android, NONE of them are any good at it.

  20. i think it is a small loss to them… many users get the Galaxy series instead of the Nexus series (like me, got the SII rather then the GNex) because of the raw power and quality. I got the SII as i know its got a strong dev community and updates wont take too long and except from the screen resolution the rest of the sII beats the Gnex. CPU and GPU is still very powerful in todays context.

  21. HOLY S**T

  22. need stock android, just buy google nexus device. problem solve.

    i use sgs3 and never use aosp. nothing different from stock firmware. root and remove all bloatware. install mods and jobs done

    • Maybe samsung is the reason why there is nothing different for you, they dont release the whole source code

  23. Personally I will probably buy one (S4) and also get the nexus 5 when it comes out too. I just love playing with new gadgets. Stock roms are OK and so are AOSP’s but what I think is the problem is free choice. Samsung should honer their commitment to AOSP and open source there ROM’s and not 2 years later if at all.

    What I think is the biggest debacle in the mobile industry right now is LTE! What a crock, all these frequencies and nothing compatible from country to the next. What a joke.

  24. Tried Cyanogenmod once before, and had to flashed back to stock firmware immediately! Samsung stock firmware’s apps are addicting!

  25. shame on sammobile to not edited or removed this false news, its been morethan 12 hours that cyanoenMod officially denied the rumor.

  26. I would’nt dare install CM on my galaxy s4 and lose all the great features.

  27. CM is not about “have the latest” version.

    It’s about…use AOSP android or TouchWiz Android.

    Samsung Android it’s like a diferente “distribution” of Android. It’s like Ubuntu/Open Suse etc for Desktop Linux.

  28. I didn’t read too much about Galaxy S4…but if the Snapdragon version has pure Qualcomm chipset (like USA S3 models)…i think it will have CM in a future.

    Surely, not the same destiny for the Exynos version.

  29. All of you people complaining about having to wait a little while longer are such sheep blindly following the shepherd ( Samsung ). Think about it this way, HTC has done something AWESOME here with the ” One” and I think it’s worth the wait. One persons opinion might not mean much, although, collectively WE can show the companies like Samsung that they can no longer peddle their slightly updated phones with no creative design in mind whatsoever. They do this because they have the market presence and know people will buy there plastic toy phones. The S4 is a mediocre upgraded version of the S3 and therefore should be called the S3S. They tell us that plastic is much stronger and more resilient, that’s total bull. The truth of the matter is that plastic is cheaper than aluminum or other premium materials out there. Trust me, plastic sucks big time, try taking the back cover off of a SGS3 a few times and you’ll see how those tiny plastic clasps start to break off and how easily the back covers cracks if you put even a slight amount of pressure on your phone. Yes, I am indeed writing this on my SGS3 and speak from first hand experience. Samsung has let US all down and I for one will NOT contribute to their uncaring product design any longer. Imagine a world where there is only Samsung and IPhone, and then Invision how neither of them will care at all about consumer demands because there is no other competitor out the to switch to. That day might soon arrive, that is why we need competition out there ( like HTC ) not only to wow us with their creative ingenuity but to also motivate the other companies ( like Samsung) to not slack off and care about consumer demands. That all being said, I am just one voice, hopefully I got my point across to at least one person out there and they in turn pass it along. I will retire my Samsung Galaxy S3 and patiently wait for the HTC One to arrive because they actually wowed me this time and I don’t want to live in a world without options.

    • Weak analogy. The 4S was actually pointless. The only upgrade was what? A software add-on called Siri.

      The S4 is actually an upgrade. More features both hardware and software.

      But I agree, it looks like a fucking soap bar. Not sure what Samsung was smoking when they decided to go with the current design and material.

      However, plastic is not that bad. It’s flexible and more durable than aluminum when dents and cannot be replaced like a plastic backcover can.

      Look at the Xperia Go. It has a nice rubberized back cover. Very durable, easy to clean and low maintenance. Think “Thinkpad” black coating.

      However, Metal is nice. Just look at the Galaxy Tab 7.7. This tablet is pimp. But it does have plastics pieces around the frame and the top and bottom. Guessing for signal reasons. The frame area around the AmoLED display dings easily. Not sure where all the nicks came from since I am using a BookCover for it.

  30. If I may, the whole article is pointless: you can be sure there’ll be someone somewhere from the CM organization or not, to build a CM ROM for the S4. Not that I care that much about CM, there’ll be plenty of choices anyway for every taste.

    As for the HTC-Samsung comparison, I used to love HTC, but since post-HD2 and until the HTC One (really?) they’ve made crap devices with very cheap hardware but beautiful enclosure, while Samsung have put great hardware into cheap enclosure. And Samsung sold much more. That tells a lot about what end-users wants. My HTC Sensation was taking twice the time to run a benchmark the S1 was!

    As for HTC One, a 4Mb camera, heavy and thick. I’d rather get the S4 (or the latest xperia) and use an AOSP ROM without all the crap from Samsung or uninstall all the bloatware.

    Actually I just got a S4 quad-core and returned it as it was fully loaded with bloatware (288 apps, mostly useless) and felt slower than my old S3! Will get a S4 octa-core to see if it’s any better.

    That said, phones, ROMs and everything around them are a matter of personal taste.

    I own a Nexus 4 and the feeling in the hand is just amazing, first phone since the HD2 that I really enjoy a lot. Overall it feels a compromise between HTC-Samsung: great enclosure, great hardware. But that’s my personal opinion. My wife prefers her Note 2 and don’t like my N4.

    One last word on plastic-vs-metal enclosures, having owned a HTC Sensation, Evo 3D and a S1, S2 and S3, I can tell that metal enclosures are no better. After opening/closing every devices many times, they end up not closing very well and having parts vibrating/moving badly. Except plastic is cheap to actually change.

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